Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Twitter Power... power of the Word

by Dale Shumaker

Twitter Power by Joel Comm was written so you could get the most out of Twitter and make microblogging work in your business. Comm shows how it works and where its super power is. From making the best decisions on setting up your profile and how to build a following... the most important part. The goal of using Twitter is to build relationships, especially relationships that can benefit your company. Your Twitter can expand by its benefits in problem solving, winning referrals, supplying support, building your team. Then expanding your brand, tying people into your blog posts. Comm concludes with a 30 day step-by-step plan for dominating with your newly established social network.

With Twitter you create a flow of comments back and forth. The top ten percent of Twitterers have 80 followings. Comm leads you to being in the top ten percent.

What distinguishes Twitter is its simplicity and brevity. All messages are limited to 140 characters. Secondly, Twitter has reached critical mass quickly. So with more than 3 million members it has hit critical mass. Twitter is a broadcasting station. Your Tweets are going out to followers immediately. It's mobile and can function from mobile phones. Feedback is immediate. Twitter lets everyone know what you are doing now, relevant to them, and can get answers to questions immediately from your followers. You build relationships through many seeing the inside of what you do and help you, right then, if needed.

Start by following others. Find out what they do that you like and can do too. It's very easy to do it yourself and use the built in features to create the image of profile you want.

To produce your following, produce content that's interesting, fun and valuable. Find key Twitters on your topic and get them to follow you. So your creativity and interest in content are crucial. Gain their friendship and respect and give back more than you take.

Seven killer strategies to reach critical mass starts with that you first must become a follower and join in the conversation. Look for people you already know; tweet your blog; pay your followers; respond to requests; mobilize your social network; put your Twitter name in your signatures; run a contest.

Identify problems. Give your followers a sneak preview and ask for their advice or ideas. Find your top fans, promoters, and evangelists.

Twitter's power has several applications to benefit a business. It can build team members communication. It can become the new "gather at the water foundation"chat of information. Team members can see what others are doing and be in process with them as they do it. This not only builds critical relationships but increases the quality of work and activity in progress. Use Twitter to troubleshoot problems, request help, provide on-the-fly updates. You can broadcast important information others can use, while keeping in touch which bonds relationships.

As you build your brand, Twitter is invaluable to keep your clients and customers informed on what you are doing, why and how it contributes to them. Staying in touch as you improve what you do, make it better, offer better services with new and better products, sharing how you do it better, and so forth, all along keeping your customer in your loop.

Create interesting stories with ongoing episodes. Engage your customer in the excitement of all you do. Include those nuggets of relevant background that a person would not get unless they were in flow with your conversation. Informal and friendly works great. It's personal, connecting, interesting and vitally helpful to them. Categories of your tweet talk can be company news, customer support, feedback, and special offers. Keep them updated on your new blog posts and excite them to your website for new and better things. And then, random thoughts from time to time keep you human and engage their curiosity. Repetition of who you are and why you do things as you do keeps your brand clear in their minds.

Tweets are a process. The tweet may be a random thought, a question, action, action, random thought, new idea, question... Random thoughts on popular topics hold the attention of your followers while at the water foundation with you.

Be nice, contributing and insightful. Create content that entices and keeps one wanting to come back for more. Make their day, so your tweets are music to their ears.

Joel Comm's best part is the 30-day plan for dominating Twitter. This action plan is a great guide to make the first 30 days on Twitter a strong platform for letting people know what you are doing, who would want to know. And getting help when you need it. Comm has a Twittering action for you each day of the 30, what to do, with his book backing you up on how to do it. More at... www.joelcomm.com

Ken Blanchard, in Lead Like Jesus, has an excellent section on making the Bible a walking part of your life. He calls the Bible... Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. The way to make the Bible work for you is to consider his recommendations.
(Note the Lead like Jesus website for more...)

There is great power in the Word, the Word of God, when we make the Scriptures part of us... both by taking it in and speaking it to others. To equip us to be effective in God's power, Blanchard makes these recommendations on how to use the Bible. This is the key to make the Spirit of God work in our lives to the level and magnitude we all hope for.
1. Hear it
2. Read the Bible
3. Study the Bible
4. Memorize Scriptures
5. Meditate on Scriptures

Hear it

Listen to sermons at church, radio, CD's, MP3, Internet.
Listen to the Bible on audio sources like above.
Watch the Bible on DVD, Internet and movies based on Scripture like the Gospel of John.
Attend a Bible study group and listen to each other.

Read the Bible
Allow enough time to read reflectively.
Do not read too much Scripture at a time.
Balance your reading of the Word.
Apply the Scriptures to your life each day.

Study the Bible.
Romans 12 admonishes us to renew our minds, be transformed in our thinking and not follow the patterns of this world. To successfully do this, taking time to study the Bible is crucial, or absolutely a must do. Use a good study Bible or Internet sites which feature a variety of Bible translations and study tools like keyword search, Bible dictionaries and Bible commentaries. Bible study is taking an indepth look at Scriptures to discover more than just a simple overview or devotional reading.

Study involves comparing what the Bible says in one passage to another passage throughout the Bible. By reading commentaries and author background, the setting, culture and timelines, we get better insight to its true meaning.

Memorizing Scripture

By memorizing Scripture we get it past our minds and into our hearts... to realize the Spirit of the Word. In times of need or difficulties, we recall faster a truth that will strengthen our spirit.

Memorizing takes some efforts, but the rewards it brings will never fail you in times of urgency. Here's some tips for memorization:
--Select a verse that hits home with you.
--Read it in context and different translations.
--Commit to memorize it in your favorite translation.
--Use memory aids like recording it and playing it back to you.
--Underline the verse in your Bible.
--Write it on a notecard or mobile phone.
--Place verse in a prominent place that you see frequently.
--Say it over and over and each time emphasize different words.
--Review it several times a day, recite it to a friend, make it fun for you.

Meditate on Scripture
Here's tips on how to meditate on a verse to drive it into your spirit and soul.
--Read the verse, write and read it again.
--Write the verse in your own words.
--Read it over and over again emphasizing different words.
--State the opposite meaning of the verse.
--Personalize the verse and allow the Holy Spirit to apply it to your immediate needs.
--Pray the verse with a personalized application.
--Write a way you can use the verse to help another person.

The best way to use these suggestions is to pick one of the five above at a time and work on it. Then, when you have that one in motion, add another one on top of it.

When reading 2 Timothy 2 note:"Study and be eager and do your utmost to present yourself to God approved (tested by trial), a workman who has no cause to be ashamed, correctly analyzing and accurately dividing [rightly handling and skillfully teaching] the Word of Truth." (Amplified)

We will live out the infinite joys of being of God's Spirit as we dwell upon His living Word, the Bible. It is indeed the best book for fulfillment and life satisfaction. Go get a study Bible you can enjoy, and find more joy in His Spirit everyday.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Who's Got Your Back... Creating Spiritual Power Connections

by Dale Shumaker

Who's Got Your Back by Keith Ferrazzi is about creating lifeline relationships. Lifeline relationships are your inner circle of trusted advisers, mentors and colleagues. It's those you can really open up to, share your fears, failures, goals, dreams and ask for help. They will give you the insight, feedback on your career and life you need to hear. They know your professional goals, so they are the best ones you can ask for help. We need advice and feedback from people we can trust. It's not about changing who you are, but enlisting advice of others to help you become the best who you can be. Ferrazzi shows us how to get this support in our lives.

The four mind-sets for building lifeline relationships:
Generosity: building mutual support and helping others succeed.
Vulnerability: letting your guard down so you have mutual understanding.
Candor: being totally honest with who you confide in.
Accountability: following through with the promises you have made.

Eight steps to Instant Intimacy (from Vulnerability above)
1. Create an authentic environment around you. Let others see who you are and what you have to offer.
2. Suspend your prejudices. Let people see the why behind your passion.
3. Project the positive. Think positive and project positive and others will too.
4. Share your passions. Tell people your story.
5. Talk about goals and dreams. What really gets you going, and gets you excited.
6. Revisit your past. What in your past has contributed to your behavior today.
7. What's keeping you up at night. What's bothering you right now.
8. Future fears. What of the unknown ahead makes us afraid.

To make candor a big part of your life...
1. Find people you respect.
2. Create opportunity.
3. Make it clear any feedback you get is a gift.
4. Acknowledge your faults.
5. Tell others what you plan to do with their advice.
6. Don't tell them what you want to hear.
7. Ask specific questions.
8. Take it or leave it.
9. Pay them back. Be a straight shooter but never shoot from anger.

Ferrazzi has nine steps to building your dream team of lifeline relationships... those
close to you who will give the support and advice you need.
Step One: Articulate your vision.
What are your talents and abilities and how do you plan to use them to make a difference in the future.
Step Two: Find Your Lifeline Relationships.
You should look for commitment; comprehension which is a practical knowledge of your areas of concern; chemistry and curiosity which is they like you and admire you; diversity which is a balance of diverse backgrounds of value to you.
Step Three: Practice the Art of the Long Slow Dinner.
Find a safe environment where you can be relaxed, not hurried so you can chat; a place to be there for each other so the four mindsets of candor, vulnerability, accountability and generosity come into play.
Step Four: Broaden your Goal-setting Strategy.
Set both performance and learning goals. They are specific goals you want to achieve as well as skills you want to improve. Sharing these goals with others helps you in bringing clarity to your vision.
Step Five: Create Your personal Success Wheel.
Prioritize what is important in life like Spirituality, intellectual stimulation, physical wellness, financial success, professional growth, deep relationships, giving back and then blend them. They actually overlap each other so strategically blend them. In your goal-setting process work on preventing mission creep (that's losing focus), the belief gap (belief you will accomplish what you want), the skills gap (acquiring skills you need), third inning slump (not losing motivation).
Step Six: Learn to Fight.
A give and take of your ideas with your trusted support partners.
Step Seven: Diagnose your weaknesses.
Turn the mirror on yourself; try to learn lessons from your role models; ask other people.
Step Eight: Commit to Improvement.
Before you commit to others make sure you have committed to yourself. When you express it outloud it is liberating, there's no turning back, you build intimacy with others.
Step Nine: Fake it Till You Make It... then Make it Stick.
Commit to small steps, take action, discuss your feelings of success, do it again. Collaborate, don't compromise. Work to bring ideas together, combing them to make them better.

Ferrazzi concludes with how to actually make it your life which includes tactics, strategies, and structures. A self-developed support group has these benefits that go with it.
1. Momentum. Once started it creates a life of its own.
2. Structure. It makes commitments more concrete with increasing chances of genuine growth.
3. Peer pressure. This is the good kind that makes you not want to disappoint and get the applause of your peers.
4. Self-selection. You pick and include the right people for you.
5. Diversity. Differences in experiences and ways of looking at things only strengthen the dynamic of the group.

You can do it yourself and Ferrazzi shows you how to conduct and effectively run a meeting. Plus he gives you tips on how to recruit, apply the rules of engagement, resolve conflicts.... But he says... Get started and have some fun.

Relationships are fundamentally critical to business success. Learn more at

Create a web of Spiritual Power Connections.
Spiritual connection is when people living in context of "Jesus living in them" connect with others who live the same way. When one's own life is aligned with the Spiritual Principles of Spirit as Jesus defined them and they then connect with others, tremendous power is released through their interactions. Here's the process....

First, take responsibility for your own time in God's Presence. Jesus went off often to pray the New Testament says. During these times, one record said Moses and Elijah appeared with Jesus. It was at these times Jesus was both empowered to a Supernatural level and He had clear direction on what to do.

Keep a log of what you hear, thoughts you get, senses you have when off alone. Blogs are a good place to keep these things that come to mind as you have a record and your friends can see them too. On Twitter you can post ongoing insights.

Second, find a person who is doing the same and share with them what you are thinking and sensing from these times alone. This sharing and combined faith and hope for each other is very critical. This process of shared hope, belief and faith for the other, begins a dynamic, strategic release of Spiritual power on your behalf. Jesus said if just two come together and are in agreement (in heart, with love and compassion for the other) He will personally see to it that what you agree on will be done. You have just made a contract, in essence, with Jesus Himself who will personally represent you to God, whose Spirit creates all things. now creates on your behalf.

Third, both a Spiritual and reality factor go to work here. You naturally think of what you can do to be part of the answer to this person's prayer, desire in life. Some answers are right within our abilities... if so, we should respond accordingly. In some cases, we get ideas from each other and from those ideas, the answer begins to form. At this point have faith that the power of God is going to work on this matter.

Jesus said whatever you ask and believe in His Power for the answer it will be done for you. This is such an awesome thing to think about. Jesus Himself is going to work for us as He inspires us to use our gifts, talents. We stay involved in the process. We have hope and belief to do things above and beyond we ever could have imagined possible. It is amazing when we are convinced we can do things above and beyond what we have ever done before, we then literally rise to another level.

Fourth, stay in touch with the person you have Connected with in Spirit.. With smart phones, the Internet we can stay in touch better than ever. It is good to meet in person if possible from time to time, and continue to connect in prayer. When we do that His Presence joins us.

Fifth, continue to connect with others and do the same thing. If you know someone else you care for and trust do the same with them. The exciting thing is if everyone keeps connecting with others, it keeps expanding into a prayer network. Before you know it you have quite a Spiritually empowered web of people connecting with each other.

Two by two by two begins to create an ever expanding network of Spiritual Power Connections, a Spiritual network of Power.

It just takes two... it's in the relationship quality where true Spiritual Qualities and Power exist. A husband and wife can be a core, or two close friends, business associates, etc. From this core connection continue to expand to form other prayer connections.

This is also where the supernatural Power exhibited by Jesus is tapped. It can intertwine among relatives, friends, through business, groups, etc. Its application crosses all paths of life.

It's simple... but a person must just do it and see what begins to happen. All the Supernatural Power of Jesus is with you as you Spiritually connect with Him, while making Connections with others who live in God's Spirit.