Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Magnificent Mission… you got one just for you!

by Dale Shumaker

We all got one, a Magnificent Mission, implanted in our DNA by God himself.

In the Scriptures it says before we are born He knew us (Jeremiah 1) and we are marvelously made (Psalm 139). This includes everyone. Our life is about finding it, refining it, and living it to its fullest... Living Your Magnificent Mission.

It's a simple process to get there, and then to be empowered by His Spirit as we live it. Anyone can do it. The art is in consistency. Doing it consistently and growing from one level to another. As the Scriptures say from Glory to Glory. ( 2 Corinthians 3)

Here's what it takes
It starts with an inspired mission, a vision from God for you; adding faith in seeing it, totally trusting God it will happen; transforming the mind to be compatible with God's mind; hearing His voice, His supreme strategies in getting it done; connecting with someone who agrees whole-heartedly and supports supremely; building covenant relationships that are super-glued in Spirit with each other; bonding with others doing the same which manifests supernatural Gifts of Spirit working in all parts of what you do.

To help guide this process I have explained each step, how to put it to work, with an example (I call scripting your movie) in an ebook/online Spiritually-empowering course. Here it is, the link to the keys that open the door to majestically Living Your Magnificent Mission. http://spiritsavvybiz.blogspot.com/2015/09/living-your-magnificent-mission-online.html

The secret is in the "doing." When you do it, as easy as it really is, it will grow increment by increment. When you do it consistently, than add another person "doing" it alongside you, all the Power of the Spirit is released, just by adding one more.

The power of Spirit works much like molecular structures. They become active and increase in potency when combined in the right way. (e.g., hydrogen, 2 parts, with oxygen, 1 part, both gases, when bonded these gases become matter, water.)  In the Spirit it works the same way. You, plus another, and then others "doing" this create substance. Spirit is what creates matter, and your efforts are manifested, results are seen. In prayer, in love, in faith... which are intangible, produce the tangible.

Unite with someone. Then with others in Spiritual bonding and all the things you read in the Bible, happening in the New Testament will happen for you, for your partner in Spirit, for others "doing the same" connecting with you. As you configure relationships in this way, you become self-initiating, perpetually propelling each other, and unstoppable in advancing your Magnificent Mission.

The vision for what I have called a Spirit Savvy Network, or the Body of Christ united as One and being orchestrated directly by the Holy Spirit, is embellished by Living Your Magnificent Mission.