Sunday, April 05, 2015

Spirit Savvy Network ... 2 or 3 Agreement Principle

by Dale Shumaker

5.  2 or 3 Agreement Principle
Creating your Spirit-Powered Network

Up to this point it has been an individual focus. The first four steps, phases, or ingredients of the process are about each person in the network getting on the same plane. A person sees purpose and a sense of mission in his/her life. Then faith is added, and developed. The mind is put in line with the Spiritual mission and vision, which requires reprogramming the mind to be consistent with the Scriptures. This is then empowered by the Spirit which is cultivated through prayer... entering the massive dimension of tapping into the very power of God who created the universe and all things.

When each person has these in place and functioning on a regular basis, the Spirit Savvy Network is ready to be put in motion. In one way, it may be ideal for a person to be trained in this process simultaneously along with someone else. On the other hand, by getting this functioning in your life then guiding an agreement partner through it has its benefits too. The best way to make something part of you is to teach another person.

This section is about how to pick the right person, and what to do that energizes the relationship, mobilizing the Spirit Savvy Network. Two or three practicing the 2 or 3 Agreement Principle ignite the Spirit in their lives and it takes it to another level or realm. All and all, it may be better to complete this part and then pick someone you would like to have as an agreement partner, and prayer partner.

Here's why the 2 or 3 Agreement Principle is such an unmatchable dynamic as we pursue fulfilling our Magnificent Mission.

It's amazing in physics, chemistry, biology we see how energy and matter are created by uniting elements. Lightning, or electricity, ignites when positive and negative charges connect. A cloud will have protons, the positive charge, which form at the top of a cloud and electrons, a negative charge, which form on the bottom of the cloud. When they connect, we see lightning in a cloud. On the ground, taller objects such as trees, buildings form positive charges. When the negative charge from the cloud connects with the positive charge on the ground we see a lightning strike. A lightning bolt is very powerful with billions of watts of electricity in a strike.

Water is formed when two gases, hydrogen and oxygen, bond as two parts of hydrogen and one part oxygen. Gases, combined, form a solid, water. Or what is invisible becomes visible and tangible when united. In biology it takes a female and male to create another human being. Life is formed when opposites unite as one.

When we pray, our imperfect nature combined with a perfect being, God, generates great power as well. When two people who unite in Spirit with each other, it triggers the invisible to become tangible like lightning and water, and living things. Extraordinary power is released, a material substance is formed creating a power and force much greater than the sum of one plus one that equals two. The power is exponential... many times greater. In a tornado, scientists who study this say there are many lightning strikes within the cloud taking place. Rapid, multiple, intense lightning activity generates a tremendous potency in a tornado that few structures on earth can withstand. The dynamic energy in lightning is as potent as an atomic bomb.

Napoleon Hill found where two or three people, diverse but in harmony, come together in pursuit of a common goal, a super wave of energy is created. Hill says a master-mind forms, which carries ideas to an immeasurable level of influence and heights of fulfillment. Ben Franklin formed a Junato group, a diverse group of twelve people to discuss and solve problems, with a desire to improve themselves, the community and help others.

When Jesus said when two or three agree, it will be done for you, He was pointing out this same mighty power exists in Spirit, similar to what we see in the sciences, amazingly though at an even higher level. Prayer, like a lightning bolt where a positive and a negative connect to form electricity, is similar to what happens when a perfect God connects with imperfect man. The creative power of God's Spirit bursts forth... the same power that formed everything, including the intricate elements of physics, biology, astronomy, the world and universe..

This is why when two people agree, bond in prayer, the Spiritual force expands and multiplies in incalculable proportions to a miraculous Higher power. In math when we add one plus one we get two. In the 2 or 3 Agreement Principle, one multiplies times one to make it dynamic... the power of, such as to the 10th power, 100th power, etc. Instead of adding one plus one to equal two, the two factors multiple to make it 10 or 100 times more powerful. So when two agree in prayer, it generates a Spiritual force of a miraculous power.

Do you see why this principle is so remarkable and important? In fulfilling your Magnificent Mission, what I call the 2 or 3 Agreement Principle is a super-natural power for accomplishing your mission. When Spirit is part of the agreement principle, the invisible (what we see in our imagination) becomes tangible (a reality). As two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen make a substance, and protons(+) and electrons(-) create lightning (to the level of atomic force), our united, agreeing prayers materialize our requests magnificently. It's like a magnetic airwave goes out around the earth and Heavens, connects with the answer, and pulls it back to us.

The cornerstone principle behind putting a Spirit Savvy Network in place is the 2 or 3 Agreement Principle. If just two agree it will be done for you. (see Matthew 18: 18-19) God uses the combining of elements to convert Spirit to matter. The secret is in the agreement partners being in harmony, working together in love and support, sharing in help and resources. When we do, it's amazing what happens. The Magnificent Mission, no matter how difficult or complex it may seem at first, can be accomplished. And even more astounding than first envisioned. Life, matter, manifested results are produced when two come together in harmony, love, and homogenizing efforts.

In the Scriptures you will see that Jesus sent His disciples out in pairs. (see Luke 10)  In the world today, companies find team selling is more effective than individual selling.  A mighty, unexplainable force accompanies us, when we work as a unit with someone who complements our skills.

A word to investigate in more detail is "agree."  Agree is a close relationship. The closer and more in-depth the relationship is, the more extensive is the power formed. We enter the Heavenly realm, a realm where the Almighty God of Heaven and earth guides our efforts. The source of this force is from Spiritual qualities... love, considering others more important than ourselves, kindness, caring, the qualities of the relationship between two or three people.  The greater the degree of the Spiritual qualities in the relationship, the greater is the power produced. The enhancing factor is the closeness and harmony in the relationship, more so than the number of people involved.

The building blocks in the process are essentially important to reach this level of "agreement" or being One. One person of faith, renewed mind, living in God's Presence of Spirit, (or putting it another way, living in faith, the Scriptures and prayer) added to another doing the same is where superb love, superior power, great gifts manifest.

The 2 or 3 Agreement Principle is the distinctive difference, the significance that sets the Spirit Savvy Network apart from anything else. It is the game changer as we say. We begin to see more power through Spirit. We become savvy with a Spiritual intelligence and God's mighty force working in and among us. As we agree together or work as a team with each other, strategically collaborating our gifts for the benefit of a desired goal, a Spirit Savvy influence forms around us.  We become gigantically mighty like a tornado, not for destruction, but in Spirit for greater works.

Do This.
Find someone who you feel comfortable being around and sharing things about your life more than anyone else. Ask this person to be a prayer partner, a believing partner with you about what you see as your mission.  Consider doing a Bible reading plan that you each follow and share the insights you are getting from the Scriptures with each other. Tell them about the Scriptural principle of 2 or 3 in agreement and you would like if he or she would be one of your agreement and prayer partners.

Start small and build. If you are not very familiar with a person, it is wise to at first focus on building the relationship as friends, or colleagues. The Spiritual dynamic increases in direct proportion to the quality of the relationship, not so much how many are involved. The closer we are, the more we know about our agreement partner, the more substantial is the Spiritual power through our efforts. It is prudent to start and stay small for a while, just two or three. It's easier for two or three to share, become close and know each other well, compared to a group of eight or ten.

Keep it small and selective and give time for a relationship to get established and strengthened.  Make sure it is someone you naturally click with and feel inspired after talking to them. Although, watch out for some so-called friends who delight in always telling you what to do, have a critical attitude and project themselves as an advanced Spiritual, superior person. This person is not an ideal agreement partner. A humble heart, caring spirit is what to look for. Someone more like you, at a place where you are.

You can meet with your agreement partner by phone, or in person. When you do, consider doing these things. This is a time where two (or three) can share with each other, and determine how to help each other.
1. Each person share something personal about your life.
2. Go over your Magnificent Mission and what continues to excite you about it.
3. Share insights you are getting, and possibilities of your Magnificent Mission.
4. What is needing some attention?
5. What the Scriptures are saying to each of you now.
6. What do you desire prayer for?
7. Take turns praying for each other... simply ask, claim faith building Scriptures.
8. After prayer, share what impressions you got.
9. What is impressed on you that you can do to help?
10. Contact each other between meetings to share a Scripture, idea, encouraging word. It's important to constantly be saying "out loud" your vision for your Magnificent Mission with someone who believes in it and believes in you. The more you tell someone your vision, the more it is being materialized through the Spirit. Be the cheerleader for the other. Faith builds as you agree together what you believe to happen.

Stay in touch daily if possible to check how things are going. In other words, have a meeting once a week that involves including the areas above. And in between make brief contacts by phone, text, etc. to see how things are progressing... what's good, challenges you face, developments taking place.

This constant contact not only keeps you focused, it offsets bad days quickly, increases Spiritual power, and keeps everyone on a constant path of growing in Spirit, advancing your Magnificent Mission. It is a stronger, more stable method for keeping you growing in Spirit without relapses, and having staying power through the ups and downs, peaks and valleys of life. Without an agreement, prayer partner, one bad day can turn into two, then a week. A week can turn into a month, and before you know it inertia sets in, and your Magnificent Mission comes to a standstill. Just one other person can quickly dissolve the negative, limit the duration of disappointment or setbacks, and press through unexpected obstacles. This is the power behind having two or three agreement partners.

Consider this.
The selection of a core person in starting your Spirit Savvy Network is very crucial. Again, I can't emphasize enough that it needs to be someone you feel close to, trust, and can be open and honest with without fear of criticism. One of the goals at this point is to cultivate a bonding relationship... especially in Spirit. Someone may have abilities to complement you, but if the Spirit is not the same the Spirit Savvy Network breaks down. The ideal first nugget in your network is someone you can share Scriptures with, your dreams and mission with, and pray together and for each other.

You may also have two or three different people you meet with one on one, but not all together at the same time. This begins establishing tributaries out from you that may expand in different directions as your network expands.

The 2 or 3 Agreement Principle added to faith, renewing the mind, acquiring Spirit intelligence through prayer creates a lightning force in your life like in a tornado cloud… a new element with His Mighty power is generated.

As you nurture your relationship, other insights to what you are about will surface. A new Magnificent Mission may emerge. This is an ever growing, possibility renewing, and advancing process that perpetually goes on while you keep recycling through the Spirit Savvy process.

When you read the Scriptures, especially the Apostles' letters in the New Testament, you see essential principles for building relationships among others who Believe in Jesus, who follow and live for Him. By developing strong Spiritually-based relationships, your Spirit Savvy Network becomes a tower of strength.

In review of the power and significance behind two or three in agreement, keep these Scriptural incidences in mind.

After the crucifixion of Jesus, two people were talking about the events around Jesus on the road to Emmaus. Suddenly Jesus showed up and joined in the conversation explaining it to them (but they didn't recognize Him). Isn't it something... two things: when talking about Jesus, (1) He joined them, but (2) they didn't recognize this person as Jesus. Two more things, Jesus said He would be with us always, and when two or three meet about Him, He is there. Think about all the ramifications in our lives this has... He is with us always, recognized or not. (see Luke 24, Matt. 28 and 18) Some people in our lives may be Jesus but we don't, at first, realize it. Many times God will use the least (as far as status, education, position) to teach, inspire, guide us.

Jesus is among us... when two talk about Him, agree together about what He is about. It doesn't say who, just two. It all starts with two, anybodies, who meet around who Jesus is, His principles. Then Jesus joins you. Now this is something, to see all the ways this affects our lives.

Many in the personal development field promote the idea that you have to have a somebody around you to be a somebody, such as coaches, tutors, mentors, people of influence. They have their place and value. Although, due to life circumstances some may not have this available.  The Good News is Jesus shows up when two or three come together in agreement. There is no higher counsel, help, power source. Jesus said two or three in agreement brings "greater" results. Why? Jesus is there, who created everything. (see John 1 and Colossians 1) You get His intelligence (i.e., Spiritual intelligence), God's Power, relationships that can produce exceptional results. Consequently, this says you can be two nobodies and Jesus in Spirit joins you. Together you are somebodies about to do some Magnificent things.

Now Jesus Himself is your personal coach. The Spirit, in the midst of two or three, is your Somebody, as long as the "agreement" factor stays strong. It's a relationship that combines what each hears in Spirit, versus picking the best idea. It's collaborating versus competing.

When Jesus sent out His disciples, He sent them on their mission in pairs. As you advance in your Magnificent Mission, remember it is through partnering is the power. (see Luke 10) His Spirit will help you find the right person or people to enlist as agreement partners. Jesus prayed all night before He selected His disciples. (see Luke 6)

In all of Solomon’s greatness, he said having two is better than just one doing it. They strengthen each other and can do great feats together. A chord of three is not very easily broken. (Proverbs 4) 

So it is about reading (the Bible), praying (in Spirit), relating (with another). Jesus makes it so that anyone can do it. It's not complicated, every "nobody" one-in-Spirit can do it.

Scripting the Movie.
Taking care of a child, going to school and working full-time, Mica as a single mom also worked as a server in a restaurant. It was not a fine dining restaurant, although it was popular and the tips were good. Every week two people met at the same table in her area. Mica was intrigued by their meeting... some days joking around a lot, others really intense in a conversation, then another day one was crying while the other consoled her. While hurrying back and forth serving her customers, she overheard something about a single moms' network.

As a single mom, she picked up the courage one day to ask them what they do. We help single moms make it in the daily challenges of the day, they said. Lisa picked up the conversation to explain some of the services they provide. Lisa told Mica that she and her friend have an agreement pack... “we share ideas, go over some of the challenges we are facing, and pray for each other.” They formed a network among other single moms to help each person get what they need to make it.

Mica became more intrigued, and told them she was a single mom... working as a licensed practical nurse, going to school to become a registered nurse, waiting on tables to make some needed extra money. Lisa asked Mica about meeting someday to share more about the single moms' network.

After they met, Lisa suggested to Mica that they become agreement partners. Mica quickly accepted the invitation to read the Scriptures regularly, pray and stay in touch. After several meetings, Mica told Lisa that she also had a desire to help single moms and someday get her master's degree in nursing. She dreamed of setting up a clinic for special medical needs of moms and their children.

Lisa told Mica that when God puts a mission on your heart, it helps to have someone who believes in you to share with, pray with, celebrate in victory, encourage when challenged, and contribute ideas. Lisa said this kept her on track to build the support network of Single Moms. We call ourselves, Moms on a Mission, Lisa said. So much has happened that Lisa felt she saw God's hand in it. His power helped them overcome things where there seemed to be no way.

Mica got a hold of her brother, Alex, to tell him about what she just learned from Lisa on making your life a mission and how to make it happen. With a college degree in English, Alex worked for an Internet company as a content editor. He had a secret ambition to help everyone write a book, or tell their story that could help others. Everyone has a book in them Alex believed and he aspired to teach people how to write, and guide them on telling their story.  So Mica became an agreement partner with Alex as he began to craft his vision of teaching the regular person the rudiments of writing, finding and sharing your most inner thoughts.

When working on his degree Alex took a course on how to take care of a car, basic car maintenance you can do yourself. In the class Alex met Tom. Tom kept popping into his mind, so he looked him up. Since they remained friends on a social media network, he knew how to find him. They met for coffee one day, and Alex told him about the benefits of agreement partnering, and what he and his sister were doing.  

He asked Tom if he still wanted to create a mobile car repair service, where he would go to where a person lived to take care of a car problem. Tom said he always thought about it but never really got started. Tom felt this as a sense of mission that could help a lot of people. So Alex and Tom became agreement partners. They believed it was possible with God's help, committed to a personal Bible reading routine, and prayed for each other. Alex helped Tom write out his ideas and start a Magnificent Mission plan.

When Alex told Tom of how his sister met Lisa, Tom perked up and said he could help single moms on how to care for their cars and advise them on the best way to handle a problem...  fix it for them if he needed  to... and give the Moms on a Mission a discount. Alex got Tom in touch with Lisa, so he could share his ideas for car care for Moms on a Mission.

The two or three agreement groups began weaving among each other, and they kept meeting people and getting what they felt were God's Inspired ideas for each other. Almost every week they saw a Spirit-powered victory or a challenge being overcome. Their agreement networks continued to intertwine with others and they saw how they all could help each other. Living and practicing the Scriptures, prayer, and agreement group networking was the power source as they saw God's Spirit at work among them.

Mica, before meeting Lisa, was always running short on money to make ends meet. After forming agreement partnerships, she said her needs were constantly being met through many unexpected doors. Alex was running into people at all places who wanted to write their story. Alex set up a website just for them... Spirit-inspired stories, changing the world around you. He conducted "Anyone can write, tell your story" workshops every month... both at physical locations and on internet webinars. Tom formed a group of reputable car repair services and got commitments from several mechanic shops to provide "preferred customer" services to the Moms on a Mission. Several guys he knew from auto mechanics classes agreed to be on call to help the single moms with car emergencies.

From time to time, they would send the word out about having a celebration night. The meeting included bringing in a praise band, and providing opportunities for people to share how God's Spirit worked in their lives. Many came up with Spirit-inspired innovations for their business and mission-based services. They were truly missionary entrepreneurs, living and sharing their Magnificent Mission.  Each time they did this they were amazed how the network had expanded to people and places they were unaware of.

Day by day, the kingdom of Heaven was advancing around them.

The moral of the story: When two or three agree for what they ask, the Spirit goes to work to make it happen. Two or three in agreement, networking with other 2 or 3 agreement/prayer partnerships begins to weave a network of Spiritual and practical connections. What we can't do in our power or with minimal resources, God's Spirit can, and His Spirit connects others to form strategic relationships. The Scripture about "His Spirit can do more than we think or imagine" plays out and the networks weave to places that we, by our means, could not have reached ourselves. (see Ephesians 3)

The key rests in faith, which is built by knowing and applying Biblical principles, adding prayer to acquire Spiritual Intelligence and power, connecting with others doing the same enacts a force much greater than us. The key to seeing the power at work is to the level and degree of closeness in our agreement relationships. In love, sharing, helping each other, we ingest the Spiritual nutrition for a healthy, dynamic network. Where two or three agree in what they ask for, Jesus is there, and He will see to it that it is done.

As lightning moves through a cloud with atomic-like power, so do our prayers and prayer partnering move the heavenly forces to respond with an incredible force. A force with so much intensity and far reaching,  we cannot comprehend or even imagine its magnitude of magnificence.

The next section will go into more detail on how to cultivate the relationship with your agreement partner, to be a constantly charged-up covenant connection.