Friday, December 29, 2017

What's just ahead... His Spirit is coming

God has been getting many ready for what is to come and their role in it by the pruning process in John 15.  He prunes us so we can bear more fruit.

Some who have had one thing after another come into their lives the Lord is using to make you stronger in His Spirit, getting you ready for bearing more fruit this next year.  Building you up for what is coming so to be great warriors in the battle.

We will come into a harvest of souls through us like we have never seen before. It may be a build up during the year.  Also, as I have mentioned several times over this year, we will see an influx of resources. From all the years of being steadfast in planting, you will see the harvest come in an abundant way.

He may move us into some new things. Our attention to build His Kingdom through us will be keener, sharper, more of our focus. This pruning through this year will turn our desires more to His Desires through us. So the resources we get, we will desire to use them for His Kingdom, and not what the world wants to give us for self-desired pleases of the past. 

Actually, those pleasurable desires we had for the things of the world  will fade to less importance for us.

A note on the above. John 15 also says what is not producing fruit, that which has withered and died will be cut off. Some things we have been doing will be dismissed from our lives, withered and died.

Enter into the fullness of what God has called you to be and called you to do.

Remember Abraham... he did not look back, but journeyed ahead to a place where He did not know exactly where he was going... like the cloud by day and fire by night for Moses in the desert. He followed it day by day. So with us, a day-by-day gleaning from the Spirit and following the way for that day.

God through His Spirit will bring the Body of Christ together. Those who are true Believers will find each other and work as a unit with each other. They may be from different formal denominations, organizations, but He, the Spirit, is calling them out and they will find each other. Led by the Spirit and through the Spirit, not a made by man organization or group. Those who are trying to bring churches together, but through organization and human efforts will be a false front for this unity. Be careful and wary of these. The Holy Spirit will guide us as Joseph and Mary to the birth of Jesus were guided by the Spirit and those who came to honor them, were guided there by the Spirit.

We will have a new passion for the Word of God and dwelling in His Presence. It will go above all the other things we once enjoyed in life.  The things of our past will not have the same drawing to us. We will desire Him, more and more as the day draws near.

God will bring new strategies on building His Kingdom through us, not like before, and not like what we have traditionally known. Those who want us to hold on to those will be holding His Kingdom back. We must with the courage of Joshua move with what God is showing us, and in faith follow them. It may be new or different, but it will be bright and refreshing. 

God is doing a New Thing, as in Isaiah, different, but be open in your heart... watch the "we have never done it this way before" trap. Jesus came in a different way than religious leaders of His day thought He would. The people in their hearts looking for Him recognized Jesus for who He was. The others steeped in tradition didn't. This time it will be novel again. So follow the Spirit, not a tradition.

The Spirit will use many unknown, not famous name-recognition type of people. The common and simple will be the ones the Spirit will indwell and used to a greater degree. Listen to the not-famous ones, and let the Spirit guide you to the truth you hear in the Spirit.

His Spirit will be alive walking the streets through us and for those who need Him. They will be inspired by the Spirit and walk in His knowledge and power and love.

We will see a new proliferation of the Gifts of the Spirit... in the regular, common activities of our life. Where we go, His Spirit will be speaking through us. Our discernment will be increased and we will spot evil where it is disguised as good. We will recognize wolves in sheep's clothing... those acting as the Spiritual, who are really counterfeits of the True Spirit.

I was moved, over the last several years, to prepare Living Your Magnificent Mission for this time.
God may very well have had you in a preparation time too, getting you ready for this time.

I also see the functionality of the Church, meaning the Body of Christ, making Its home among people in the marketplace, communities, places of business. The Lord told me several years ago, like when Jesus went in and cleared the Temple, that "you have made My House into a marketplace, so I will plant my Spirit in the marketplace and dwell among the people." The Church will be a relational organism, not defined by name, place or organizational title, but a living, walking Spirit among men and women. Love will bind it together, not membership or contract.

Truly a time of God with us, where we are, where we go. His Spirit goes with us and through us where ever we are. 

Dale Shumaker,

So What's coming

So what in the world is this.
Something is coming.

We can look for it. It was like Jesus coming. He came a way others weren’t expecting. 
May we be ready as well.

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