Saturday, January 23, 2016

In Search of Meaningful Mission

by Dale Shumaker

From birth a person begins a search for meaning. Who am I, what am I about, what am I here for, we ask?
Each person has a unique set of gifts that form who he/she is. They're innately there. For some it may take years before they discover them and live in them.

When we find, know them and apply them to something meaningful to us, we begin living at our highest level of both fulfillment and accomplishment. We just do well. We then see a sense of direction and see places where we can go to use them.

What happens is life becomes a mission. This intrigues us, directs us, drives us. When in mission, nothing can stop us. Maybe discouragement or frustration may come in, but we find renewed drive to regroup and continue on.

Some find this next level in their life and some don't.

In this pursuit of mission, God shows us things He has and had in mind for us to do all along. We sometimes feel that, find that, and pursue to live that. What happens when we do? We go to another level. This mission vision stretches that which is naturally who we are. His Spirit comes into play. For those acknowledging this added edge, the Spirit is there to help us too. All of a sudden, when living in trust of His Spirit, The Spirit of God's direction in our lives, things happen beyond us. Our vision for the mission in our hearts, living God's heart for us, is bigger than we are. His Spirit works with us, in us, around us and in connection with others among us.

How does all this work? Living Your Magnificent Mission includes all the above. You find, refine your Mission, the one of a Higher Level, going beyond human-only standards of mission. You yearn for it to be done, to come into reality.

Living Your Magnificent Mission takes you into the Spiritual rudiments of His Spirit that empowers it to happen. Living Your Magnificent Mission takes you step by step in building these rudiments to be part of your life, living in you, being part of you.

Here's how to do this...

It's all outlined chapter by chapter, step by step that has an ever increasing influence in your life. By recycling over and over through these ingredients of your Mission, from God's Heart, now in you, it grows, and grows, and grows. To make it work at an outstanding level, it just takes you and one other person.

It's not hard. But in doing it, over and over, you will see the plants of fruit becoming more and more apparent in your life. It grows, expands, and yields a more extensive crop. You become a larger and larger person in the process. Ultimate joy, happiness, fulfillment is your life. A desire to love and share with others.

Live Your Magnificent Mission!