Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Living Your Magnificent Mission ... quick-notes version

by Dale Shumaker

Living Your Magnificent Mission is about living out God's mission for you through your work, your vocation.  It is a mission. Most mission-minded people have thought-processes similar to missionaries (and entrepreneurs). (I think the new hybrid-missionaries in the marketplace will be the entrepreneur-minded converted to be a Spirit-driven mind.)

They, in many cases, are pioneering new territory. Although, in a person's vocation or profession, there is a mission field as well, not yet developed. So it is necessary to develop our Spiritual skills in the marketplace we enter and be the influence in the place we are in to build the Kingdom of God where we are.

As entrepreneurs, missionaries, service reps, technicians, social services people, on and on..., it's quite necessary to develop Spiritually-inspired strategies, ways (God's ways) to do things, that fit where we are. It requires being creative (from Spirit) and visionary (in Spirit) in how we go about doing things. From the person stocking goods in a warehouse to the administrative assistant to the manager of operations, CFO, CEO, we have a mission field all around us. We all do. To fulfill our role in the mission field, it takes daily, deliberate action.

How is this done? Here's a capsule of a way to go about it. Follow these steps below. ... a short version, a quick-notes version.

Mission: you have one wherever you are. Something special God has called you to do. Look at your gifts and work experiences, it is probably expressed through these.

Faith: You got to believe and have a mental picture of what this could be. And believe God is with you, guiding you and empowering you to do it. God's Spirit will show you the hows, whats and guide you.

Renewing the mind:  It takes being compatible with God's Spirit, living the Mind of Christ. To have this mind your natural brain must be reprogrammed, transformed into a Spiritual mind, consistent with the mind of Christ, consistent with Biblical principles.

Hearing from God: God's Intelligence is there for you. Through interactive prayer, you hear from God. Your thoughts then become a renewed "Spirit-inspired" channel for His thoughts to become your thoughts, which then translate into your actions.

Partnering with another: Establish the 2 or 3 Agreement Principle (what 2 or 3 agree on earth is done in Heaven), as you establish a Spiritual bond with another person, also doing the above, you expand your power. Your influence, abilities to accomplish your mission, go to a Higher level. As you share, speak faith to each other, trust without wavering, Spirit ignites, Spirit goes to work at a level beyond yours.

Cultivating the partnering relationship: To the degree you create a close relationship, in Spirit, is the same degree you will experience exceptional Spiritual Power, Spiritual Intelligence, love and endless endurance. Love is the power that makes a way, breaking through obstacles that may seem in the natural like a iron-clad wall to penetrate.

Connecting with others: As you connect with other 2 or 3 Agreement Cells like yours, you create a network of strength, a Spirit Savvy Network. This opens up connections to unlimited resources, and long-term staying power.

Spiritual Gifts of great magnitude emerge: The Gifts of God's Spirit are birthed in you and expressed through you. The miraculous happens, just like in the Bible. Now you accomplish greater things... You Live Your Magnificent Mission. Things not possible humanly are accomplished Spiritually.

Do these things and the Power of God's Spirit will be with you in all you do. What is important is the 2 or 3 Agreement Principle while living with a mission (reason) for what you do. Small is mighty, when in close Spiritual relationship. No matter where you are, it will happen... with a core of 2 or 3, networking with other cells of 2 or 3. A Spirit Savvy Network manifests a Spiritual power, all things are possible.

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Go with God and all of God goes with you.