Thursday, May 23, 2013

One Word ... the power to stay focused

by Dale Shumaker
The Spirit Savvy Network

One Word by Dan Britton, Jimmy Page, Jon Gordon is about finding that One Word that will change your life.  Each year many resolutions are made but when it comes down to it one word sticks. The authors created a One Word process. They found the power of a word that a person keeps in focus all year has more impact on your life than themes, mission statements, and phrases.

The process to One Word has three steps
1. Prepare your Heart 

2. Discover your Word
3. Live your Word

One Word creates laser-like focus that lasts. Where do you want to make impact?
spiritually, physically, emotionally, relationally, mentally, financially ... set your word and focus.

1. Prepare your heart by looking in.
2. Discover your word by looking up.
3. Live your word by looking out.

Prepare your heart.
Escape from the busyness of life and take time to look in. Unplug
intentionally, and find solitude (that's unplug from TV, computer, phone, people, to do lists...)

1. What do i need? What may need changed, improvement, attention?
2. What's in my way? Obstacles, or attitudes in your mind?
3. What needs to go ? Past mistakes, bitterness, forgiveness, what we need to let go?

Discover your word.
Plug in. Make time for prayer.


What do you want to do through me? It's about receiving a word, a God
Word. It's personal to you and specific for the moment.

Listen up
You may get the word while reading, listening to a song, a small voice while
waking up. Be open to all experiences. The word may come through surprising channels.

Live your Word
When the word comes it may be in the form of a character trait, a discipline, a spiritual focus, an attribute, a number."  Some examples are "rest, intimacy, bold, green, purity, three..."

Live it out. Keep your word on the tip of your mind. Post it in prominent places, so you see it on a regular basis. It's your word... own it, personalize it, internalize it.

Write it down. Make it your screen saver, paint it on a sign, hang it around. Share your word with friends, family, and make it stretch your team, that is those who stretch you.

Now, go spread the word.

More on the One Word that will change your life at:

What one word would you say was Jesus' One Word.

His I see as being "Love."

All the commandments He said could be summed up in One Word...
to "love" the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and being.

And the second commandment is similar... to love everyone as much
as you love and desire for yourself

Love contains a large volume of qualities.
Love remains patient when others want to react or get in a hurry.
Love stays kind no matter what others may do to him, or how he feels.
Love perseveres the pains and sufferings of life. He bears out a long time with things that are troubling without becoming down cast, resentful or wanting to get revenge.

Love does not get jealous of others who well, it does not brag on things it
has accomplish and becomes proud because of it, and is not rude to others
in all things. Love gives others the benefit of the doubt and is always
courteous and thoughtful to others.

Love seeks what is true and applauses those who tell the truth.
Love is not irritated easily, and gives others the credit when it is due.
Love does not keep mental records of all the times someone has done
something wrong or tried to hurt them. Love does not become offended easily.

Love never gives up, always maintains hope and seeks opportunity to
be loving constantly. Love never, ever gives up as it endures all things.

So when Jesus said to love... he had quite of list of qualities love covers
that we can live out in all conditions.