Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Power of "Many with a Few" connected

By Dale Shumaker

Many with a few connected yields a great power.

I was pondering this thought. As I did, my thinking went down this road.

What we see now is a few with many, but what we will see in the near future is many with a few. As I pondered this, I saw each of us have a few that we are close to. We bounce ideas off each other, help each other, and pray for each other.

These few are connected. But then each person has a connection with others outside their close inner circle of friends. It expands out like a web of small cells connecting with others. This keeps expanding, and can go indefinitely.

(It's been said we are 6 people away from anyone in the world. It's called "6 degrees of separation." Some have said the last two elected U.S. Presidents were aware of this and used social networks strategically which had great impact on them winning the election.)

Spiritually, Jesus encouraged this. He related the Kingdom of Heaven on earth as being like a vine. Intertwining and helping each other.
As a few... two, three, four... connect with others in groups of two, three, four, and they each connect with small cells of people, they become like a vine that weaves with other vines and it forms a strong web. Jesus advocated that this is the most powerful force when applied in Spirit.

I recalled on the farm there was a fence row that was covered with a vine. It had sweet smelling honeysuckle growing out of it. The fence row was completely covered with this vine. I tried one day to pull it away from the fence row, and it was so intertwined I couldn't pull it off the fence. It would give, stretch out, but I couldn't pull it away from the fence.

Jesus likened Himself and us as a vine and branches.
"Yes, I am the vine; you are the branches" (John 15:5).

As His Body in Spirit on earth, we are to be like this vine.
Today I see some fellowships who have a great preacher and many come. It is a "few with many" scenario. What I see in Spirit is in the future it will be "many with a few"... but all intertwined like the vine, spreading out everywhere. As a Spiritually unit, connected and intertwined, we have great power and have an ability to connect to any resource in the world, Spiritually, materially, practically.

"I pray that they will all be one, just as you and
I are one... And may they be in us so that the
world will believe you sent me" (John 17:21).

This prayer for us being One is our most powerful force in the Spirit, as Jesus asked the Father in Heaven that this be protected and developed in us all. The vine overlapping and intertwining can reach all places on the earth, and penetrate places seemingly not penetrable.

Have you ever noticed a crack in cement where a vine was growing through it. This is what we will become. We will go places many aren't able to go. We can break through areas that seem too hard to break through.

What seems like a wall that is strong and can't be penetrated we will break through the cracks in the wall. ...especially through prayer.

All of the "many with a few" can be connected, through the Spirit, overlapping like a vine. It's effect is it will spread everywhere, with great strength.

Just as I couldn't pull the intertwined vine from the fence row, the Body of Christ interconnected cannot be severed by difficulties, or lose its power. Woven together like this its power is increased, regardless of size.

You cut a tree at the stump and the whole tree falls down. The many branches high up fall to the ground and die... leaves die and never come back, and it doesn't bear fruit.

With a vine, it doesn't happen that way. All the branches are tied together with each other.

So you see from this effect in nature. When applied Spiritually each of us with a prayer cell, of maybe a few, who intertwine with others doing the same is a powerful force, an invincible force.

It doesn't seem big like a tall tree with many branches, but it is very strong and penetrates many places, and is a lot more massive than can be imagined.

The "few with many," what we seen now in the world, will give way to the "many with a few," intertwined in Spirit.

This is the unique design of the Spirit Savvy Network, aka, Body of Christ. This is how the Spirit works in power constantly reproducing within itself.

It is applicable in all things... life, business, mission. Especially our mission for Heaven coming to earth as in Heaven.

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