Monday, December 29, 2014

Spirit Savvy Network ... entering your mission

by Dale Shumaker

A Spirit Savvy Network is when two or three, or a small group band together for a common mission or cause. The power structures of the future (in business, in mission) will be small cells of people bonding together to reach a common goal. Forming a fluid structure, they have enhanced flexibility, an ability to maneuver quickly, and be fortified with a potency hard to explain. Why? Spirit is like a laser. It is precise, very pin-pointed, with exceptional force within it.

Big is not always better.

Many business ventures and mission efforts grow into organizations which become slow in response, and cumbersome in how they operate. The bigger they get, the less efficient and effective they are. They also are bigger targets for those who want to thwart their efforts. Whereas Spirit is fast, fluid, forceful, nimble, quick and hard to pin down.

It is a sad fact that most business, or mission ventures dissolve in five years. Some reports project this is about 80% of business ventures. A Spirit Savvy Network is a fail-safe system, and a perpetual-empowering process that advances a business on a mission to greater levels than average. With Spirit at work at full throttle in you, and within your close-knit cell of people around you, it is much more powerful. Possibilities of failure are lessened, the possibility of greater advances are dramatically increased. Small, close-knit groups last longer and move with more force.  Again, it is much more like a laser in its concentrated, focused beam.

Jesus came to earth to share a new idea.
As the prophet Isaiah said, I am doing a New Thing ( Isaiah 43). Jesus had a plan that would be hard to conquer in the future. His opposition wanted to throw a snag in His mission. The way to weaken a cause is to eliminate the leader, create confusion in a group so they in essence defeat themselves.

When the shepherd is killed the sheep will scatter.
True in natural terms, but Jesus' plan was beyond that. When He was killed, of which He knew would happen, He came back with another higher plan. A plan that is invincible. He would put His power in the people, as a group, who believed in Him. By sending His Spirit on a group of people, not just one person, it is hard to dismantle. A group continues because it is not dependent on one person. It is several working as One.

If one person falls, everyone can shore up ranks and continue to make progress, safe from interruption or delay to their goal.  As One as a unit it is hard to pinpoint one leader. It was Jesus Himself now in Spirit among them all, the group. It is a great plan. So in 100, 1000, 10,000 people there is not just one leader, but many micro-leaders within the whole group. They as a unit form the Spirit of Christ on earth. Their leader is Jesus in Spirit, from Heaven, now among the whole group.

It makes the group more dynamic and invincible. It's many as One, not centered around one human leader. If the leader is knocked out his followers stay connected.

Smaller numbers, with close relationships are more powerful in effort.

This brings us to the power of a Spirit Savvy Network. It's about 2 or 3, 20 or 30, etc. as a unit. Not one leader, but a bonded core or cell of people with Jesus in Spirit as the leader. A blend of gifts is spread out through several people. With each gift interacting with the others, it increases their power as a unit.

The military has found that special forces of 6 or 8 people trained to work together on a mission get greater strategic results than a large mass of soldiers. Special forces know each other well, strengths and weaknesses, and how to complement each team member. Being a brotherhood in Spirit creates a very dynamic cell, strong like refined iron.

Harmony, in existence and effort, is the core of the Power. With Jesus in Spirit as the empowering force, momentum of the mission is maintained.  

This dynamic cell of Spirit can be developed in business, in a mission, in a venture. They are driven by God's Spirit, to fulfill His inspired mission.

An inserted thought: Sometimes we hear a great speaker, an inspiring sermon, attend a motivating seminar, and that gets us really revved up. What happens in between? How do we keep going when that wears down over time? The Spirit Savvy Network is more than an inspiring and staying motivated experience. It will keep you going every day, and that's what gets results. Having a Spirit Savvy Network around you will keep you going day in and day out. Here's how it works.  

If you are just one, add another, and maybe another, and all the power of God's Spirit is among you, when you engage the process and principles Jesus introduced. (See Matthew 18:18,19, and Acts 1.)

No matter what your calling or vision is for you in building the kingdom of God on earth as in Heaven... you are part of a grand plan. United, intertwined with others of the same spirit makes you unstoppable.

The first step is finding and fulfilling your mission. If you know yours, this recipe will help you refine it and advance it to a greater level, with greater power.

A Spirit Savvy Network, a cell of strength, emerges when the strategic ingredients are blended as One, in harmony, synchronized and orchestrated by The Spirit.

Carefully build on the following steps, building blocks for a concrete foundation to your mission vision, or better said, God's mission vision through you.  You can recreate your business/mission system to be a Spirit Savvy Network.

Start with your mission (define it, refine it, advance it)
… walk in faith...  reprogram the mind to be in Spirit... learn to acquire Spiritual Intelligence… be empowered through 2 or 3 in agreement... cultivate and nurture your agreement relationships... connect with other agreement cells...  advance Spiritual gifts... fuel the fire.  Keep this process in motion.

Put Spirit in the center and in motion. Spirit will drive the mission through the business mission you are on. It then is also a vehicle to support the mission, while making connections with those God is intending for you to be in contact with.

A Spirit Savvy Network is your power train.
A connected core of two or three closely-knit in Spirit is where the strength is. The power is not in how many, but how close the group is. Smaller groups can become more closely knit than larger groups.

One note... whether you see yourself as an employee, a business owner, an independent income producer, you are a marketplace missionary where you are. Missionary entrepreneur prowess makes us all more effective. A Spirit Savvy Network is a nucleus of invincibility for all we do.


Saturday, November 29, 2014

Spirit Savvy Network … finding my mission

by Dale Shumaker

As our life progresses, we have experiences that shape who we are and what we will be. The mission behind the concept of the Spirit Savvy Network has had influencers. Life experiences, people, circumstances that have influenced me on what I am doing. I share this as my personal example of what has shaped me for what I do and why I do it. You have them too. After reading mine, I am interested to know about yours.

What influences us on what we become comes out of dramatic and traumatic experiences. They give us hints on what we are being sculptured to doThree dramatic, and one traumatic experience made an imprint on my spirit about the architecture of the Spirit Savvy Network. And these are the gears, the driving force that has kept me on this task over the last couple decades.

1. My association with a denomination's Spiritual leaders, a dramatic experience.
I had the privilege to learn from the Spiritual leaders at a denominational headquarters where I worked for over a decade. As a communications specialist, I was constantly preparing presentations for visionaries of what God does through us. From over 13 years of sitting in on planning sessions and hearing their points of view, much of what I learned then has become who I am today.

2. Coming close to dying was a traumatic episode in my life.
It dramatically changed me and my perspective on life. All I see now will go away some day. Although what I do now affects the rewards for life that come in this life and after death. There is a life that follows, better than this one... this became a vivid certainty to me.

I became very obsessed with studying the Bible. I began seeing things in a way I didn't really see before.

In the Bible I saw a lifestyle formula, a way to do life, and a Spiritual-operating system for what we call business, creating commerce, living life as a personal mission.
We are born for a purpose, a mission. God gave us principles and a power for making everything work, and work well.

When we follow the principles in a practical way in our lives, everything we do brings greater fulfillment, happiness, and a reason for being who we are. Life is more for others, not just all about me. I now see things that can improve life for those around me.

Possibilities run rampant... We live through God's abilities, not just our own.

When in prayer, I began seeing things in Spirit. I saw life going beyond what is... to what it could be.

(It felt like I was being born again. See the Bible, John 3.)  

I became convinced each person is born with a mission assignment. True happiness and exhilaration in living comes when we live in the Mission God has stamped on our hearts to do.

3. An unlikely mentor shows up bringing a dramatic turn around to my view of who we are, what we do, and how we do it. My college president came back in my life. As his last life work, he was molding an ideal model of what the Body of Christ is and should be.

He personally mentored me on many of the principles I follow today, of which I use in the Spirit Savvy Network. The principles can be applied as a business model, a mission model, a way-of-life model for living in our homes and communities.

A major lesson my college president taught me was to learn to hear God's Voice, recognize His Voice, to trust the Spirit's voice. We can trust what the Spirit tells us. (see John 10) 
A reason for my existence was reborn... to show others how The Body of Christ principles affect all aspects of our lives.

4.One gift of mine that stood out from the others was the ability to create, design, produce videos. It brought a dramatic realization I was gifted at communicating vision to others.

In the prime of my career I wrote scripts for video productions… which I also directed and produced. Others benefited because of this gift. From a children's home to a technology company and Fortune 500 company; money was raised to build a new children's home,  a business grew rapidly over five years, and employees learned safety rules for their company. I could take an idea, create a process for its completion, with a finished product better than the original concept.

Being aware of this, I felt I could use this ability to assist others to write their own life script to fulfill their mission, and train them on how to get there.

Putting these life experiences together (the dramatic with the traumatic), my mission-purpose become self evident. I was made for this and life has prepared me for it.
... a mission to assist, train, support others in creating their own Spirit Savvy Network that fulfills their mission in life

A God-inspired mission has an incredible vision for what can be. It is usually something noble, bigger than us. But, with God's Spirit, where all things are possible, we join with God in an exciting, life-fulfilling adventure. Making the world better... around us and for others. And living in preparation for what is yet to come.

Thus, the mission of a Spirit Savvy Network
(Note Noah, Moses, Joshua, Jesus, the Apostles ... each on a mission.)

This is how I want to help you.

Be an assistant scriptwriter for your life movie that can be a world changer. To write your vision so others can see it (Habakkuk 2).   And be your personal trainer, a support person, and Spiritual ally. 
As in the Bible, many had scribes to assist them. I would like to be your Magnificent Mission scribe.

As you capture your mission, advance your value, you will make a difference in building a world you so passionately would like to see.

To do this, you create your own Spirit Savvy Network, a dynamic Spiritually-driven, Bible-based process that, when mastered, drives your mission.
It's all in the "doing"… putting principles to practice and partnering with another person.

Not all things are possible with man, but, with God, all things are possible.
(see Matthew 19)


Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Spirit Savvy Network ... what in the world is this

by Dale Shumaker

As you live out your Magnificent Mission you create a Spirit-savvy network around you. This is your Spiritual power force. So what is a Spirit Savvy Network?

I invented the phrase as a contemporary name, or aka, for those who Believed in Jesus and His Power in the New Testament of the Bible. In the New Testament the Apostle Paul referred to this group as the Body of Christ. They referred to themselves as The Way. ...the way of living that was forming then, and continues today. It's a super-charged way of living with the Spirit of God at the very core of its existence. It's a connection of people living out a Magnificent Mission powered through a Spirit-savvy network.

From my Christian college training and working at a denominational headquarters for over a decade I was exposed to many great teachers of the Bible. They used the name Body of Christ, although I feel it's somewhat of an obscure term today. I created the name a Spirit Savvy Network... to give it a new freshness, a new life.

So then a Spirit Savvy Network is when those who believe in God's Spirit, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, unite in any effort. We have a Spirit Savvy Network. It has universal applications to… a business, group, mission, cause, club, or organization. It's the universal power for what makes everything tick, run well, exceed in what it does. As its principles are followed, in all we do (business, organizations, life activities), we see remarkable results springing up around us.

When small cells of two or three on a mission, work in collaboration with others, we can see an empowered work of God's Spirit blossom. This is an exceptional expression of the Holy Spirit or Spirit as I tend to refer to. Spiritual Gifts come along side our natural birth gifts which create an advanced power, many times unexplainable, that go to work through our efforts, even beyond our efforts.

How do these gifts affect what we do?
They many times come into play when needed. A person with his Magnificent Mission in motion has access to Spiritually-empowered gifts. As an example, the Spirit can provide Spiritual Intelligence where we know things without prior knowledge. We can judge a person's real motives. Our faith increases to a superior level. Provision comes our way that could only be there with the help of Someone much bigger than us. Miracles happen for physical, emotional, relational healing.

A person we don't know very well may all of a sudden open doors for us beyond what we could normally do. We get insight to what will happen in the future. We function at a level of Spiritual intelligence greater than our mental intelligence.

The Spirit provides far above our natural abilities. It works to advance our mission into areas not possible without It's influence and power. God's Spirit parted the Red Sea when it was necessary for the Israelites to escape the Egyptians closing in behind them. The Spirit of God joins our lives to assist us in advancing the Magnificent Mission He has given us… of Supernatural capabilities.

A Spirit Savvy Network develops a highly empowered force of Spirit in the marketplace business, in organizations, in personal ventures. You have a Magnificent Mission. It is the reason for your business, vocation, the services you provide. We all live to be a penetrating force in building the Kingdom of God where we are. It takes a Spirit Savvy Network to get you there. This is about showing you how... as you live your Magnificent Mission.

The building blocks...  content flow
The strength behind living your Magnificent Mission is building your Spirit Savvy Network. It builds on each part. It's much like building a house. You lay the foundation, add the structure of the frame, finish the insides to function and flow as a unit. It is a process that keeps growing in place. It's a process similar to 2 Peter 1: 5-7, where Peter adds one to the other, i.e., add to your faith, goodness, goodness, knowledge...etc. 

It builds much like this, and keeps progressing, keeps building on each step, and keeps recycling back through the steps. It lays a foundation, adds a frame, then envelopes it with power. The steps include (from the bottom up):

9.                  Staying supercharged in mission and life
8.                Synergizing Spiritual gifts for unlimited power
7.              Agreement groups connecting, a matrix of Spiritual power
6.            Cultivating Covenant Connections
5.          The power of the 2 or 3 Agreement principle 
4.        Acquiring Spiritual Intelligence
3.      Transforming, re-programming, renewing the mind
2.    Faith... growing faith
1.  Finding/cultivating your mission, strength of humility

Unless you become as a child you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven the Scriptures say. The foundation building blocks are child-like… belief in God's mission for you that His Spirit is inspiring you to do, and faith that it will happen. Your mind must be renewed by reprogramming it with the Biblical principles of His Spirit. It's then intertwined with Spiritual connections you establish to grow and develop. The 2 or 3 Agreement principle (Matthew 18:19) is huge for advanced powers of the Spirit that work through you.

Applied in prayer partnering and partnering in effort, a Spirit Savvy Network causes a Spiritual eruption as you live out your Magnificent Mission. When developed properly, it will exceed what we see recorded in the Bible. Jesus said it would. He said we would do greater things. It happens when a Spirit Savvy Network is in place and functioning well.

All this is about how to make it work for you. You can be living Your Magnificent Mission.


Thursday, September 25, 2014

All in Startup … the power that draws

by Dale Shumaker

All in Startup by Diana Kander is about how to launch an idea. Why do businesses have such high failure rates?  Kander outlines how to reduce the risk and have more success in making your idea work. Early in the book, she outlines four ideas to make an idea a success. In the rest of the book, she elaborates on them. With many stories and illustrations she provides examples that helps a person get a better handle on the idea.

Idea 1. Startups are about finding customers, not building products. An entrepreneur many times gets the idea, builds the idea, brands the idea, then goes looking for customers. This is the startup loop of despair. Find customers before building your product will guarantee that you build a product people actually want by figuring out what features and benefits are most valuable to them. So the process is idea, customer, build, and brand.

Idea 2. People don’t buy products or services; they buy solutions to their problems. The only way to find if your customers have a problem worth solving, and whether your ideas solve the problem, is to interact with the customer.

Idea 3. Entrepreneurs are detectives, not fortunetellers. Don’t waste your time debating with investors, partners or employees whether your idea is right or wrong. Instead spend the least amount of time and money gathering evidence that can prove or disprove your assumptions.

Idea 4. Successful entrepreneurs are luck makers, not risk takers. They have learned how to minimize risk and generate luck. They make a series of small, calculated bets to test their assumptions and find new opportunities. They only go all in when they know they have the best chance of winning.

Through the rest of the book with stories and illustrations she brings a deeper light to the above. Here’s a few of her principles which surface in the chapters.

The way to start a successful company is to solve problems that your customers are already experiencing, rather than try to convince them that a problem exists. Always interact with your customers to find out if your guesses are right or wrong. It’s about understanding your customer first and creating something that adds value to their lives. Put your customer and their needs before your vision for a solution.

Only the customer can tell you if you have a problem worth solving. The only way you can answer a customer is through a conversation with real people you don’t know who actually fit into your customer description. Test your assumptions, it’s never too late. Give your customers plenty of time to tell their story. It’s not a sales call. Their true feelings are not a direct answer to your questions. But learn what they feel now. Before
committing to any idea test your assumptions, especially with the customer.

Interview your prospective customers. Gather this intelligence and you will see you get lucky and strike gold. Don’t be all business. Be more conversational. Nothing else matters until you prove the customer wants your product. The owner, president should be the one talking to customers. He needs to know first hand. You act on things you gather yourself. Find out what the customers want you to do and act on that. Find the shortest distance from your customer to the solution they want.

It’s okay to be wrong, but interact with the customer to find the solution. Confirm your assumptions with small bets. You can go all out after you narrowed the solution to the best option for the customer.

More at

Spiritual Intelligence. The Scriptures say Jesus knew the heart of the person. He knew their intentions, motives. Unfortunately, he knew many of them were insincere. Many asked questions to try to entrap Him.

Although, from prayer He gathered Spiritual Intelligence. When He went off alone He was with the Father. There He was briefed on the motives of men, and what to expect the next day. The Father in Heaven gave Jesus precise instructions on how to answer everyone who asked Him questions, and how to deal with each situation. He knew their intentions.

This skill of how to respond to all men, came from these times alone with the Father. We have the same opportunity when alone with God, in His Spirit, and living with the insights of the Holy Spirit guiding us.

Today there is much variety, diversity in communication perspectives and lifestyle. Each person’s lifestyle has inside meanings to words and actions. It is hard to figure the frame of reference each person is coming from as that diversity has increased so much. Reading minds is a skill most of us don’t have. But we do have the potential to learn from the same Spirit Jesus did. That Spirit is available to us today. Jesus said He would send it to us when He physically departed the earth. So we can rely on the Holy Spirit and benefit from this intelligence… Spiritual Intelligence.

We can hear from our Spirit Mind. We have the Mind of Christ the Scriptures say. From this Spirit we can glean, benefit from inside information that only the Spirit knows. When in prayer and reflection in Spirit, the Spirit will communicate it through our minds.

Also, the Spirit draws people to us. Jesus said no one comes to Him unless the Father in Heaven prompts them to come. We have this available to us too.

We have a technologically advanced world. God can within His technology and other human relationship “technology” impress people to come to us, contact us, be impressed to get in touch with us. Or show up at a place where we are and want to talk to us more. Spiritual “technology” is so much more superior to human technology. We, as humans, will never get as sophisticated as His Spiritual technology.

We can know the customer, get insights about him that only Spiritual technology can make happen. Others can be impressed to respond to what we say and receive it through the Spirit, that nothing else can do. All who we associate with, partners, suppliers, contractors, employees, on and on, can be influenced with the same power Jesus had… the Spiritual Intelligence and power of God to draw all men to us. This Intelligence and drawing power can be cultivated in us. In His Spirit, Presence, time with Him it grows to be a functional asset in fulfilling our mission in what we do.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Creative Confidence … Teaming Confidence a Super Power

By Dale Shumaker 

Creative Confidence by Tom Kelley and David Kelley is about how to build confidence in being creative. Creative confidence is like a muscle. It can be strengthened and nurtured through effort and experience. Whether you think you are creative or not, we all have a creative potential within that we can draw from. People’s imagination, curiosity, and courage can be renewed with a small amount of practice and encouragement. Our belief systems affect our actions, goals, and perception. If you believe you can be creative and find innovative solutions, you can. Innovation is the name of the game in business, and everyone can be innovators. With creative confidence you can become comfortable with uncertainty and are able to leap into action.
Creative thinkers are careful not to rush to judgment. They realize there are many possible solutions and are willing to go wide first, to see what possibilities could emerge. You must believe that learning and growth are possible… that’s having a growth mindset. It embraces new adventures and delights in the journey of the adventure. We can change the world; we can poke life and expect something new to come out of it.

To be creatively confident, some must move from fear of failure to courage. Fear can be overcome by experiencing small successes, learn from trial and error and use failures as stepping stones to knowledge which will lead to an eventual success. Accept failure as part of learning and remain confident to move forward despite setbacks. Give yourself permission to fail, actually embrace it and value what it teaches you. Resilience expands as we reach out for help, get more advice so we can bounce back more quickly. When moving into unfamiliar territory accept the fear of the unknown and build small successes.

One small change can give you the spark you need. It may be an environment change, when and where you do something, one book, one idea. Gather a new perspective, go into the trenches, redefine your problem, take small risks to open up new mental avenues of thought. When relaxed many new ideas may come to mind, make notes from these times, and be empathetic with those who will be affected by, benefit from your ideas.

Leap from planning to action. Take a “do something” mindset. Minimize planning and maximize action; prototype quickly and try out several options. It’s a think, plan, do process, constantly adjusting(evaluate, learn, new strategy, action, take note) each time. Instead of complaining about what happens, keep asking, “How can I improve this situation?”

Seek to turn duty to passion. What’s your personal sweet spot? Figure out what you are good at, what people will pay you to do, and what you were born to do. Where these three meet is your sweet spot. 
Our passion is driven by an awareness of purpose and using our best gifts in it. Find a vocation that you’re good at, that you enjoy, and that someone will pay you to pursue. Work with people you like and respect, and who demonstrate mutual respect to you. Start writing the new story of your life. It will revitalize you with new energy, a fresh perspective.

To build a creative organization, you need to build creative confidence among key players. Combining the creative confidence of individuals in a team is a team that advances innovation. Diversity that works in harmony gets greater results. To build a creative confident team, know each other's strengths, leverage diversity, get personal (knowing about each other’s personal life and interests), put the relationship back into the working relationship, craft the team experience in advance, and have fun. Be open and give ideas a chance. Use a team vocabulary that is diplomatic and expands thought investigation into an idea. Move away from “there’s no way that will work” to “how do you see it could work?”

At this point, Creative Confidence recommends you put the book down and go try out some of the things suggested in the book. How did it go?  

And consider conducting creative thinking exercises for the group to develop creative thinking, and do personal relationship building exercises. One idea for relationship building is to apply a “speed dating” format. Divide into pairs with those you know least. Each person takes three minutes to share three things about their life outside the job. Have set questions for them to answer.

Each person and place is different. So you need to design the best way for you. It may take trying several things out until you find the right one for you.

More about Creative Confidence at:

When Same Minds Meet it Triggers the Spectacular.

It is amazing what happens
when two, three or more people meet
for the purpose of demonstrating the influence
of Jesus in our lives.

The Physician, Luke, who wrote of Jesus' life, recorded an incident when the new followers of Jesus Spirit got together and ask God to give them All of God's Spirit that Jesus had for what they were doing. He said where two or three gather “I am in your midst.”  Harmony in Spirit working together releases All of God's Spirit on your behalf. Jesus said He went to the Father and the Father made all things possible. Actually, Jesus said He could do nothing without the Father.

When we can meet with someone (in person, by phone, etc.) we can see the same dramatic evidences of God’s Spirit in Power at work with us as the disciples of Jesus did. The Spirit is amazing. It works all things to Good for those who truly love Him. When things go well, when things go wrong, always remain in Spirit. When we connect with another believer, we welcome the presence of Jesus and His Spirit which is with us.

Just like keeping our cell phone charged up, our laptop/tablet charged. Keep your Spiritual battery charged up to full everyday. Our Spiritual cell for Power works the same way. It is good to keep it charged up to full all the time, so we don't risk not having the Power when needed.

We are not limited by location. It’s a connection with God’s Spirit available anywhere... at home, work, clubs, various groups, and any gathering for the purpose of having Supernatural power to work with us.

Intercessory prayer works the same way... we meet in Spirit for the purpose to have The Spirit intervene on our behalf and for others. Or with the intention to solve a business problem, meet an organizational objective, enhance relationships, or overcome a diabolical situation in our lives.

It is becoming one voice in Spirit to become recharged so great power continues to go to bat for us in what Spirit leads us to do. It is petitioning the maker of Heaven and Earth to Provide Spiritual Intelligence, Power and Resolve for something of great concern.

When we come together(or connect by phone, email, text)... In Spirit, of the Same Mind, and with one voice to share our desires... extraordinary events occur.

"We know God's power is available. What we need is the will to commit ourselves to being in one accord (have one voice in heart and Spirit) in the way it is demonstrated in Acts 3 and 4 in the Bible."

Where two or three agree, are in harmony in Spirit, we can expect great results to take place. God is not limited by factors of life or unusual circumstances. He can do all things. There is nothing too hard for God. Teaming with someone of the same mind in prayer flips the switch that turns on this great power.  


Monday, July 28, 2014

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook … Circuits flowing in synergy

by Dale Shumaker

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook is by Gary Vaynerchuk. It’s about how to tell your story in a noisy social world. The world changes and platforms change. To keep up requires hustle, heart, sincerity, constant engagement, long-term commitment and most of all artful storytelling. 

Vaynerchuk takes you through the main social media of this time and provides guidelines on how to tell your story. The book is a how-to guide for telling your story that creates word-of-mouth. You have to spend more time jabbing your customer than coming around with the right hook, the knockout punch. There is no sale without the story, knockout without the setup. It’s a 365-day a year sparing. Keep jabbing, jabbing, jabbing. Create a great story, but in the social media sound bites.

What’s makes a social media great story?
It’s native. It talks the way the people are. From the perspective of their culture, way of life. Stay within their context, culture of life. It must stay within the context of the platform it is on, where the customer is thinking at that time.  
It doesn’t interrupt.  Be their entertainment and don’t throw something at them that is not related to what you are talking… pop ups?
It doesn’t make demands… often. Make it simple, memorable, inviting to look at, and fun to read. Your story needs to move people’s spirits, not interrupted and sold to. Jab, Jab, Jab… right hook. Or give, give, give… then politely ask.
It’s micro-content… tiny, unique nuggets of information, humor, commentary or inspiration every day.  Be real time, respond in their native language. Talk about what they are talking about, and when they change, talk about that instead.
It’s consistent and self-aware. Know your message so you are consistent everywhere.

Storytell on Facebook. Be vigilant knowing you have to reinvent yourself every day. Tell the story they want to hear. Give it openly, generously, jab, jab, jab. Make them feel like you get them, so when you give, give, give, they freely respond to when you ask. By speaking directly to your demographic, you increase the probability that people will engage with that content. For jabs and right hooks to work, they must speak to their emotional center. 

Consumers are more likely to share your current content for free if you give them what they want in terms of content and service. Start creating micro-content worth the money. Get more entrepreneurial. In Facebook you can be creative, and figure it out as you go. Mistakes are learning experiences. These learning experiences you can afford.

Questions to ask:
Is the text too long?
Is it provocative, entertaining, or surprising?
Is the logo visible?
Is the format the best for the post?
Are you asking too much of the people consuming the content?

Listen well on Twitter.
Some questions to ask on your Twitter content:
Is it to the point?
Is the hashtag unique and memorable?
Does the voice sound authentic?
Will it resonate with the Twitter audience.

Glam it up on Pinterest.
Does my picture feed the consumer dream?
Did I give my boards clever, creative titles?
Have I included a price when appropriate?
Does every photo include a hyperlink?
Is the image easily recognized so people don’t have to think too hard?

Create art on Instagram.
Is my image artsy and indie enough for the instagram crowd?
Have I included enough descriptive hashtags?
Are my stories appealing to the younger generation?

Get animated on Tumblr.
Did I customize my theme in a way that properly reflects my brand?
Did I make a cool animated GIF?

Many other opportunities exist. Of Linked In, Google+, Vine, Snapchat, Vaynerchuk predicts the next major social network for the business-minded person is Linked In. Facebook is strong, but for business-to-business Linked In is positioned to rise to the top.

Your content and context are important to maximize. Next to them is effort. Without effort… intense, consistent, committed, 24-7 effort … the best social media micro content placed within the most appropriate context will go down gracelessly.

Instead of dealing with someone else’s social media company, you can become your own. With You Tube you can be your own TV network. With a blog, your own newspaper.   Know your social media options and make the effort to know and use them with the best strategy for your business. Take time to learn how they work, what they are best suited for and make the most of them.

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To make our social interactions connect dynamically, there needs to be synergistic power. That is an interacting of love, respect, understanding, tolerance (if we don’t get the other person), between people interacting. A love bond is essential.

We are designed as a community of power points where Spirit is in constant flow. When this flow breaks down, the whole thing doesn't work as well. This is critical to Supernatural functional power in our lives. Jesus Spirit engineered it that way.

In physics, technology everything is interconnected... our bodies are interconnected. When one part does not connect with the other part the whole configuration is bogged down. In cars, computers are designed so when one part malfunctions, the others pick up the slack. It still runs, but not as well. For us to see the best of what is possible for us we must have our relationships fine tuned and connecting with great precision. This is so critical as the best of everything depends our relationships to others.

Where harmony prevails, power increases. Great power is demonstrated when great harmony is functioning. This becomes self-evident. Just like a circuit board in technology... when all circuits are technically correct and programmed well, the effectiveness and speed increases proportionately. The Power of Jesus, The Spirit is released through our relationships. These are the circuit connections God uses. Each has a part and function, and when harmony is intricately there,  
Power is vigorously expressed.

All the unique birth gifts and Spirit-Powered gifts of people are contingent on this harmony among the individuals of any group...home, office, club, sports, etc. Small can become big if the small units harmonize efforts to form a big effort. It is taking each strength and synergizing it with others so that as a "virtual corporation" they operate with much more power.

A Spiritual Power Cell is formed. This holds true for our Spiritual lives. When we combine in belief, hope and faith alongside others... share, pray, believe as a unit... great Spiritual Power ignites!

There are a few ground rules to make this work. Every effort should be made to mend a rift between those working together. Condemning others or judging others will shut down the circuiting flow of Spirit that creates the power. Every effort should be made at reconciliation between parties.

"Whatever you (the corporate body) bind on earth is bound in heaven." Heaven and earth are linked. All the power of Heaven is prepared to launch. All circuits are opened and all the power of the universe flows freely.

The power...having the power of Heaven touch us on earth... is based on the Relationship Quality people whatever they are doing. It is not the number of people. It is The Relationship between the two or three combining talents in a project, activity, or personal relationship.