Wednesday, April 25, 2018

You Got to Get Small, to Be Big

By Dale Shumaker

I saw this headline, Small is the Next Big Thing.
It makes me think on the ways the Spirit works.

Jesus said to a person who pays close attention to
the small things will be made to manage big things.
There's a power in small. Small added up becomes
a big thing.
Small connected as One makes it a big thing.

What makes this such a great Spiritual principle is
that we all have access to this power.
Where two or three agree, it will be done, Jesus said.
So in what faces you in life, business,
all you need is one other who agrees, believes with
you wholeheartedly.

God had Gideon downsize his troops to 300 before
he went into battle. Jesus, although getting a large
mass following, spent most of His time the last
year or so of His ministry on earth with the 12,
then sending out the 72, then the 120 waiting
for the Holy Spirit after He departed earth.

It is found in the military special forces that a tight
group, trained in functioning as one unit,
of 6 or 8, is more effective in intricate assignments
than a much larger army.

Small, united as One in Spirit, has the Power
of the Spirit working alongside them. The
Two or Three Agreement principle in Matthew 18
is more than meets the eye. Agreement means
very close as people, knowing each other,
loving, considering, watching out for each other.
It's a love in action way of doing things...
united as One,
and combining all gifts and talents into One.

To be big in the Spirit, it takes getting small.
I elaborate on this in Chapter 5 of

Jesus along with the Holy Spirit takes the
small things we do and up-sizes them.
We must downsize so He can Up-size it...
through His Power, the Power of the Holy Spirit.
This is the dynamic that makes the Body of Christ
so sufficiently great in all it is and does.


Tuesday, March 27, 2018

How the Spirit Speaks and Guides

by Dale Shumaker

How does the Spirit speak to us and guide us?
I see so many asking this question. The answer
is actually quite simple to understand, but
harder to really do.

I believe in the prophetic gifts and that they
are applicable today. I also see many are not
sure of the voice of God in their lives.

The key to the whole thing, as I see it,
is in Joshua 1, 3 and John 15, 16.

In Joshua 1, the Lord commands stay
in my Book of Instruction continually.
Meditate on it day and night. That's
a lot, but the world is throwing a lot
at us each day. It must be counteracted
upon each day, each part of the day.
Otherwise we slip into the world's way
of thinking, not even recognizing it.

Smith Wigglesworth is reported to have
said, you should be into the Scriptures
every 15 minutes of the day. In our world
that seems quite impractical. But this total
indwelling in His Word is vital to stay
vibrant in Spirit.

Jesus said this in John 15. We are like
a vine. When attached to Him in a
constant flow, we are strong in Him.
We can do nothing without Him. If
we try to dis-attach ourselves from
Him, we have nothing of Him to work
from. He says, abide, be, Live attached
to Him continually... like God told Joshua
in Joshua 1. Our abiding, living steadfast
or stead-fastened to Him we live in Him,
through Him, and have the vine of His
Spirit with us always.

Jesus says in this, we ask what we will and
He will do it. That means we are also
fastened to His will. That's another key...
staying in His Commands so they control
both our conscious and subconscious
minds. We very much must keep ourselves
programmed into Him. Then John 16
comes alive...
Jesus promises, whatever we ask He will do,
as we follow His commands, and live
according to His will, attached to His Vine.

John 16 goes on to say we can ask
the Father directly, and He will guide
us into all truth. He will show us the
way... that we hear him directly,
and He goes before us in power as we
follow His instructions in the Spirit.

It was said the secret to Kathryn Kuhlman's
ministry was the time she spent in the
Throne room before going out on stage
before the people. She said she was
nothing and emptied herself of self, and
asked for God's presence on everyone attending
one of her meetings. She claimed without
this time she would be as she is... nothing.

Then back into Joshua 3, the Lord told
Joshua to send the ark out into the water,
which then the Jordan was at flood stage,
and the waters will part and the people
can walk through on dry land.

When we stay in His Word, continually,
stay attached to Jesus and not sever
ourselves from the His vine of life,
ask, as we are faithful to follow His
commands,  He then goes before us.

Read Joshua 1, 3 and John 15, 16.
This is how the Spirit speaks, guides
and fortifies all we are about.

Master these principles of living alive
in the Spirit and you will see the Spirit
alive in all you do each day. This is
a strong foundation for our lives and
we see His Great Power at work
around us as we do it.

study His Word, continually,
live in Him, abiding in Him always.
Follow His commands for your life,
ask what you will and He will give it.
The Spirit then speaks to us and
Guides us, saturates us with power,
as He goes before us in a
very mighty way... a miraculous way.

Personally, while spending time in His Word
the Lords speaks to me many times there.
I may spend several hours there. As I get
His instructions, insights, directives, I
stay busy most of the day carrying them

Mission, I express this in more detail.

Adding a prayer and agreement partner,
who does the same thing creates extensive
power in the Spirit as He speaks to us,
guides us and makes the power flow.
We cross the flooded river Jordan in
all things facing us, and His Spirit paves
the way for us.

What a dynamic way to live!


Monday, February 26, 2018

How to Build Spiritual Power

By Dale Shumaker

How to really see the Spiritual Power in our lives as we have
seen in the Bible... front to end.

Over my decades of living, now at the last leg of my life, 
I have been a student of the Bible, and around other 
Spiritual leaders.

What has been my desire is show people in a 
simple process, how to live life as a mission 
and live in the power of the Spirit we see in the Bible.

All through my life I have seen the emphasis on 
getting saved... go to heaven, how to avoid hell. 
But living in the Spirit goes beyond that.
What He has for us is something to do, 
the Lord has a mission for us.

Living life without a sizzling mission in us, 
we go through life aimlessly,
going one direction or another, and not live for 
what we are cut out for. The Lord gives us a
vision of what life may look like in Him and
living in a mission that drives us from morning 
until night every day, and even getting up in the 
middle of the night to think about it, pray about.

Here's, in my long life journey, what I have found as   
the key components to live in God's vibrancy 
and power, and impact the world around us.

First, mission.
God has something for us to do
First of all as Jesus told the disciples in the 
end of the Gospel of John, feed my sheep. 
Our mission is about that in one shape or form. 
Feed others. To bring the vibrancy of Jesus 
to them and play a role with them in seeing it happen. 
Our mission may take on many pictures, 
but it is one set up for us by His Spirit.

Second is faith.
We must believe God made us for a purpose, 
and what we see may seem like a 
humongous picture in our minds, but He, 
the Spirit is there to help us.  
We learn and grow as we build faith. 
Do the following and it will build faith.

The three cornerstones to live what we are 
called to do in His Spirit.

Adding to the above, we need to renew our minds
To live in the mind of Christ and live in our minds 
in harmony with the Spirit.  
Our minds are conditioned by the world, 
it needs to be transformed into the Spirit
When we do that, the Spirit speaks to us and 
gives us His Power, beyond our own. But coming into 
the mind of God, Jesus is the first step

This is done by inundating our minds with the Scriptures
daily Bible reading plan and not just knowing the Scriptures, 
but being the Scriptures. That we condition our minds 
to be synonymous with the mind of God, 
becoming compatible with the mind of Christ.

The other is hearing from the Lord... 
gaining His Spiritual intelligence. 
God tells us, when we are in Him in Spirit, the deep things 
of God, the secrets of man, and strategies on how to 
handle every thing we face.  
This happens through Prayer... 
that is in constant conversation with God 
and His Spirit. When in one Mind with His Spirit, 
it flows into us quite naturally without a lot of effort. 
In these times of Meditation in Him, we hear His Voice 
and know what He is directing us to do. 
I call it Spiritual Intelligence, that we have the 
Intelligence of God working through us.

The third of the big three key areas is having 
agreement partners. 
These are those doing the same, we talk to very frequently 
and are constantly sharing things back and forth. 
When we are in this relationship with someone else 
who daily renews their mind through the Word, and 
is constantly seeking God on all matters, 
seeking His Intelligence, and living through His power...  
when we unite with just one or two others like this, 
this ignites a powder keg of power through what we ask. 
By combining our talents and resources for the mission 
on each heart, we see exponential power, 10 times and 
more powerful.

So, it is living your mission, building faith:
renewing our minds (a mental transformation into 
His Spirit and ways),
acquiring His insights, intelligence and working in His Power,
coming in agreement with others of the same mind in Spirit.

This is the core of it.

We then advance it.

By cultivating our relationship bound in love 
and mission we see power increase as our bond in love 
with each other increases more and more. This bond of 
love super-charges everything.

We find others doing the same and expand this 
Spirit Network that God is creating as we connect with 
others in the same mind.

As we do this we see Spiritual gifts emerging in all we do. 
We become smarter and more powerful in Spirit. Gifts 
of a supernatural quality blossom when we all grow 
together in unity. Being One, as God is one with Jesus 
and Jesus is one with all of us.

To summarize, it takes living in mission, God's will for us.  
Believing it will happen and seeing it mature through 
Bible study, transforming the mind;
prayer, gaining Spiritual intelligence and His power; 
connecting with a few who are also living in His Mind.
Cultivating strong relationships in Spirit... to the degree 
we do this is the degree we see His Power at work 
through us.
Then networking with others in their mission 
as we help each other.

It's all a heart thing... us with God and us with 
each other in the Spirit.

Behold, He will never leave us nor forsake us. 
He lives in us and we live through His love and power.

All this is explained in more detail at
Living Your Magnificent Mission... the online course.
And I am available to help guide and assist in 
the whole process. As I have learned how to 
partner with others in all aspects of above.

In my lifetime, I say with great confidence, 
in doing this you will see a resurgence of 
power in your life. You will see the Spirit at 
work through you in a way you have never seen before.