Monday, September 28, 2009

Cash in a Flash... intercessory authority

by Dale Shumaker

Cash in a Flash by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen is a recipe of the right ingredients, mixed the right way, that will bring a new cash stream, ongoing, into your life in 90 days. Most books have principles to follow. Although these authors say what is needed is the right amount of each, for the right amount of time, in the way it will be the delicacy it is meant to be. It can happen, and they take you through three phases. In the same format as their bestseller, the One Minute Millionaire, they have two books in one.The left pages are the left brain side with the principles explained in linear thinking inspiring form. The right pages are the right brain side which is a story or a novel which shows how it can work in real life.

The three key ingredients of their recipe are Wow Now, Inner Winner, and the Dream Team.

Wow Now

Create a clear vision of what you are trying to create. In the visioning process use virtualization. Virtualization is using all your five senses. Skip ahead five years and begin experiencing your vision. See it, feel it, hear it, smell it, taste it. This is an important experience to frequently create for yourself. It's important to take the time to create it. You must excite the mind about it, and inspire all your faculties to believe it does exist.

Inner Winner
Make friends with your inner winner. We have two voices in our heads. One is the inner whiner. This is the critical voice which tells you all the things that put you down and robs hope from your spirit. This slows you down or stops you in your tracks.The other voice is the Inner Winner. This is the voice in your heart that keeps you advancing to what your heart desires.

The Team
We move to the third phase where our power is. Most businesses are run by solo-entrepreneurs. That's why 90% business ventures fail in five years. We start out being dependent, then independent, although the power phase is interdependence.

So Wow Now deals with your mind, the Inner Winner deals with your heart, and the Dream Team shows you how to harness the minds and hearts of the close few around you. Success then is a focused mind, plus a determined heart, plus a focused determined team. What you will do is go beyond knowing what to do, but knowing how to get you to do it.

Wow Now must start inside... the voices, visions and vibrations. Fast money begins from the inside out. Your thoughts are either self-dialogue, images or feelings. Before you take one step to your vision, you must give simmering time to your voices, visions and vibrations. The critical voice is the voice that has to be subdued. Every time you get a critical thought... from you or your mind hearing someone else talking to you use the volume technique to eliminate it. First notice the voice... is it critical or hopeful. If it is critical, negative, scary, try turning up your head volume. When you turn the volume up how does it feel? If you can turn it up, you can turn it down. Now turn it down, more, a little more, until it is hardly there. A second technique is use the Mickey Mouse technique. Make the critical voice sound like the Mickey Mouse voice, high and squeaky. Do these exercises for a week... note the voice, change the volume or make it squeaky. Remember... the critical voice is not your friend. Don't allow it around you. Escort it out the door. Everyone has a critical voice. Eliminate it, and make sure you do. If you proceed and don't change your inner voices, you will give up on your goals. The authors spend a good part of the book in this area. They say it is very important this is corrected.... your voice, your mental pictures, your feelings.

Convert your voice to ask empowering questions that give you the answers you need. Say... I can do this; so, what can I do now?... When it is negative, say switch and ask a "what can I do now" question. The first small step is the most important, followed by the next small step. Use a positive energy voice. Convert your past memories that are negative to be lessons to teach you wisdom and insight. You can't change the past but you can change what you learned from it and plot different directions. Use the past to empower the future, not to infect it.

Virtualize your future. Take time to sense all aspects of the dream fulfilled.
Megasize your dream. Take it over the top, in a very positive exhilarating light.
Habitize it. Step into your vision several times a day and imagine how good it is.
Make your dream bigger than your fears, live in your dream more than your fears. Dial up your emotions and create vibrations in your mind, your feelings, that make you extremely, intensely excited about the existence of your dream.

Find your secret spot, the place where can go off to and step into the existence of all the grand character of your vision, your idea for the future. Stay in your secret spot with the highest energy you can in your inner being.

The Inner Winner
In Wow Now the science of how to think was explored... called neurobics. Neurobics is an aerobics of mental activity every day experiencing life as you hope. It is imperative to learn how to think positively, keep the mind uncluttered from past memories and future fears. It directs the voices, visions and vibrations. The result is single-minded focus, confidence, and excitement... in short, conviction. The feeling of living your dream lifestyle must be in place.

The Inner Winner is how to tap your heart. To move to fast cash, the signals of the heart are often the fastest path to cash. Money is not the answer. The answer is the heart first. The inner winner is learning to follow the gut feeling, that an action is the right action for you. It's intuition that a certain direction is good for you. It's learning the voice of the Spirit, the voice of integrity, the voice of love. When we sit quietly, we can hear the voice of truth, not the lying voice of the critical side of your mind.

The bully of the fear voice in your mind usually works through five major fears: failure, embarrassment, abandonment, rejection, and success.
Right next to the bully of fear is the bully of greed. The Inner Winner is not in the head but in the heart. With your intuition in force found in your quiet voice, and inspiration of the good that will come out of it combine these, the inner winner grabs hold of this. Learn how to turn off the critical voice and listen to the voice of truth... your spiritual voice.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart... and do not depend just on your understanding. The whisper of your voice of truth will say, "you can do it."

The Inner winner takes you to your true path... your life's purpose. The purpose path is the fastest path to enlightened cash. Make money from what you love. If you got a million dollars today, what purpose path would you use it for. What are you passionate about and would want to make it start to happen. Do you have a good "why." Why do you do the things you do? Write the song in you. It's your song. Write it and perform it.

Start with what you know. What is something you do well, you get compliments when you do it, you enjoy it and it doesn't seem like work. Create pattern integrity... that's profitable patterns in your life. Ask yourself better questions.. where do you spend time you enjoy the most. Journal in the morning... write about your Divine livelihood. Share your journal with your dream team... trusted inner circle that believes in you, empowers you.

How much do you value making your dream come true. You can do it, start it with your existing resources. Change your mind set to a money set. Treat wealth respectfully as you do people you care about. Nurture and use it with integrity.

Write a check for 100 million dollars. This is your inheritance. Your fortune is inside you... around you... now. You have a secret cache of valuable resources inside you waiting to be monetized.

Look at your life from both lenses... one lens the mind and the other the heart. Look at the assets o
f your mind now... write out the value you have in... knowledge, skills, successes, failures and fears (remember they teach you lessons), and challenges(the challenges you earnestly wish to overcome will drive you). Now do a cache scan of your heart and write out your desires, passions, talents, wisdom, and connections. Take a piece of paper and make two columns... one for the Mind Cache, one for the Heart Cache and create your asset balance sheet.

You can hit the ground running when you find that sweet spot. Where the Mind stuff... skills and knowledge overlap with the Heart stuff of what you are inspired and passionate about. There you find your vein of gold... your $weet $pot. Begin immediately with this. This part you already have. You don't have to wait 90 days to start, you can do it in 90 minutes. It's going out and picking the low hanging fruit at your reach now. This is what Cash in a Flash is about.

In Bangladesh, Dr. Yunus started a micro-credit system for the poor. They used what they had, skills already in place to create more resources. Learning more is good, but so this after you have exhausted the skills you currently have... which have value to make money now.

What's your low hanging fruit? What are you already good at? Use your mind cache and heart cache. Begin your cache recipe with these ten ingredients.
The mind cache: Knowledge, skills, successes, failures, fears and challenges.
The heart cache: Desires, passions, talents, wisdom, and connections.

Your Dream Team
The third part is to form a mastermind alliance. This is where two or more minds voluntarily come together to accomplish more than either could do alone. They support, encourage, empower each other. They form a mind that is more powerful, creative, intuitive and synergistic than just one. To be effective it must be a harmonic, purposeful relationship.

Qualities to look for in dream team members are harmony, good information, they make you feel strong, respect, and you can count on them. A group size of six or less is better. Suggested guidelines for a group are shared mission, invitation of Spiritual authority, acceptance or respect of each other, supportive, communicate honestly, organization to include a facilitator, recorder, caller, scheduler. Have one-on-one calls and monetary commitment. The idea is to help each other dream with each person contributing to the process.

Where do you find rapid riches? With your skills and knowledge and ideas of the group, you create products, develop services you can fulfill, or information others want that you provide. It's using what you have to start with a product, service, or information (PSI). What problem can you solve for someone with a PSI. Problems you have others may have the same ones. So write out the problem, write out three outrageous solutions or opportunities the problem creates, evaluate each for practicality and effectiveness, run a solution by your dream team, pick the best one and dare to put it in place.

Go Big. The currencies you have are relationships, be likable;
mobility, simplicity and outsourcing and flexibility are essential;
time, be effective, be fun, get to-do lists done;
money, work to make it residual.
The best problem you can have is one to solve and monetize at the same time. Intellectual property is valuable. You know something and can research something others want to know, and will pay for the convenience to get it from you.

Sell your way out. A skill to develop is the selling skill. If you are sold yourself, then others will be sold too. Belief in what you have to offer, and desire for others to benefit (driving and strong conviction) are the mix for an explosion of results.

Start... set a date and start. Eliminate the fears and critical thinking, create possibilities and solutions. Make it a hundred yard dash, and not a 26 mile marathon. Wow now, be the inner winner and pursue your passions, engage your dream team. Check your gauges... the mind, heart and team. Set the start date and finish date, get in the starter's block. On your mark, get set, sell!

Rees Howells Intercessor by Norman Grubb, Grubb profiles what Intercession really is. As part of any group, some have a more intense life of prayer, a more focused time in prayer, and a life discipline that exudes power in prayer.

This is the added ingredient that supercharges any vision or mission God has for someone. To have at least one person with this gift is literally imperative for a God-Inspired mission to come together.

What is meant by being an intercessor?
Many have seen intercession as intensified prayer. It is, although three ingredients appear which may not be seen in normal prayer. There is identification, agony and authority.

The intercessory identifies with the one he is interceding for... praying in behalf for. It is such a strong identification that a person may be living out in his heart what the other person is actually feeling at that time. It is said of Jesus that He poured out His soul unto death; and He was numbered with the transgressors; and He bore the sins of many, and made intercession for the transgressors.

As the Divine intercessor for the lost world, He drained the cup of our lost condition to its last drop. He tasted death for every man. To do that to the fullest sense, He sat where we sat. Jesus took our nature on himself, and through obedience, and suffering everything we suffer, tempted as we are tempted, made poor as many are poor, and finally being made sin for us. He was given the position to be the intercessor for us. He makes intercessions to the Father in Heaven, pleadings on our behalf for God to save us.

Identification is the first law of intercession. The Spirit gives life to those we plead for as Jesus pleads for us. We become the representative of others' needs and we submerge our self-interests into the needs of others and their sufferings, and as far as possible literally taking their place.

The other part of intercession is agony. The Spirit makes intercession with groanings which cannot be uttered. So we become intercessors by way of Jesus the Intercessor living in us. We share with Him on His intercessions and join with him to intercede for those He is interceding for. It is a real life we are called to and the life of Jesus as when He lived on earth. To live a life of intercession we must deal with some real issues of the world. We must eliminate the natural interests of earth such as the love of money, personal ambition, natural affection for loved ones, the appetites of the Body, the love of life itself, all that makes even a converted man live unto himself for his own comfort or advantage, his own achievement, even for his own circle of friends... to all this it must go to the cross.

It is real death, a real crucifixion with such devotion as only the Holy Spirit Himself can make actual in the experience of His servant. The self must be released from itself to become the agent of the Holy Spirit.

As the Apostle John said in 1 John 2: 15-17 (NLT):
"Do not love this world nor the things it offers you, for when you love the world, you do not have the love of the Father in you. For the world offers only a craving for physical pleasure, a craving for everything we see, and pride in our achievements and possessions. These are not from the Father, but are from this world. And this world is fading away, along with everything that people crave. But anyone who does what pleases God will live forever."

As crucifixion proceeds, intercession begins. By inner burdens, by calls to outward obedience, the Spirit begins to live His own life of love and sacrifice for a lost world through His cleansed channel. Moses, the great intercessor, left a palace by free choice to identify himself with his slave brethren. He pleaded with God for His mercy on the children of Israel as they struggled in the desert.

Intercession in action is when the Holy Spirit is living His life through the chosen vessel. There is no limit to the extremes the Holy Spirit will take him in passion to warn and save the lost.

The intercessor knows identification and groanings, but he also is privileged with authority. The intercessor so identifies with the sufferings of people, he is giving a prevailing place with God. He moves God as Moses did. He even caused God to change His mind. He gains the objective through God. Howells talked about the gained position of the intercessor. The price is paid, obedience is fulfilled, the inner wrestling and groanings take their full course, and then "the Word of the Lord comes." The weak channel is clothed with authority of the Holy Spirit and can speak the word of deliverance. "Greater works" are then done. Through weakness, complete yielding to the Holy Spirit, exuberant power is expressed.

When we pray we hope God will give us the thing. When we intercede, we walk with power and authority and we know that God will give us the answer every time... the measureless sea of God is opened up to us. That is the gained place of intercession.

Pastor Blumhardt of Germany devoted so much time to praying and interceding for the sick to the point he was accused of neglecting his pastorate. The sufferings of others became so painful to him that he was pleading for them as if for himself. That was intercession!