Saturday, September 29, 2007

Rules For Renegades... living the vision

by Dale Shumaker
Rules for Renegades by Christine Comaford-Lynch is a book for those who "want to succeed without totally sacrificing your personal life." Christine succeeded impressively with making 10 million dollars before 40 years old, consulting 100's of the Fortune 1000 company's, but then pointed out that she made some big errors on personal values, relationships and money.... to the tune of 8 million dollars.

This book will help if you want meaningful rich connections, integrate Spirituality with your work, greater self-confidence and self-esteem. A business starts with your illusion of what your business could be. "You are a renegade because you want to build something great, but not sacrifice yourself on the altar of success."

She did her life by "acting until you ARE it." At Microsoft as an independent programmer, she sold her first company's services when she didn't even have a company or an employee. She has 10 rules. And her website tied to her book is loaded with oodles of resources to help you fulfill each rule.

Rule 1. Start with your illusion. do goals, make goal cards with affirmations, do dream boards, do personal development (what you don't know, learn it). Keep your eyes, ears open constantly and pull up your self-esteem to the level of your illusion.

Rule 2. The big skill is GSD... get stuff done. Learn four important phases in doing it. "Please, Thank you, I'm sorry, I don't know." Apply these honestly when they fit. Ten steps to GSD. Rock responsibility, get visual, solid super support, toss toxicity, pump the positive, your thinking attracts, persevere, pay attention, course correct, and celebrate success.

Rule 3. Problems + Pain = Profit
Pay attention for opportunity. Stuff feelings of inadequacy, go for it. Learn to mind storm, create ways to do it. Plan it out... be concise, compelling and complete.

Rule 4. Build power from within, invest in building you and your company's skill set.

Rule 5. Fail forward. When you blow it, take time out, reflect, review, regroup, retrench and regain your strength. Failure sabbaticals are great for a better illusion ahead.

Rule 6. Learn to love to network. Learn handshaking skills to create connection. Life is people you meet plus what you can do together. Equalize yourself with others(even the rich and famous you can get on the same plane.) Build momentum, Rolodex, daily expression appreciation, love people by being intrigued by what they do. Be sincerely interested in their interests.

Rule 7. Lead your life... only you can. Find your inner guide that can get you through the jungles. Hire the fantastic four... visionaries, leaders, implementers, infrastructure builders. Rock your culture so all want to be part of a rocking business, choose your team wisely, extend your team. Remember course adjustments are always necessary. Trust your instincts. Make sure you are paid well, receive respect and have a personal life.

Rule 8. Work your money mojo. Internal money is funded by customers who buy your product, selling your knowledge which is your consulting, and cost controls by reducing your costs. Four steps to external funding. Get money you think you need, before you need it, from someone you like and respect, without being greedy or taken advantage of.

Rule 9. Resign as general manager of the universe... sent Christine an email message with the thought: Love is letting go of fear. "the more you try to hold it together, the more it will fall apart." Reform from being a control freak. Hire slowly, fire quickly. Have a team of those you can count on coming through. Forgive those who have hurt you.

Rule 10. Don't just do something, stand there. No matter what happens, you still have you. Learn you well, like the best you, and find the strength core of you. It's okay to wait until you get clarity. "Every ten weeks or so I go on a retreat, just me, alone with (or without) my thoughts." Dream, reflect, recharge, keep in place what matters most to you and take time to make sure that stays in place. Your Spiritual part is most important. Retreat to it often. Give time for your attitudes to heal.
Find a cause that feeds your soul.
Give one hour worth of your salary a week to a cause.
Give time, talent or treasure.
Get others involved.

"Look around you and find something that needs to be fixed. Go into the world and go into yourself. Find out what you're giving away power over your life, and figure out how to stop doing that... keep moving and keep increasing connection to yourself and others, you'll make it." ... concludes Christine.

Life = the people you meet + what you create together.

"You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God."
Mother Teresa

Christine goes into a lot more detail, which I see as a very good guide for anyone in a business or mission venture.

And she has lots of resources to do the ten rules at:

Getting through what we have to go through has so much to do with how well we do. So much of it depends on inner strength, where we go when all around us is collapsing or being a problem. As Christine says in Rules for Renegades that you still have you, and she recommends going off alone to find that inner strength. Paul the Apostle talked about going into that too.
"For God, who said, "Let there be light in the darkness," has made this light shine in our hearts so we could know the glory of God that is seen in the face of Jesus Christ.
7 We now have this light shining in our hearts, as our great treasure. This makes it clear that our great power is from God, not from ourselves.
8 We are pressed on every side by troubles, but we are not crushed. We are perplexed, but not driven to despair.
9 We are hunted down, but never abandoned by God. We get knocked down, but we are not destroyed.
10 Through suffering, our bodies continue to share in the death of Jesus so that the life of Jesus may also be seen in our bodies.
11 Yes, we live under constant danger of death because we serve Jesus, so that the life of Jesus
will be evident in our dying bodies.
12 So we live in the face of death, but this has resulted in eternal life for you.
16 That is why we never give up. Though our bodies are dying, our spirits are being renewed every day.

17 For our present troubles are small and won't last very long. Yet they produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever! 18 So we don't look at the troubles we can see now; rather, we fix our gaze on things that cannot be seen. For the things we see now will soon be gone, but the things we cannot see will last forever."
(2 Corinthians 4, NLT)
Spirit Inspires vision, dreams, illusions of a grand life.

Take time to reflex on what Paul the Apostle is saying here. In the Celebration of Discipline, Richard Foster recommends we allow time to soak into the Scriptures for inner strength. "The meditation upon Scripture becomes the central reference point by which all meditations are kept in proper perspective. You can actually encounter the living Christ in this event, be addressed by His Voice and be touched by His healing power."

Andrew Murray says about prayer,
"God wants the whole heart. Our hearts must be drawn away from other desires. We must give ourselves wholly to this one. We must be willing to live completely in intercession for the Kingdom." (The Ministry of Intercession)

Our illusions we receive when in Spirit, in His Presence, are many times God Inspired and we can trust that. These have eternal implications and are surrounded by His Power to run before they are fulfilled. We stay in the vision, the illusion... relishing in the vision and God's greatness in making in happen. When in there, the Spirit is doing the major breakthrough work for us. This is where the POWER IS!

We can then run with boldness and certainty in faith toward His Vision in us. We know God is with us, and even if not seen in the natural, IT will be manifested through God's Supernatural Abilities, His Spirit in Power. Although, in process, of pursing these illusions, we become perplexed as Paul says, but not in Despair. Greatness greater than us is there for us.

We then live with Hope in this power, not ours, while we continue pursuit.
We never give up.
The Glory produced by this is everlasting.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Dream Manager... making our joy complete

by Dale Shumaker

The Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly is a story and principles on how dream managing can help people become the best version of themselves by helping them re-engage in their dreams... either secret, hidden or forgotten. The concept of dreaming can totally reinvigorate a business.

"The most competitive advantage any business is the ability to keep and motivate human capital." A business can then become the best version of itself ever possible.

A John Schlitt song lyric says, "As a child, you used to dream there wasn't anything that you couldn't do...
then somebody told you dreams don't come true..."

This song is a theme in many hearts. It affects the heart of productivity, emotional, personal and business well being.

In a story, Kelly shares how dreams re-discovered totally transformed Admiral Janitorial Service. Here's a thumbnail version:

Greg owned the business. The typical short-to-the-point, somewhat abrasively direct, business entrepreneur owner. Simon is his general manager. They realized they have a big problem. Of their 400 employees, they have a turnover rate of 107% each quarter. That's over 400% a year. Simon had an idea on how to find the solution. Ask the employees.

They did a survey and found out most had transportation problems. So the company created a transportation system for them to pick them up, deliver to jobs, and take home at night. In time the idea worked great. They cut the turnover nearly in half...down to 224%.

Greg felt they could build on this and do better. He called an executive meeting for ideas. One voice jumped out from the group... Simon's assistant, Sandra, spoke up and said. The problem is "they don't see a future here. They have dreams and they need to find a way to connect their job today with their dreams of tomorrow." Greg, the strong-willed entrepreneur struggled with this idea. Simon wondered on this. Then he challenged himself and Greg with "isn't one of the primary responsibilities of all relationships to help each other fulfill our dreams. Shouldn't we do the same for our employees?"

Simon and Sandra went to work on Admiral's first Dream Survey.The survey was simple... "What are your dreams?"

From the responses they had, Simon saw many things people wanted were things management took for granted. With a little guidance many were achievable. But there were a lot of areas.

People have small dreams and big dreams. If "we helped with just one small dream, it would create unimaginable good will and loyalty." Then Simon came up with the another idea (which constantly just thrilled Greg to the core). Simon drove to Greg's house one Saturday morning with his eureka idea. "We need a dream manager."

Greg wondered about this again. Simon showed that with what Admiral will save it will more than pay for the manager, plus the potential impact on what it will do for profitability at Admiral. Greg thought Simon was either a genius, or crazy. Simon's ideas were working so far, so he gave the nod on this one again.

They concluded an outside person would be best to handle this... someone with life experiences, personal management skills and ability to guide people. They found a seasoned business owner who had brought himself out of the tough side of life. The office was made, the dream manager was in.

One by one employees stepped in to visit Sean, the dream manager. They reviewed dreams, set priorities and goals and created a plan to reach them. Just the idea of doing it added a buzz in the business.Then successes began happening. Sean wisely took them from one level to the next in their dream realization process. More and more came.

And when Rita, a 58 year-old worker, who never owned a home stepped in her dream, her own home, the dream manager position could not handle all the requests. New dream managers were hired.

Profits increased. Turnover went to about zero, client retention was at all time highs. More and more people wanted to work there and more businesses wanted them as their janitorial service company. The business became a green house for nursing new business dream innovations into produce. There was no limit to the enthusiasm and things they began achieving. The workforce became Admiral's best sales force for the workforce and clients. Admiral even helped those pursue dreams outside the company. This kept the business fresh, alive with zeal and the client quality improving.

In 4 years, the 625 employees had nine dream managers. With turnover almost nonexistent it proved to be a tremendous cost savings for them. (On the average, turnover costs 150% of an employee's base salary. Now every dollar being spend there was producing up to 10 fold.) Individual workloads increased 32%, with high efficiency, cohesiveness and self-initiated enthusiasm. People want meaningful work. They need help to articulate dreams and form plans for short-, medium-, long-term achievements.

People spend most of their lives working, so their work should contribute to moving them in the direction of their dreams.

Why did this work?
Money is important to people, but what is more important is getting from life what they want... their dreams. The Dream Manger Program showed that the company cared about them personally. Loyalty and doing a great job are a natural outgrowth of being valued. In many companies, the workforce feels their management doesn't care about them as people and their heart's desires, the things important to them, their dreams, their personal development so they can live their dreams.

Even Greg, skeptical at first, was right in the middle of dreaming. He and his wife were taking month-long vacations, of their dreams, as he knew Admiral was in good hands.

The big discovery was that by teaching personal dreaming skills and living in a dream process, these skills carry into the job and it boosts the business in accomplishing business dreams. Positive and hopeful thinking, can-do attitudes and motivation spur process skills, which are sharpened for greater company success. They believe dreams can come true and apply this to the company's vision and dreams. They are skilled and motivated to make it happen.

John Schlitt continues his lyric on dreams:
"...inside of you there's a heart full of dreams
like gold in a stream to be uncovered...
a soul made to shine, yes a child meant to fly
and discover all the wonders God can do
inside of you.
Where dreams can still come true."

The Dream Manger Process
The first truth, we all need someone to hold us accountable. People start, but give up on dreams. They need direction, how-to methods, ideas, encouragement, prodding, teaching and support to keep going. So a dream manager is vital... to see each person through to successfully reaching a desired goal.

Success, of any kind, is absolutely "Huge" for personal transformation to becoming self motivated. We all have a place to be a dream manager for someone. Those who reach dreams can help others. In the story, when Rita got her house, workers started coming over to her "dream" home on their own for dream sessions. One grassroot's success can light a match for the masses to jump in. Grassroots successes are vital to pave a dream builder's pathway across the company.

Dreaming is essential to stay alive and vibrant.
When we stop dreaming, we stop living. In Admiral, some managers realized they gave up on some dreams and stopped dreaming. They re-lit their dream fire and got to living with a sparkle in their eyes again.

Start with a dream book.
Take it with you everywhere to list things that excite you. Have one for personal dreams, business dreams, contribution dreams. Write your thoughts down constantly. Have a dreaming place. Write in a stream of thought flow. Don't edit or evaluate. Just let them flow to the greatest level as it wonders out of you. Enjoy this time of living in wonder.

Review them periodically. Date important dreams. Create a personal road map to get there... with dates and steps. Date them when you achieved them.They don't have to all be big dreams. Some are the simple and intangible things we wish for. When we stop dreaming we disengage from work, life, relationships. The human being is naturally a dreamer. If this shuts down our sense of well being goes down.

Here's 12 areas to consider dreams.
Kelly recommends to come up with 100 dreams over all. (That's about 8 or 9 small, medium, big ones per area.) Dreams may overlap several categories. For example, paying off a credit card may fulfill financial, psychological and emotional areas. Take all your dreams on the list and prioritize them to short-term (12 months) and long-term (5 years).

Carry your dream book with you everywhere and constantly jot down dreams.
"Get a dream book!" and just start.

Start with easily attainable dreams over a short-term. Get some wins in your dream book. Then began working on some bigger ones, until you have developed the belief and dream skills to go after some of the big ones... that only you and God may know about.

Create a dream team. Meet regularly to share new dreams and progress on dreams in motion. Think of ways you may practically help each other to achieve their dreams. Hanging around dreamers is a refueling, and re-invigorating experience as well. Life becomes exciting, hopeful.

What is rewarding is the pursuit. Just being in pursuit, and sharing with others who are in pursuit, brings new life into your life. Then what you experience in the pursuit can be unexpected life fulfilling experiences that turn into new dreams discovered, open up what you forgot about, or just gives you a sense of heightened satisfaction. You learn a lot in the pursuit that enlightens you, builds skills for you, your life, your business activities, and your contributions to society to make a better world. When we dream, we build a better world.

"What's Your Dream?"

Note The Dream Manger's website.
And Matthew Kelly's... It is interesting to observe the contributions he is making through his own dreams and his foundation.

Dreaming is natural for a child. Jesus said unless you become like a child you can't enter the Kingdom of Heaven. A child has simple faith, a child simply believes. Some where in life this gets knocked out of most people. We just need to believe again like when we were a child.

The Scriptures also say the righteous live by faith. "And my righteous ones will live by faith. But I will take no pleasure in anyone who turns away."
(Hebrews 10:38, NLT)
Faith according to the Hebrew writer is knowing, expecting something to happen without any doubt in you. It is seeing what we see in our imaginations as already existing.
(Hebrews 11)

Dreaming is a very important part of our existence.
When in Spirit and prayer the ideas, imagined thoughts, or dreams which come to mind, are many times God inspired. We can trust these as from God and we can act on them knowing He is there with us.

Paul the Apostle said, that the Spirit will do things beyond what we can even think and imagine. (Ephesians 3:20)

He goes on to say that we should think about things that are noble and true.
"Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise."
(Philippians 4:8, NLT)

Think about things that will make this world a wonderful place, make people happy and live in joy with each other, and things that bring the heartily sought after inner peace.

Happiness comes when we pursue dreams and believe they are possible. Think on Heavenly things. What's that? Things that bring Heaven to earth. As Jesus said to pray for bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to earth. May the Kingdom come to earth as it is in Heaven.

John the Apostle said the Spirit came to make our joy complete. He expounds that when we lack joy we are focusing on the world's pleasures, crave its possessions and are proud of what we own. True joy is doing God's will.
(1 John 2:15)

That is to fulfill the dreams He puts on our hearts. He has planned things long ago (Eph. 2:10). That's the dreams He has for us that are very big and exciting. So big there is no way we can do it alone, but Jesus said to not be afraid, "I am with you." The Spirit will always be there to help and make it happen. It's not by our effort but His Power.

Joy is in giving... the dreams that promote giving to others are the most powerful to see fulfilled.

"Our happiness lies in sacrificing our honor, our advantage, and our comfort in favor of others. Love takes no account of sacrifice. It is blessed to love."
"The Holy Spirit is not a power that in any sense is subordinate to us, entrusted to us, or to be used by us. He is an energizing power that is over and above us, carrying forward His Work from moment to moment."
(Andrew Murray, In Search of Spiritual Excellence.)

Let God direct your vision, dreams, thoughts, imagination.
Allow the Very Spirit of God to take you down His Path of Life. Our gifts and abilities, our personality are God engineered. When He molds it to His designed way, we have the greatest sense of peace, satisfaction. It's living in Him in His Grand Plan of the Universe we share forever.

Dream His dreams and live in His Power to do it!
He takes on the Big dreams, as we do the small stuff He can multiply to Be Great. In faith, we see the result in our dreams and know it is certain to Happen, because He created the Dream in us.

Monday, September 10, 2007

The New Rules of Marketing & PR

by Dale Shumaker
In The New Rules of Marketing & PR, author David Meerman Scott says that you can learn from many. "I am absolutely convinced that you will learn more by emulating successful ideas from outside your industry than by copying what your nearest competitor is doing."

There are new rules to marketing and PR. They are not two but interweaving into one. It's not a one way talk from the company to consumer, or interrupted marketing with ads on radio or TV to interrupt you.The new marketing is interactive, informative, educational and a choice.

Scott says that when I'm on your website I am already interested. You don't have to use the old rules to jar my interest. I want to learn more. Will you teach me and provide the content that will answer my questions.

The old rules are ineffective today.
The Old Rules:
Marketing simply meant advertising and branding. It appealed to the masses, interrupted you, was one way from the company to the consumer, about selling products only, based on limited campaigns, with creativity the leading feature. it was more important for the ad agency to win awards then add new customers. Advertising and PR were separate disciplines. None of these is true anymore.

The web has transformed the rules. PR land and marketing mainstream is now many tributaries... within a web of diverse connections. Public relations is public again and not dependent on certain select media. The masses are reachable directly, individually.

The new goal is education. Find the under-served and target them. Marketing on the web is about understanding the key phrases people use when looking for things, then deploying micro-campaigns to drive buyers to pages that seek your content.

Marketing and PR is merging today. It is about great content.
Content drives action.
Constant flow of content keeps bringing back the buyers.

So the New Rules:
Marketing is more than just advertising and PR, more than getting in mainstream media. You are what you publish, it's authentic, with participation, delivered as needed, serving the under-served, buyers see your content on the web, it's winning business, public relations is with the public, great online content, blogs, e-books, podcasts, e-news releases, and other online content directly in touch with the buyer.

On the web, there is a blur between marketing and PR.

Reaching your Buyer Directly.
News releases were once for publications that reached many. Now, they're for bloggers who know your buyers who talk to them all the time. Success today is doing a lot of small things for many. Keep driving content. Keep getting niche audiences of the many coming back for more. The appeal is not the mass market, but the interest of these niches. Provide links to their interests. Bloggers are many mini-publishers.

The new marketing/PR has clearly defined business goals that get people to vote, join. Your news release, blog, website, podcasts draws visitors into the sales consideration cycle. This funnels them to action. They know the next step, the "go" button is there and easy to push. The goal is not hidden.

Blogging: Reaching the buyers directly.
You're an evangelist.
You're telling your story.
With your own blog, you are your own publishing company, editor, writer, expert in what you know. Your observations count. You're earthy, real, authentic, break some rules, but honest with how you present yourself. Bloggers are writing new rules on how to communicate. You can select and connect with others like you and share insights, collaborate, joint venture, back and forth.

It's an immediate tool to find out what others think, or get help from others like you who do it too. Blogging is for the individual, the CEO to stay in touch with his organization, and the employee to voice concerns as he sees them so others can help out or make adjustments quickly. It is the way we will stay in touch with our markets and influencing. You build a loyal connecting family with content and communication.

News Releases... speak directly
Your news can be read by many at once who want to know. Your web has the updates, ideas, new content, advances... what your community wants to know more of. Or it is sent immediately for those wanting to stay instantly in the know. Buyer direct communication is the order of the day.
Scott also has a list of new rules for news releases for those wanting to know.
(By the way, his web has a lot of this info too... )

If they find you, they will come. The key is "keyword" skill application. Know the buyer's use of words they use when looking for something that will bring them to you.

Podcasting... delivering audio content
They can hear you... they want to hear you.
Your content, your voice, your book, your advice is important.

Wiki... let's all work together now
On line projects can be put up for many to put their parts in, in progress as each works on it simultaneously. It is great collaboration of all parts of a business, your company, or associates all over the world. You have a work in progress, a project, that needs certain eyes monitoring others so it all comes out right. The consumer can jump in and help you create the product or service in how they want it or like it.

Going Viral... the self-propelled buzz
What catches the fever?
A sort of homemade feel seems to work while slick and polished doesn't. The Internet is highly personal, and real, so being real we all know we have self-evident flaws. It's more accepting and forgiving. Good content, authentic and human heart-catching, with a small contingencies of friends or fabulous fans, can light the fire.

Content Rich is the new big Rule at the Web place.
What's most important is content... more than new technology features, design or marketing schemes. It's how the content is organized, and how it drives action from buyers. It should be multi-dimensional using podcasts, videos, interactive links of relevancy, but all rich in content. You become a publisher and think about how to put together a content rich "publication" ...a Web inter-faceted presence.

David Scott puts into perspective what it takes to make it work. His plan starts with the organizational goals, not the product as most marketers do. Your site must lead your audience to where it helps to reach your goals such as building revenue, donations, new members and the like. What's your goal?
Keep that in perspective versus the WOW of your product to start. Next create a buyer persona profile.The persona profile is a short biographical, personal description of background, daily activity, loves and joys and what they seek. The buyer's words, categories they view are top-of-the-list importance.

So far, you go from organizational goals, to buyer persona profile then to words and phrases your buyer's speak, or use when looking for solutions. Knowing about them, helps you know what language they use when looking to solve problems or know more.

What do they believe about your organization? What message do you use to reach each of the buyer's persona... and what do they believe you will do for them.

Now start thinking like a publisher. Create content organized by your buyer's persona. Create clicks to pages that have content to help with their questions, problems that gives them help right away. Educate them on ways to solve it, and deal with it better. The more you help, the more they come back for more... especially come to you.

Your web presence is what you publish on it. People have problems to solve and questions to answer. Will the millions on the web daily find you and your answers... that you are their answer.

Leadership. You are not an advertiser but a place with leadership in providing answers to people's problems. Keep helping until they ask for more.
What does this? ...your blog, podcasts, whitepaper,e-book, e-newsletter, webinar (seminar on the web).

In this, your content will be a solution to their problems and in the process, you don't even mention your company's name.

"Thought leadership content" provides free content, without registration. Think like a publisher. Write for your audience, use grab attention titles, promote content with links, drive the viral, the buzz. Be a thought content leader... a buzz will self-ignite.

The content influence on the buyer is the drive behind it all. Your web personality image, interactive tools, etc., affect influence. Scott explains this in more detail. He continues with details on how to use news releases to reach buyers directly; building your on-line (website) press room; effectively reaching other media; blogging effectively reaching the media; blogging to transform your business; podcasting and video made as easy as possible; social networking; and search engine marketing.

In the last chapter, Make It Happen, Scott gives an example of how one organization is using content, orchestrating Internet-based marketing tools, to build and innovative community. It's a church community with a fascinating concept reaching thousands in the Washington, D.C. area.

It's a great timely book for what's coming into place. Each section is detailed on how to do it. It's a thorough one source guide. Definitely a must biz-book shelf reference guide for the new web of business.

David Scott has a lot of free info of what we just overviewed very quickly above. His web and personal site are very good to view as well.

In his book the Body of Christ, Dr. J. Robert Ashcroft outlined what is the ideal Christian community and how it functions. It has so many parallels to Scott's last example of the church community in the last chapter.

Today's world communicates in many advanced ways.
The two key words are communication and becoming one in community. Relationship is central. Relationship must have a constant flow. Our technology makes this possible and strikingly enhances this communication.

Dr. Ashcroft identified where Being One applies:
This is both a communications and relationship principle.
1. One with God... Jesus Spirit. This is first and foremost that each person cultivate this in themselves (Being One with Jesus-Spirit) or the rest won't work.
Right here it breaks down in many.

Many never really pursue a One relationship with Jesus Spirit.
(Jesus Spirit is a term I created to denote that
we have the mind of Christ

and are filled with the Holy Spirit of God...
thus God, Spirit, Jesus as One
in us.)
This has to be committed to and functioning in each person for the Profound Mystery of Spirit to work. Through time in the Secret Place of the Most High, in meditation, prayer, Scripture reflection, time in connected Spiritual thought, it is cultivated.

Those who say they do (but don't) and come together with others are not necessarily in sync with everyone. They actually draw from everyone instead of contributing. It was impressed on me to come "prepared…In Spirit" so to be a contribution. When all do this the result is outstanding.

Our communication with God in Spirit should be perpetual, a prayer communication with God, in Spirit. A praying without ceasing, in Spirit.

2. One in themselves. Our central command post is our Spirit... Jesus Spirit... which guides the mind and distinctively channels our thoughts, which then the mind directs the body what to do.

This reflection, meditation in Spirit is about what we know and how we do it. Are they consistent with each other? Are we communicating well with ourselves, based on what we know? It is important that what we think and what we are is the same and the Spirit is the same with that.

When this is in alignment as One (and the body is not fighting the mind, or the mind having an argument with the Spirit), we as individuals become a Supernatural Force. The biggest war is in the mind, within those battles.

3. One with each other. When each is allowing Jesus Spirit to control and direct each of us, we can create strong alignment here. It is natural when we all are yielding to the same direction of the same spirit... Jesus-Spirit. This is the major area. It may have its biggest affect within a husband/wife relationship where the highest degrees of intimacy (Spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically) can be formed. One of the first things God did when He created man was form them as a dual-team…husband and wife as One.

This is a constant communication in mind and heart. People need to know the development of our thought process and how we feel about it. This was God's ideal idea from the beginning. Jesus in the Bible sent His disciples out in pairs.

Businesses today are finding the power of cohesive teams in that they many times out perform a highly educated professional. We have interaction with each other, and then added power in Spirit.

4. One with all who believe. A society like this would be the most wonderful society in the world. If those who follow and believe in Jesus Spirit, that within itself can start a power-train encroaching into changing the dynamics of the world around them. When One as believers, it is promised in the Scriptures that the Presence of Jesus will manifest and all His capabilities will be overtly demonstrated. That is we will visibly see it happening in our lives in many ways.

A constant chatter among each other goes on here.

5. One in Communication. This will increase our abilities in understanding each other. Again, as we are aligned in the same Spirit, we, without effort "get it" when communicating. And in some cases, we don't need to use words.... we just seem to know. This is a subject of its own and can be very Supernatural in expression... inter-Spirit communication.

We have the capability to be in long distances from others and know what is going on with someone else.... when two parties are fine tuned in Jesus-Spirit. This can be cultivated and happen as a normal part of our lives like picking up a phone and calling someone.

In this process, we each take time to observe,
meditate on what we observe,
draw Divinely driven conclusions,
and then share the Spiritual insights we have gotten with others.
We are all teachers.
God wants to teach through all of us to teach each other.

We hear God's Voice when we listen to everyone.
This helps to complete His Total Voice to us.

Knowing that since Jesus was on earth, He came back as "Jesus Is Us" ... an important concept of what the Body of Christ is, as Paul the Apostle calls us. This again reflects the power of working in pairs. This is very powerful when like minded in Spirit. This interacting power moves mammoth barriers.

6. One in ownership. Individual possessive nature is lost when people are the same in Jesus Spirit. Everything we have is part of Us, Jesus is Us, the inter-twined body of Believers. We don't see things as our own. This goes into complete contradiction with how our society thinks and acts. "It's all mine." …as many wish it to be all theirs. But the reverse is the character of Jesus Spirit as One.

In our hearts we want all to be well, do well, and help each other out. We see ourselves as united as one. We pull together and are genuinely happier for others successes than our own. We truly love each other and want better for others than ourselves. So, we share what we have freely as we see others as a part of ourselves... connected as One in Jesus-Spirit.

With the Spirit of Christ manifesting around us through aligned Spiritual relationships, these qualities should be the norm in our lives. There still is more to this. The magnitude of Jesus Believers as One is hard to put into words properly.

"And the church is his body (of people as One), it is filled by Christ, who fills everything, everywhere with His presence." (Ephesians 1:23)

Although it must be put to work to work... even experimentally for a while to really see what starts to happen. When we do it, we will learn through it as Spirit teaches us along the way.

The journey must begin first, one step at a time,
even though imperfect as we start.

This is the only way to find out how extensive this is …and its Supernatural impact as it empowers our lives Beyond the natural.

That our communication is thorough, constant and comprehensive.
So much so that it becomes One Voice, the Voice of God among us.

This is the ultimate objective of communication.
And what Scott outlines in the new rules or marketing/PR can assist in mobilizing this power.

And then...The very Power, Presence, Peace of Jesus Himself is manifested when we function as One.