Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Living Your Magnificent Mission ... What we do

by Dale Shumaker

We all got one, a Magnificent Mission, implanted in our DNA by our Creator from the time we are born.
In the Scriptures it says before we are born He knew us (Jeremiah 1) and we are marvelously made (Psalm 139). This includes everyone. Our life is about finding it, refining it, and living it to its fullest... Living Your Magnificent Mission.
It's a simple process to get there, and then to be empowered by His Spirit as we live it. Anyone can do it. The art is in consistency. Doing it consistently and growing from one level to another.
We help you find your mission, refine it, and mobilize the Spiritual skills to live it, powerfully.
So how do we help you?

The focus is on three things:
Mission: what is God's mission for you in life, refining it and advancing His Spiritual gifts through you for it.
Training: training on Spiritual skills as they apply to your business, vocation, your life.
Prayer: teaching you the dynamics of prayer, and prayer partnering with you... the Spirit Savvy Network distinction. No force is more powerful than God's force with you.
We provide coaching, training and support so you can be living Your Magnificent Mission in your work, through what you do, in all you do.

For those in business, we provide training and support you in being a missionary in the marketplace. The Spirit Savvy Network has several training and support services. Our goal is to be your assistant, partner with you, in making it happen in your mission through your business.
In your vocation, we help gear you up for being the spark of Spirit where you are, and fulfilling the mission God initiated in you. So your profession, your work is a mission for you.
In your lifestyle, we assist you in defining, refining, and guiding you through Spiritually empowering principles which build the dynamic of God's Spirit in you; that work with you in your mission, the call you are fulfilling through your life.

Our approach.
We partner with you Spiritually,
guiding you through our cornerstone online course, Living Your Magnificent Mission.
In addition we provide resources for advancing your business/vocation skills... customize them for you.
(Our blog, The Spirit Savvy Business, has summaries of over 200 best-selling business books with our exclusive Spiritual spin, that sharpen the skills for accomplishing your mission in the marketplace.)
And, by teaming with you, following the 2 or 3 in Agreement Principle, we support you in applying Spiritual principles that bring to fruition your mission in business and life.

The method.
It's personalized, just for you.
We meet in person or by phone a couple times a month, or to the degree and pace which best fits your interests.
Through links to our content online and emails, we send information, ideas, thoughts that are relevant to your mission, and precise information relevant to what God is doing through you.
It's customized for you, for your mission, the nature of what His Mission is through you.
Living Your Magnificent Mission is free online. You can access its content by clicking here.
Then we are available to coach, guide, counsel and partner in mind and Spirit for making it come alive in all you do.
Always right by your side applying the 2 or 3 in Agreement Principle, providing resources, and supporting you as you live out your Magnificent Mission. 

For more go to the Spirit Savvy Network
home page and scroll to the bottom half.

Your mission is important. Live it everyday.