Monday, September 23, 2013

One Minute Millionaire ... making minutes matter

by Dale Shumaker

Every Minute Matters

What if our thoughts were captivated with productive creativity, hope-filled thinking all day… every single minute?

This is the underlying theme behind the One Minute Millionaire… an emerging classic for building any individual or group venture. It is what you do mentally, every minute that fosters results. The authors’, Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen, say, “The entire process of becoming a millionaire is broken down into bite-sized, one-minute techniques… you can become a millionaire one minute at a time.”
They researched over 100 millionaires to come up with a book of principles, processes and personal systems for anyone to reach this goal. The secret they say is managing principles, patterns, processes common to millionaires. The four areas, they say, where wealth is built include investments, real estate, business, the Internet.

The book is divided into two main sections: The Aha’s… 24 principles or regular patterns of thinking wealth-builders use. And how to effectively use leverage…a cornerstone component… to accomplish excessively more. Leveraging is the art of getting multiple results with one step, doing it constantly, applying it in everything. It’s about strategically using less time and effort to increase results… leveraging everything. 

The 24 Aha's, when they become a minute by minute way of thinking, will become transformational. A person must be transformed to a new way of thinking... to Be what you believe, not just Know what you want to be. When you Become the 24's Aha's as who you are, life begins a transformational experience.

1. What you think forms patterns in your brain for actions. You eventually follow those actions as a normal course of behavior.
2. Before you Do, you must Be what you believe. Do what you love, Become what you believe and you will have what you believe for...  Be, do, have.
3. Live above the blame line. Turn what goes wrong into beneficial learning experiences. Don't blame others, yourself or feel ashamed, make everything an opportunity to learn.
4. Abundance is your natural state. There is more than enough to go around. Embrace abundance and abundance will embrace you. God gives life... abundantly.
5. Givers get. When you give, what you give, is returned abundantly. More than you gave. Give unselfishly, as a way of your natural behavior.
6. Change your way of thinking by snapping yourself when you think negatively, without hope or belief. Cheer for yourself, "you can do it," "go for it," good for you."
7. Your words transform. Speak hope, the potential of positive outcomes, as if it exists now. If it doesn't serve a good purpose, don't say it.
8. You are already wealthy. Add up your internal assets, compare to your internal liabilities. Your can-do potential outweighs your internal liabilities. Begin with a good idea, commitment to do it, and the contacts you have to make it happen.
9. Wealth is freedom. Have enough that your future is prepaid, that you have time to do what you want to do, relationships you desire, ability to pursue your spirituality, and physical health you want.
10. It all starts with a dream. Give yourself permission to dream big dreams. For 90 days straight dream your dream when you go to sleep, wake up, between things in the day.
11. Clarity is power. See in detail yourself living in your dreams. Don't think about your goals, think from your goals. Visualize your goals clearly.
12. The more clarity, the more power. Write down your top six goals daily. Out loud affirm your goals every day. Say it happily and enthusiastically. Think of only what you want (not what you don't want). Write it, read it, say it, see it.
13. Tap into your genius. The four characteristics of your genius are your passion, talents you have, values you live by, and the destiny you desire or what is the unique contribution you desire to make. Do a personal inventory of what you love, are really good at, is important to you, and what you were born to be/do.
14. Live in Loverage. You need to be in-love with what you do and unshakably passionate about it. It must express your values. Practice "heartstorming" not brainstorming. Life is more about what you feel than what you think.
15. Imagination surpasses will. When your imagination comes in conflict with your logical brain, the imagination side wins. Imagine best-case scenarios.  What occurs in our imagination is planted in the subconscious mind, which is transmitted to many.  What we imagine comes into being somehow, somewhere.
16. The size of the question determines the size of the result. What you ask requires an answer from our mind. Ask empowering questions, that enlarge your vision, that get bigger results.
17. You already know the answer. Your subconscious data base is enormous. Keep asking it for answers and they will come. It also ignites your intuition.
18. Be congruent. Bring your desire in alignment with your belief and your self-acceptance in-line with them. You deserve wealth for doing good things.  Accept that.
19. You are a money magnet. Become that electromagnetic field for what you desire. This includes your dominant thoughts, being around people like you, being congruent with yourself and others. Being fully congruent you are like a magnet.
20. Knock and it shall be opened. When you are committed and your whole being knows it and others know it, you send out signals energized by your passion and purpose. People of the same frequency tune into you.
21. Sharing is having more. Giving combines faith with action. When we give we express faith for more. Giving expands money. What is given is multiplied 30, 60, 100 fold. Money expands spiritual dimensions. Giving is a seed that multiplies infinitely.
22. God knows where the gold is. Ask Him. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and He will respond. God knows where the gold is and He delights to show you.
23. Hysteresis is the tendency of materials to snap back to their original form after being stretched. To create change we must exceed elastic limits. Focus on the vision stubbornly, set new targets with new patterns of behavior. When you fail, focus again on your vision, add new off-limits tasks, and on-target behavior.
24. Put it all together. Your someday is now. Desire it daringly, believe in it beyond what you ever have, and be determined that you deserve it with a higher level of personal value. Learn what to do, and do it... never quitting, learn and grow.

Master the Aha's to make them you
. Then use the six components of leverage to lift the million-dollar idea to become a million dollars. To do this include collaborating with other’s resources, experience, ideas, time and work. Every minute counts as you build it one minute at a time.

Leverage takes on six forms
Mentors, teams, networks, infinite networks, tools and skills, and systems.

The formulaapply the 24 Aha principles with the six components of leverage as your power-train and you are on the road to building massive results.

The six forms of leverage:
Mentors: They may be people, books, Internet newsletters… information from those who have done it before and share their wisdom and knowledge with you. Mentors give you perspective, proficiency and patience. You benefit from their learning curve.

Teams: Build teams that are diverse in skills, complement each other, function as one and align with each other, with balance in the unit. Teams create supreme ideas and superior power to get bigger things done.

Visionaries, processors, people developers, detail compilers, analytical thinkers all make strong team partners… when functioning as interactive, harmonious cells. Begin your ideas with visionaries and processors... then use the analytical thinkers to refine the idea, detail compilers to put it together and people developers to advance it

Networks: Some people have influence with many. These contacts, or networking associations, can then bring you in contact with many more. They can be “weak ties”(just acquaintances) who like you, value what you are doing, and will work in concert with you. 

Infinite networks
: One accord in thinking produces a spiritual factor that goes to work on our dreams, thoughts, ideas. Those who believe with you like this create an “incalculable” extra dimension of power. The Infinite power of God is at work when you have "belief" partners around you. It touches what man can't reach.

“The Spiritual Internet works when a team has a big, purposeful dream and everyone stays positive about its accomplishment." 

Skills and tools: Personal Thinking systems, persuasive, interpersonal relationship skills, writing, talking along with advancing technology spawn a prevailing force to get action and results. Master activity management and the money skills of knowing its value, controlling it, saving, investing, earning, shielding, and sharing it

: Use effective people organization, processes, methods, technology to systematize. The secret is to create self-generating systems in all you do. Include both hi-touch and hi-tech. Automate systems that work as you sleep and create residual income streams.

They espouse this system acronym:

When you are congruent, motivated, begin climbing one of the four millionaire mountains
They are...
Business: create your plan as a system. Build a one minute marketing plan and the mystery of anti-marketing.
Internet: the internet has the new streams of gold veins in them. Sell information and knowledge to those who want to know what you know. Everyone has a book in them, the Internet can publish it rapidly, and share it quickly.

Real Estate
: knowing how to buy with partners, and sell to niches keeps real estate as an always premium way to wealth.
Investments: many have investment insights in all economies. Get advice from those who know and include others in securing them.

In everything learn the skills of presentation, writing, speaking, selling, negotiating. Those who sell well, advance farther.

Hansen and Allen explain more on how to create wealth from the four millionaire mountains.
Today the Internet is the new frontier.  All media are merging there. Keep up on these advances, and how people are using it.

One Minute Miracles

We literally co-create with God in Spirit and all things are possible with the connections this makes.

What if minute-by-minute we lived in “Power Thoughts” that could change all things, move matter, and create from nothing.
What if we searched out the thousands of “Power Thoughts” in the Bible and integrated them into our thinking one minute at a time. In a single work day that would be around 500 “Power thoughts” with Eternal precedent to change all things, move matter and create from nothing.

Do you think we would start to see Miracles… one minute at a time? There is an Infinite leverage of a Proactive Higher Power... of a Super-Natural kind.

Consider this Spiritual system to mobilize Super-Natural leverage.
Prayer... seek God for His insight and direction.

... note all inspired ideas that are Divinely communicated.
These are revelations from God's Spirit directly to you.
Obedience... follow through and do what is directed
(even the small stuff is important).
The Cross... be willing to make sacrifices in love to do what you need to do.

Then if we added in a business the prophetically gifted (seers into the future), the spiritual gifted who could tap into Spiritual intelligence, and hear God inspired directives… like Joshua in the Bible.

And even more so make intercessory prayer as a hub of its functions in all things... And make it the hub of all activity in a business.
As a core part of a business/ mission group these characteristics would manifest.
Apostle-like direction... vision of new territory to move in to.

Prophetic voice
... hearing what God is saying to you.
Evangelists… advanced skills in influencing others, getting buy-in and persuasion skills.
Healers... those with gifts to heal emotions and our physical bodies.
... develop people's gifts to their human and Spiritual potential.
Worship... praise to God with music, prayer and intercession that would stir these Super Spiritual giftings up to Ultra-High levels.

Intercessory prayer
... interactive in Spirit with Spiritual Intelligence, saturated with Power and an unexplainable depth of Love for others.

When one with God, these naturally, in Spirit, show up. Think on these things...minute by minute. Think on the power of Spirit, ”Power Thoughts” in your life and all the Infinite connections it has.

Live lives of miracle-expecting activity, which may come from, at times, the smallest actions... as devised by Spirit. In a Spirit-saturated workplace you have:
Aha's... outstanding principles of Spirit at work.
Leverage... Spirit of the Universe doing incredibly great things.
Mentors... those who hear from Spirit to teach you Greater insights.
Teams... when united as one in Spirit a core of Spiritual Power is formed, Jesus Himself is manifested. …the One who creates everything.
Systems... New, Revelatory Spiritual process, a constant, reforming, re-newing, re-creating of Dynamic Spirit Systems to accomplish things.
Skills and abilities... of a Super-Naturally Gifted level, above human ability. Gifted trainers/coaches ignite the gifts in others. And endless Networks... tapping into the connections of the Universe, into the Heavenly realms that control all things on earth.

What if we took each day and re-created in Spirit, minute-by-minute,
a new Spiritual synergy in relationships,
expanded into Spiritually-charged networks
and re-designed more effective, but especially, Spiritual Systems
...can you imagine what would happen.

This is a Super-Natural system of extraordinaire...
a phenomenal lifestyle...
exquisite inner presence of love and joy in Spirit.

“Power thoughts” from the depth of Spirit
producing an endless flow of one-minute miracles every day.