Friday, May 27, 2016

Living life as a mission ... what we are born for

By Dale Shumaker

My many years of life existence has led me to this one conclusion: Life is most exciting and exhilarating when you live it as on a mission. It is innately in us to live for a cause, a reason, a great purpose. When our lives line up to that, what we are made for, it has a natural flow and joy to it. Below are two places where I elaborate on living life as a mission. First an excerpt from my ebook/course, Living Your Magnificent Mission. And then another excerpt from the Spirit Savvy Network website, living in your mission.

You are marvelously and wonderfully made says the Psalmist.
Before you were born every moment of your life was laid out for you, recorded in His book of your life. (see Psalm 139)
You are born for a purpose, a mission, something God has on his great life plan for you to do. (See Jeremiah 1). You have a part to play and it's important, even if it seems not as important to you right now. If God stamped it on your DNA, it is of great importance. (see 1 Corinthians 12)

It's a magnificent mission God has planned out for you. It's not a secret He is trying to keep from you. He has provided many indicators to help you see it and live it. When it's God's mission for and through you, nothing can get in its way. God's Spirit is unstoppable. Living within His flow, in His Spirit, following His principles, makes you unstoppable.

You may run into snags, roadblocks, along the way, but remember He has overcome the world. When you join with His Spirit, nothing will hinder you from moving ahead on what God has assigned to you.

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The key area that leads us to a Divinely Called mission is through hearing from God. Where, somewhere, through something in life, we sense that definite calling. From Living in Your Mission...

It all happens in prayer through all phases of activity, as God directs and empowers, and fills everyone with His Love, living a life of satisfaction unmatched by anything else.

In short, it looks much like this...
each part preceded with prayer... unceasingly interacting with God's Spirit.

Pray it ... two or three united in prayer ... vision emerges
Find it ... idea discovery ... the mission
Expand it ... align gifts to accomplish mission ... gift discovery
Empower it ... back to prayer for God's empowering (mini-Pentecosts) ... Holy Spirit Endowment
Mobilize it ... proclaim and do it ... strategic directions emerge
Fulfill it ... coordinate actions ... enact systems and processes

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When our mission is identified, and in motion, a reason for being goes to a higher level. Depression or boredom, lackluster or feelings of no value go to the side. The fuel and fire in our passion for what we are put here to do, continually propels us on.