Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Spirit Savvy Network ... living the Spirit Savvy way

by Dale Shumaker
The Spirit Savvy Network

What is a Spirit Savvy Network?
A Spirit Savvy Network is about
--discovering your natural gifts and becoming Spirit Savvy by expanding your gifts to be Spiritual Gifts.
--adding knowledge of business skills and entrepreneur skills that are empowered by the Spirit becoming Spirit Savvy.
--defining and refining your mission in life and operating in Spirit Savvy methods. ... using your gifts and abilities, entrepreneur skills within a Spirit-filled, Spirit-charged way of living.

Then networking with those who live the Spirit Savvy way of life.

This is a Spirit Savvy Network.
How is this done?...learn more at the Spirit Savvy Network where it has free links to biz book summaries and teachings on living supernaturally through prayer,
programs on becoming a New Breed Missionary Entrepreneur and a leader of other Missionary Entrepreneurs through the Accelerator plan.

How To Create a Buzz.
Taking Mark Hughes six buzz factors from Buzz Marketing we can see how Jesus used all of them and with great impact. It is still being talked about 2,000 years later. Now that is a power buzz.  People remember what is taboo, unusual, outrageous, hilarious, remarkable, or a secret. Jesus used all six factors that made what He did stick in the minds of people.

The taboo: Jesus talked to a women with several husbands which was at His time very “politically inappropriate” to talk to. It even raised the eyebrows of His disciples. But she told the whole town about Jesus, and they all came out to meet him.
The unusual: A blind man from birth was healed by Jesus. All the religious leaders wanted to speak to the blind man to find out what happened… they never saw this happen before.
The outrageous: Everyone was outraged, even His disciples, when Jesus asked one of the biggest crooks in town to be part of His inner circle
The hilarious: Jesus’ disciples must have had a tongue-in-cheek moment when they told others of how Jesus commanded demons to leave a person and they went into a whole herd of pigs who went squealing into a lake and drowned.
The remarkable: Walking on water, turning water to wine, and offering living water to prostitutes and undesirables was a little "out of the box" in going about things.
The secrets: Jesus told His disciples to keep it a secret that He was the Son of God. Nonetheless, the word of who Jesus was spread so rapidly He had to avoid public appearances because the crowds got big real fast.

Jesus' buzz still hums today. He walked in great Power to do this.

Use these six principles of creating a buzz to advance your mission. He promises that even today we have the same Power available to use.
Saying to us,
"I did this and You Can Too!"
"All things are (still) possible for those who believe." (Mark 9:23)

Go against the grain of nature and traditions. Do something outrageously "good" and superior to mankind’s way of doing things.

Start your buzz… of Spiritual significance.
The Spirit Savvy helps to develop skills like creating a buzz with the Spirit as the Driving force behind it.