Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Living in Spirit… a way to get there

by Dale Shumaker

Here are three thoughts on how to live by the power of God as part of our lives. Random thoughts written at different times.

We live through life with questions about life. Some we never really get a great answer for, but we come to certain conclusions. One of the biggest questions is why I am here, and what am I here for? I have come up with a scenario that I think many will find useful. And I believe this is what all this is about. I was somewhat creative and come up with life as a Spirit Savvy Network. Thus I refer to this as the identity of what we are here for.

Precedent in the natural can become dangerous. To repeat something because that is the way we did it before, becomes a tradition. We have done that a lot in the progression of church over the last 2000 years. When we look at the original pattern, it was almost opposite of today's. It's all really pretty simple...
We start with a person, invite them to join us in following Jesus. We meet others doing the same, and share in helping each other. Then as this chain of connection grows, we celebrate with each other.

My natural tendency is to think about what could be. And what we could do to get there. I function well with people with a vision, an idea of what could be, and finding ways to get there.
I have never functioned well in cookie-cutter marketing plans... do it this way and you will succeed. I quickly would lose interest in them.
That's why I pioneered the Spirit Savvy Network. It's what could be and it could be better, and less cumbersome to what we have now. Spiritual growth is a simple process, but it takes discipline and diligence to see it blossom in our lives... and anyone, anywhere can do it. Here's my simple plan.

This simplifies everything, and any one, two, or three... can do it.