Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Entrepreneur ... Spirit unified is the power

by Dale Shumaker
Spirit Savvy Network

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The Entrepreneur by Robert Ringer is about an entrepreneur approach on restoring the U.S. economy.

Ringer states that progressivism today is really retrogressive. "It's not revolution but invention that will liberate slaves." Innovation is the answer and that's what entrepreneurs thrive on. The entrepreneur is not interested in what someone else is going to do, he wants to know what he's done, and figure out a better way and get it done. He learns quickly through experience, seeks freedom to get it done. In other words, "get out of my way and let me do it."

The ultimate weapon is speed. Getting it done better, faster, more efficiently is his focus... he lives in a constant sense of urgency.

The life span of an entrepreneur depends on profits... produce more products, provide more services that people want, engage more people in what he does -- jobs.

The entrepreneur puts it all on the line. Not a safety net path... he could lose it all. He's not afraid of failure. Failure is actually a good thing because it serves to teach him valuable lessons, positive learning experiences. Some despise those who fail but it's the treacherous road to success. Thomas Jefferson died broke although it would be hard to convince anyone that he was a failure.

People must be allowed to fail. The world is not risk free, it's not one's place to make it risk free... the lessons from failure, character building from failure, life values from failure are its nurturing benefits for future stabilities. The entrepreneur sees failure as bringing him one step closer to success.

The entrepreneur knows that he cannot afford to procrastinate, and that without action neither freedom nor success is possible. Most of what we worry about never happens.

The entrepreneur lives with the willingness to go far beyond what others are willing to do. They do "whatever it takes."  They do it willingly. Negativism surrounds the entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs must have the self-confidence to rise above the derision and ridicule of his critics and keep moving forward.

Entrepreneurs are self-disciplined, persistent, resourceful. Their success creates jobs, stimulates the economy, results in better products and services at lower prices for everyone. He is a hero in the true sense of the word.

More on Robert Ringer's views at Robert

What led us out of the Great Depression remains as the foundation for advanced thinking today. What are the threads that when woven together form invincible strength in a business vision or mission?

1. Faith. They all had faith, believing in something much better than themselves can happen. Their faith was enlarged by their faith in God. Everything was believed to be possible, because they saw God as an active part of the process, since His Spirit creates through those who believe in His Power at work. This bred enthusiasm... (enthusiasm means God is within). So all things are possible outside of them. Vision faith then becomes a powerful force in their lives... a creative vision of new potential.

2. Transformation of the mind. The mind had to be reprogrammed to a new way of thinking, continuous learning and learning from others. It takes deliberate mental rehearsal to accomplish this.
Moving the mind from negative to Positive,
from critical to the Possible,
from what's wrong to "How I can fix it!" way of thinking.
We do this by inundating our mind with Spiritual Thought, continually; by listening, thinking, speaking, reading, interacting... constantly cultivating a frame of mind of positive potential.

3. Form Dreaming Teams. A Dreaming Team includes those who dream with you for positive solutions. Those who collaborate to find ways to carry them out, to create new results. Napoleon Hill called them mastermind groups. Jesus said where two or three agree it will be done. When minds are in harmony great power is released... ideas which engage the powers of God's Spirit.

4. Strategic Action
Napoleon Hill, W. Clement Stone, Og Mandino all had Strategic Action in their plans. The strategic actions included Divine Guidance as part of them. In other words, they relied on God-Inspired ideas and sought God-orchestrated direction. They believed everyone can hear from God and have His High level of intelligence at work with them.

They combined knowledge with Divine Strategy and added collaborating, cooperative action.

5. Making Noble contributions to a society is what motivated them.
They become cause based and labored in a strong sense of mission. All problems that they solved had a Higher purpose. The opportunities which become evident were an important contribution to society and met the needs people were struggling with.

Today's statistics verify how inept business is today.
Two skills are essential.
Having personal skills of business, and mission,
and effectively using Spiritual skills.

Stephen Covey, author of Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, says the one critical intelligence lacking in America is the use of Spiritual Intelligence. We don't understand it or know how to use it. We get hung up on religious themes and over look the fundamentals of its power.
Unity of minds and spirit is where the power is. We must partner and work as units.