Tuesday, April 18, 2006

One Minute Millionaire... One Minute Miracles

by Dale Shumaker

Make every minute count.
What if our thoughts were captivated with productive creativity, hope filled thinking all day… every single minute?

This is the underlying theme behind the One Minute Millionaire… an emerging classic for building any individual or group venture. It is what you do mentally, every minute that fosters results. The authors’, Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen, say, “The entire process of becoming a millionaire is broken down into bite-sized, one-minute techniques… you can become a millionaire one minute at a time.”

They researched over 100 millionaires to come up with a book of principles, processes and personal systems for anyone to reach this goal. The secret they say is managing principles, patterns, processes common to millionaires. The four areas, they say, where wealth is built include investments, real estate, business, the Internet.

The book is divided into two main sections: The Aha’s… 24 principles or regular patterns of thinking wealth-builders use. And how to effectively use leverage…a cornerstone component… to accomplish excessively more. Leveraging is the art of getting multiple results with one step, doing it constantly, applying it in everything. It’s about strategically using less time and effort to increase results… leveraging everything.

The five components of leverage include collaborating with other’s resources, experience, ideas, time and work.

Leverage takes on six forms…
Mentors, teams, networks, infinite networks, tools and skills, and systems.

So here is their formula… apply the principles(Aha’s) with leverage as your power-train and you are on the road to building massive results.

The six forms of leverage are:
Mentors: They may be people, books, Internet newsletters… information from those who have done it before and share their wisdom and knowledge with you. Mentors give you perspective, proficiency and patience. You benefit from their learning curve.

Teams: Build teams that are diverse in skills, complement each other, function as one and align with each other, with balance in the unit. Teams create supreme ideas and superior power to get bigger things done.

Visionaries, processors, people developers, detail compilers, analytical thinkers all make strong team partners… when functioning as interactive, harmonious cells.

Networks: Some people have influence with many. These contacts, or networking associations, can then bring you in contact with many more. They can be “weak ties”(just acquaintances) who like you, value what you are doing, and will work in concert with you.

Infinite networks: One accord in thinking produces a spiritual factor that goes to work on our dreams, thoughts, ideas. Those who believe with you like this create an “incalculable” extra dimension of power.

“The Spiritual Internet works when a team has a big, purposeful dream and everyone stays positive about its accomplishment.”

Skills and tools: Personal Thinking systems, persuasive, interpersonal relationship skills, writing, talking along with advancing technology spawn a prevailing force to get action and results.

Systems: Use effective people organization, processes, methods, technology to systematize. The secret is to create self-generating systems in all you do. Include both hi-touch and hi-tech.

They espouse this system acronym:

Hansen and Allen also point out the value of selling knowledge. They feel everyone has a book in them and everyone has something of value to share that others are interest in.

Today, the blog and Internet systems make this available to everyone.
For more note their web service which has many links to more information.

One Minute Miracles

We literally co-create with God in Spirit and all things are possible with the connections this makes. Note Geffry Fields' blog on "Connecting Circuits... they all must flow."

What if minute-by-minute we lived in “Power Thoughts” that could change all things, move matter, and create from nothing. What if we searched out the thousands of “Power Thoughts” in the Bible and integrated them into our thinking one minute at a time. In a single work day that would be around 500 “Power thoughts” with Eternal precedent to change all things, move matter and create from nothing.

Do you think we would start to see Miracles… one minute at a time? There is an Infinite leverage of a Proactive Higher Power... of a Super-Natural kind.

Consider this Spiritual system to mobilize Super-Natural leverage.
Prayer... seek God for His insight and direction.
Revelation... note all inspired ideas that are Divinely communicated.

These are revelations from God's Spirit directly to you.
Obedience... follow through and do what is directed

(even the small stuff is important).
The Cross... be willing to make sacrifices in love to do what you need to do.

Then if we added in a business the prophetically gifted (seers into the future), the spiritual gifted who could tap into Spiritual intelligence, and hear God inspired directives… like Joshua in the Bible.

And even more so make intercessory prayer as a hub of its functions in all things... And make it the hub of all activity in a business.

As a core part of a business/ mission group these characteristics would manifest.
Apostle-like direction... vision of new territory to move in to.
Prophetic voice... hearing what God is saying to you.
Evangelists… advanced skills in influencing others, getting buy-in and persuasion skills.
Healers... those with gifts to heal emotions and our physical bodies.
Teachers... develop people's gifts to their human and Spiritual potential.
Worship... praise to God with music, prayer and intercession that would stir these Super Spiritual giftings up to Ultra-High levels.
Intercessory prayer... interactive in Spirit with Spiritual Intelligence, saturated with Power and an unexplainable depth of Love for others.

When one with God, these naturally, in Spirit, show up. Think on these things...minute by minute. Think on the power of Spirit, ”Power Thoughts” in your life and all the Infinite connections it has.

Live lives of miracle expecting activity, which may come from, at times, the smallest actions... as devised by Spirit. In a Spirit-saturated workplace you have:
Aha's... outstanding principles of Spirit at work.
Leverage... Spirit of the Universe doing incredibly great things.
Mentors... those who hear from Spirit to teach you Greater insights.
Teams... when united as one in Spirit a core of Spiritual Power is formed, Jesus Himself is manifested. …the One who creates everything.
Systems... New, Revelatory Spiritual process, a constant, reforming,
re-newing, re-creating of Dynamic Spirit Systems to accomplish things.
Skills and abilities... of a Super-Naturally Gifted level, above human ability. Gifted trainers/coaches ignite the gifts in others.
And endless Networks... tapping into the connections of the Universe, into the Heavenly realms that control all things on earth.

What if we took each day and re-created in Spirit, minute-by-minute,
a new Spiritual synergy in relationships,
expanded into Spiritually-charged networks
and re-designed more effective,
but especially, Spiritual Systems
...can you imagine what would happen.

This is a Super-Natural system of extraordinaire...
a phenomenal lifestyle...
exquisite inner presence of love and joy in Spirit.

“Power thoughts” from the depth of Spirit
producing an endless flow of one-minute miracles every day.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Crazy Busy...Row in Rhythm

By Dale Shumaker

We are so busy;
it is developing into a form of cultural ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) says Edward M. Hallowell author of Crazy Busy: Overstretched, Overbooked, and About to Snap! Strategies for Coping in a World Gone ADD.

We multi-task. We Blackberry. We email and text message. We click, click, click. We go, go, go; faster, faster, faster...but still everything, everyone’s too slow. The whole world is at our fingertips, ear piece, an eye sight away. Basically, we are going crazy with too much, too fast, and all at the same time. What Hallowell calls the F-state (living in a frenzy).

A problem we all seem to be having is a cultural neurosis developing. And what is scary is that we’re accepting it as acceptable lifestyle. It’s a frenzied fast, faster, fastest in stocks to sports, food to fuel, marketing to management. Getting it done now, hurry, hurry, hurry. Stay late, broadband’s too slow, multi-task... in and out, fast food, move on to the next frenzy... so we can get into more frenzy.

Dr. Hallowell has invented several words to describe this. Here's a few.
Screensucking. The wasting time engaging with many screens...computer, TV, video games, blackberries.
Leeches and Lilies... Leeches are people /projects that that waste your time. Lilies make time fulfilling.
Gigaguilt. Fear of missing something or disappointing someone. Details we may over look that we worry about when missed.
Taildogging. Going faster, pushing harder on yourself, children, employees simply for demanding more from everyone around you.
Morning Burst. The time in the morning when most productive, creative, effective, best problem solving time. Your best time.
Frazzing. Multi-tasking ineffectively. In most cases multi-tasking hurts being effective. We do our best doing one thing at a time.
Gemmelsmerch. The force that distracts or steals attention from what you ought to do.

Move from the F-state to the C-state:
F-state: frenzied, flailing, fearful, forgetful, flustered, furious, frantic.
C-state: calm, cool, collected, consistent, concentrated, careful, courteous, coordinated.

Juggling may be fun to watch at a 3-ring circus, but your life doesn't have to be one. It's not productive, nor creates happiness or enjoyably satisfying. So why do we do it?

So much of our psychological needs today seem to require
needing more excitement(fast paced),
needing to be admired for accomplishing much,
or are we busy because we really are afraid to get to know ourselves...who we really are, and find out what we need to work on in ourselves.

Hallowell's solution: Slow down... Take time, find a place to just Think.
Find out what is most important in your life.
Create a system. Find what fulfills. Do what matters most to you and you don't have to do it all. He provides a matrix for consciously, and systematically assessing your use of time and discovering your top fulfillment buttons in your life.

You can manage modern life.
Here's Hallowell's ten key principles.
1.Do what matters to you.
2.Create positive emotional environments
3.Find your rhythm... we all have a rhythm that fits us. Find yours.
4.Invest your time wisely to get maximum return that fulfills you.
5.Don't waste time screensucking.
6.Control sources of gemmelsmerch...solving computer glitches, reading magazines, mail, email, TV, drop ins, flirtations.
7.Delegate. Do what you like to do and are good at. Get others to do the rest. Learn effective interdependence.
8. Slow down.
9.Don't multi-task ineffectively. Give one important item your full attention. Mix mindless with mindful activity.
10.Play. Imaginatively engage with what you are doing.

.... So prioritize, plan, systematize, and execute in a single focus.
Fast is not better, and slow can have its benefits. More is not necessary and less can reduce stress.

Move on to the C-state.
Connect with people/projects that matter the most to you.
Control technology and don't let it control you.
It is your slave not your master.
Cancel some people and organizational activities.
They probably can make it just fine without you.
Create structures and systems in your life
that help you get organized. Define personal priorities.
Care for what you care for most.
You don't have to do everything.
Cultivate your lilies; discard your leeches.

Figure out what you want;
then do it, let the rest go.

Hallowell has a free "help you through this" email service at:

Learn to live in rhythm of Spirit.

"Cease striving... know that I am God!"
(Psalm 46: 10 NASB)

"My purposes will be established.
I will accomplish the goals I set."
(Isaiah 46:10 NASB)

"Only I can tell you what is to happen before it happens.
Everything I plan will come to pass. For I do everything I wish."
(Isaiah 46:10 NLT)

So why do we, in a manic like state, rush around so. It is like life depends solely on us.

We need to only get into His Rhythm,
in His Flow in Spirit.
We then will Float in Spirit.
Enter His Presence. He accomplishes great feats there.
“For the Lord goes before you.”
(Isaiah 52:12)

We wait....

Just wait...

Jesus told His disciples to .... wait... and then "when" the Holy Spirit comes you will have Power, above your earthly abilities. My peace I give to you. I do the hard stuff, you just follow Me... Jesus would say.

Soak in His Presence... His all knowing, all places-at-one-time presence, working the world as He plans with his power that accomplishes what He sets out to.

Take time, first to rest, relax, totally recline in His Spirit before you do anything. Enter Spirit’s Sanctuary. Take this time to think on God's Powerful Greatness. Relish in Thought in Great things He is doing on your behalf. Dream on what He has for you… what your role is in His Presence.

Spirit is putting your inspired thoughts in motion at that time. Your images of mind are being carried out by Spirit at that time. It's in this place the earth is moved and changed.

It's here, you have peace, joy and action on your behalf. Serenity is here... a totally confident deeply relaxed state.

In this serenity is where action is activated. Here all the Heavens of the Universe Realms of Spirit Open up for you.
It is yours.
For you.
At your disposal.
And the Power goes to work as you enjoy, rest, reside and float in His Presence.

Get in this Rhythm of Spirit.
It is Floating in the raft on a deep slow river that lets you smell the lilies as you go by.


Just wait...

Be still...

and Know...

Be still in Spirit.

Spirit is your master.
Mind and body are slaves to Spirit.
Make them that.

Spirit rests you,
communicates to you,
works on your behalf.
It communicates to mind and body.

Spirit made mind, and body.
It regulates, systematizes mind and body.
Make mind and body slaves to Spirit...
the creative power of the universe.

In Spirit, your mind is renewed. Order is put around you.
You live in a rhythm of Spirit-directed intelligence.
Our body's must rest to heal and refresh.

In Spirit the renewal builds for you.
Let the mind rest too.
Allow only Spirit life to flow in
and out of your mind.

When Spirit orders your life,
It flows with ease
It fulfills
It walks in joy.

“My demands are easy,
my requirements are light.”
Jesus says.

“I do the work for you.
You enjoy the process
of using the natural gifts
I placed in you.”

“I live in you and help you
solve problems. You don't have
to tackle them alone...

“I give you rest. Rest in Me.
The Sabbath was made for you. Rest in Me.”

“I give you a day to rest, refresh, renew
re-vision, re-hope while you rest, I work for you.”
Jesus says.

“Whatever you choose to obey
becomes your master.”
Romans 6:16 (NLT)

Choose to obey Spirit.
Let Spirit be your Master.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Small Giants... Big Hearts

By Dale Shumaker

Small Giants (by Bo Burlingham, editor-at-large for Inc. magazine) opens a window so we can take a glimpse of a new business culture emerging. Burlingham interviewed several of what he calls "small giants." These companies see higher goals for business than just being the biggest, fastest growing, massive market domineering companies.

A new focus is on quality more than size(some have set limits on size but with unlimited standards for quality), building community more than just building the bottom-line, put employees first and customers second(when employees are well cared for they do very well in caring for the customers).

The new word is "intimacy."

Intimacy with the employee team, intimacy with customers and the creation of intimate community among each other. Zingerman’s Deli, Ann Arbor, Michigan is one example of these small giants.

Zingerman’s is in business for the purpose to contribute to the community although they don't use "good" as a clever avenue to business image building. Relationships with their communities overlap with their relationships with their customers and employees.

A phrase they espouse is "enlightened hospitality." Even when disaster strikes, like a waitress spilling water on a customer’s table, the whole serving team jumps in quickly to lighten the mood. They focus on building an intimate relationship with the customer, finding what their personal preferences are and knowing them when they come in each time to eat. It’s more than being nice and friendly, but knowing what the customer "really" likes and doing it.

They practice five core values:
Caring for each other
Caring for guests
Caring for the community
Caring for suppliers
Caring for investors and profitability
(in that order)
And the whole time making the job intensely and expectantly personal. They go beyond having satisfied customers. They work to have “happy” customers.

How do you build intimacy?
It depends on the relationship with each person in charge and employees.
--direct contact
--know who they are and what they do
--spend time together
--sharing important experiences together
--numerous one-on-one personal encounters.

One company leader shared that he looks out over his parking lot and says,
“I feel responsible for all those people out there.” ... “If you want a company that cares, you need people who care, and they need to be motivated by more than money. It takes well-designed, appropriate and value-driven systems, and processes to support and create the kind of cultures we’re all going after.”

Zingerman's has gained much notoriety on how they do business.
So they formed ZingTrain
that teaches other businesses its ways of doing business.

They persistently preach these cardinal steps to great service.
1. Figure out what the customer wants.
2. Get it for them accurately, politely and enthusiastically
3. Go the extra mile.

Small Giants’ author goes on to point out that he sees a growing, developing trend in business"a burgeoning international movement to explore the role of Spirituality in work, and of work in Spirituality."

One company, Reell Precision Manufacturing
(Reell is from the German dictionary meaning honesty, dependability, or having authority) purposely expresses Christian perspectives in all they do. They feel responsible to expand each person to their full potential and have their business as an opportunity for each employee to do that.
Note Small Giants’ website:

What builds people is Spirit.
Spirit created all matter.
All that has ever started, lives and is transformed is by Spirit.

Spirit works in calculated patterns and has certain characteristics of its character, personality, functional dynamics. Jesus outlined many of these in the famous talk He gave on a hill.
(Matthew 5-7)

What if we used Jesus' principles and the Apostle Paul's as our relationship guidelines for building our business culture.

A checklist of normal behavior for building dynamic business culture would look like this:
--Don't just pretend that you love others. Really love them.
--Stand on the side of the good.
--Love each other with genuine affection and take delight in honoring each other.
--Never be lazy in your work, but serve the Lord enthusiastically.
--Be patient in trouble, and always be prayerful.
--When God's children are in need, be the one to help them out.
--If people aren't nice, don't curse them; pray that God will bless them.
--When others are happy, be happy with them.
--If they are sad, share their sorrow.
--Live in harmony with each other.
--Don't try to act important, but enjoy being around ordinary people.
--And don't think you know it all!
(above from Romans 12: 9-18)
--Clothe yourselves with tenderhearted mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.
--Make allowance for each other's faults.
--Forgive the person who offends you. Remember, the Lord forgave you, so you forgive others.
--And the most important piece of clothing you must wear is love. Love is what binds us all together in perfect harmony.
--And let the peace that comes from Jesus rule in your hearts. For as members of one body you are all called to live in peace.
--Always be grateful !
(from Colossians 3:12-15)

Be One.
Be one in Love.
Practice love that is "sacrificial Love."

Put others’ interests before yours. Rejoice more in others’ success than yours. Build others up before taking what you think you deserve.

Our behavior in relationships determines the magnitude of Spirit Power we have.

Why did Jesus feel being One, seeing ourselves as One in Spirit, in Community is so important as He prayed in John 17: 21? "My prayer for all of them is that they will be one, just as you and I are one, Father--that just as you are in me and I am in you, so they will be in us."
This is where the Power is... We, each other as One, and We as One, being One in Spirit with God and Jesus.

This force creates and re-creates all world systems. We can integrate ourselves with each other into this. We can in reality function in World Transforming Power.

The Small Giants are re-thinking the art of business. A New Spirit of business is morphing Spiritual principles in all their business practices.They are business transformational forerunners re-structuring business systems, priorities and business functions in America.

As One in Spirit, in Jesus Spirit, the enacting claim becomes ours...
"for YOU will DO even greater things."

We literally, as One in community within and outside the business, have this phenomenal power of Spirit working with us. We can thrive sensationally, extraordinarily, notably…Super-Naturally.

Live as One.
Apply Spiritually-charged, personal relationship standards to your daily checklist.

The Power of Spirit merges and collaborates with all you do.

Above all, each and everyone be One in Spirit in God, Jesus and all the Power of the Universe partners with you.