Monday, July 28, 2014

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook … Circuits flowing in synergy

by Dale Shumaker

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook is by Gary Vaynerchuk. It’s about how to tell your story in a noisy social world. The world changes and platforms change. To keep up requires hustle, heart, sincerity, constant engagement, long-term commitment and most of all artful storytelling. 

Vaynerchuk takes you through the main social media of this time and provides guidelines on how to tell your story. The book is a how-to guide for telling your story that creates word-of-mouth. You have to spend more time jabbing your customer than coming around with the right hook, the knockout punch. There is no sale without the story, knockout without the setup. It’s a 365-day a year sparing. Keep jabbing, jabbing, jabbing. Create a great story, but in the social media sound bites.

What’s makes a social media great story?
It’s native. It talks the way the people are. From the perspective of their culture, way of life. Stay within their context, culture of life. It must stay within the context of the platform it is on, where the customer is thinking at that time.  
It doesn’t interrupt.  Be their entertainment and don’t throw something at them that is not related to what you are talking… pop ups?
It doesn’t make demands… often. Make it simple, memorable, inviting to look at, and fun to read. Your story needs to move people’s spirits, not interrupted and sold to. Jab, Jab, Jab… right hook. Or give, give, give… then politely ask.
It’s micro-content… tiny, unique nuggets of information, humor, commentary or inspiration every day.  Be real time, respond in their native language. Talk about what they are talking about, and when they change, talk about that instead.
It’s consistent and self-aware. Know your message so you are consistent everywhere.

Storytell on Facebook. Be vigilant knowing you have to reinvent yourself every day. Tell the story they want to hear. Give it openly, generously, jab, jab, jab. Make them feel like you get them, so when you give, give, give, they freely respond to when you ask. By speaking directly to your demographic, you increase the probability that people will engage with that content. For jabs and right hooks to work, they must speak to their emotional center. 

Consumers are more likely to share your current content for free if you give them what they want in terms of content and service. Start creating micro-content worth the money. Get more entrepreneurial. In Facebook you can be creative, and figure it out as you go. Mistakes are learning experiences. These learning experiences you can afford.

Questions to ask:
Is the text too long?
Is it provocative, entertaining, or surprising?
Is the logo visible?
Is the format the best for the post?
Are you asking too much of the people consuming the content?

Listen well on Twitter.
Some questions to ask on your Twitter content:
Is it to the point?
Is the hashtag unique and memorable?
Does the voice sound authentic?
Will it resonate with the Twitter audience.

Glam it up on Pinterest.
Does my picture feed the consumer dream?
Did I give my boards clever, creative titles?
Have I included a price when appropriate?
Does every photo include a hyperlink?
Is the image easily recognized so people don’t have to think too hard?

Create art on Instagram.
Is my image artsy and indie enough for the instagram crowd?
Have I included enough descriptive hashtags?
Are my stories appealing to the younger generation?

Get animated on Tumblr.
Did I customize my theme in a way that properly reflects my brand?
Did I make a cool animated GIF?

Many other opportunities exist. Of Linked In, Google+, Vine, Snapchat, Vaynerchuk predicts the next major social network for the business-minded person is Linked In. Facebook is strong, but for business-to-business Linked In is positioned to rise to the top.

Your content and context are important to maximize. Next to them is effort. Without effort… intense, consistent, committed, 24-7 effort … the best social media micro content placed within the most appropriate context will go down gracelessly.

Instead of dealing with someone else’s social media company, you can become your own. With You Tube you can be your own TV network. With a blog, your own newspaper.   Know your social media options and make the effort to know and use them with the best strategy for your business. Take time to learn how they work, what they are best suited for and make the most of them.

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To make our social interactions connect dynamically, there needs to be synergistic power. That is an interacting of love, respect, understanding, tolerance (if we don’t get the other person), between people interacting. A love bond is essential.

We are designed as a community of power points where Spirit is in constant flow. When this flow breaks down, the whole thing doesn't work as well. This is critical to Supernatural functional power in our lives. Jesus Spirit engineered it that way.

In physics, technology everything is interconnected... our bodies are interconnected. When one part does not connect with the other part the whole configuration is bogged down. In cars, computers are designed so when one part malfunctions, the others pick up the slack. It still runs, but not as well. For us to see the best of what is possible for us we must have our relationships fine tuned and connecting with great precision. This is so critical as the best of everything depends our relationships to others.

Where harmony prevails, power increases. Great power is demonstrated when great harmony is functioning. This becomes self-evident. Just like a circuit board in technology... when all circuits are technically correct and programmed well, the effectiveness and speed increases proportionately. The Power of Jesus, The Spirit is released through our relationships. These are the circuit connections God uses. Each has a part and function, and when harmony is intricately there,  
Power is vigorously expressed.

All the unique birth gifts and Spirit-Powered gifts of people are contingent on this harmony among the individuals of any group...home, office, club, sports, etc. Small can become big if the small units harmonize efforts to form a big effort. It is taking each strength and synergizing it with others so that as a "virtual corporation" they operate with much more power.

A Spiritual Power Cell is formed. This holds true for our Spiritual lives. When we combine in belief, hope and faith alongside others... share, pray, believe as a unit... great Spiritual Power ignites!

There are a few ground rules to make this work. Every effort should be made to mend a rift between those working together. Condemning others or judging others will shut down the circuiting flow of Spirit that creates the power. Every effort should be made at reconciliation between parties.

"Whatever you (the corporate body) bind on earth is bound in heaven." Heaven and earth are linked. All the power of Heaven is prepared to launch. All circuits are opened and all the power of the universe flows freely.

The power...having the power of Heaven touch us on earth... is based on the Relationship Quality people whatever they are doing. It is not the number of people. It is The Relationship between the two or three combining talents in a project, activity, or personal relationship.