Monday, January 22, 2018

In our Mission ... overcoming feelings of Inadequacy

by Dale Shumaker

So many times when God calls us or directs us to a mission of His, 
we are at first reluctant
We say like Moses "who am I." Or Jeremiah "I am too young." 
Or Elisha, well then "give me a double portion" 
because there is no way I can match up to you.

"Who am I?" (Exodus 3)
"I am too young." (Jeremiah 1) Or I am too young, inexperienced.
"Give me a double portion." (2 Kings 2)

When called into what God is calling us into, 
the first reaction may be one of inadequacy. 
We don't feel good  enough, skilled enough, too inexperienced 
or not as good as those we look up to.

Remarkably, those God calls are very much like this... 
 not a big-time person in the world's eyes
But we go in faith, and not by our power but by His Power.

We may now be serving in a capacity not to the degree God is wanting us 
to serve.  
We feel inadequate, not recognized enough, not having resources, 
and we say to the Lord... Who am I, I am too inexperienced, not known 
or recognized, and just not good enough as these other great men of God 
I see before me.

But God says go... "do it in faith in Me. I will empower and equip you."

God says. Look at the staff in your hands and throw it to the ground. 
See what I do. And when you appear before others I will speak through you
(Luke 12:12)

It may be the time to go and do what you never felt possible but the Holy Spirit 
keeps speaking to you to go.

God uses our feelings of inadequacy so we see Him work through His Power, 
not ours. When like this we are at an advantage. God's Power is far greater 
than any other... when we trust in Him we are at an advantage. And our answers 
to all we face in these efforts we find in Prayer, when in His Presence.
It's our time in prayer when we hear His directions, feel His power well up in us. 
Then we go in His Power, not our own.

How does God equip, empower, guide us?  See
It will guide you on how to do it.
Be Bold, Be Strong, for the Lord Your God is with you. (Joshua 1)