Monday, September 25, 2017

A Spirit Savvy Network ... a better way

By Dale Shumaker

There are two things we need to really focus on to live a vibrant Spiritual life ... we need to stay close to God in Spirit personally, and be close to others doing the same. We refer to ourselves as the Body of Christ. When these two things are functioning well in our lives, we are strong in all we do.

Each person has a mission. We are equipped with Gifts of His Spirit and we use them to be a support to each other. As a person lives close to God in Spirit and is close to another in Spirit, a very strong bond is formed and there is much power released into our mission. As the Scriptures say, we are one in the Spirit. "For there is one body and one Spirit" (Ephesians 4:4).

With this as our foundation, we have exceptional power to fulfill our mission we are born for. So the Spirit Savvy Network is a framework that empowers us in what God has for us to do. It's simple to do, but takes discipline to do it daily. As we engage in it as a regular part of our lives, living One in Spirit, His Spirit becomes an invincible force in our lives. The forces of evil can't stand against it. His love and power surround us, continually working in our behalf.

To explain this process I wrote  " a Spirit Savvy Network ... what in the world is this?" It's a better way, and a more dynamic one. The process is not hard to live by. It blends together the main ingredients for living strong in His Spirit and accomplishing what God has made us for.

The message of Christ in Us for all is not limited by place, circumstances, education, position, or membership. It is free for all and can be lived out by all, regardless of where you are in life, and what you can do, can't do, afford to do, and feel in a position to do. The Spirit Savvy Network is something everyone can do, and live in the Presence and power of God in all you do. It's a better way.

Please take a minute and examine what I share in

And those who are serious and want to pursue the process I penned here, I pledge to help, regardless of circumstances one's life is in.

This is my mission, my gift to the world, as God has brought me into this world to share with mankind.
You have one too... I would be honored to assist you with yours as well.