Monday, May 22, 2017

A New Thing … the Jesus way

by Dale Shumaker

"I am doing a new thing," proclaims the prophet Isaiah. He exhorts us to not keep thinking about the older things and things of the past (Isaiah 43:18, 19). God is putting something together completely new. It was introduced by Jesus and then elaborated on by His Disciples. Here's how I see it.

Jesus came to earth to share a new idea. As the prophet Isaiah said, “I am doing a New Thing.” Jesus had a plan that would be hard to conquer in the future. As the recognized leader of His day the way to eliminate a leader's vision was to eliminate the leader. That was the goal of His opposition of the day. They didn't want the new thing or change anything they were doing. They wanted to keep things as they were. This is true even to today.

Jesus was introducing a fail-safe plan, no one could destroy. When the shepherd is killed the sheep will scatter. True in natural terms, but Jesus' plan was beyond that. When He was killed, of which He knew would happen, He came back with another Higher plan, that was invincible. He would put His power in all the people who believed in Him, by sending the Holy Spirit on all people who believed in Him. This is hard to defeat. They were an intertwined, Spiritual unit. There is not one specific leader; it is a compilation of One in Spirit.

Now, instead of having a lone leader someone can knock off,
He put His Spirit in a group of people. If one is disposed of, everyone shores up ranks and nothing is lost. As a group, there is not just one guy to focus on or get. The ranks continually shored up. The mission is not disrupted by a loss, obstacle, or unexpected change in people involved.

As One as a unit it is hard to find the one person in charge. Why? It is Jesus Himself now in Spirit among them and in charge.. He is the leader for all, in Spirit. It is a great plan. So of 100, 1000, 10,000 people there is not a single, figurehead leader. They as a unit form to be Jesus Christ in Spirit on earth. The leader is Jesus in Spirit, from Heaven, now among us.

Kill the shepherd and the sheep scatter… won’t work. Jesus the Shepherd in Spirit protects and empowers the flock as a whole.

This dynamic formation is invincible. It's many as One, not centered on one human leader that if defeated his followers scatter. Many as one in Spirit merely shore up the ranks, Jesus as a group keeps advancing.

Today, most all leadership training is about individuals in a leadership position. The most remarkable thing about the Jesus’ leadership concept is it’s a united group as One in Spirit. It functions with people in different roles, gifts, abilities, in syncopation with each other… like an orchestra.  All in harmony with each other. Jesus in Spirit is the orchestra conductor.

A new thing.

So this brings us to the power of a Spirit Savvy Network. It's about 2 or 3, 20 or 30, etc. as a unit. Not one leader, only Jesus in Spirit as the leader, and with re-gifting, the mission does not skip a beat in advancing even when one is lost, eliminated, or leaves. This Power is above any power on earth, and evil forces anywhere.

It's a dynamic cell of Spirit which can be replicated in a business, in a mission, in a venture which is driven by a God, Spirit-inspired mission.