Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Spirit Savvy Living ... its core of power

By Dale Shumaker

Our Spiritual connection with God and others, what the Apostle Paul referred to that we are now in relationship as one with each other, that we now on earth form the Body of Christ.

It's much like a hurricane which has an eyewall that keeps reforming. The eyewall continually replaces itself with another. It keeps reforming fresh and new, while increasing strength. In one instance, there was a powerful hurricane getting ready to buzz-saw the east coast of Florida. It had a small, tightly circulating inner wall, the eyewall. This made it very powerful. As it neared land the wall began collapsing and it became more oblong in nature, instead of the small, powerful tight circle. Its power was diffused and didn't cause anywhere near the destruction it could have with the eyewall circulating as a small perfect circle.

For the Body of Christ to have power, it needs to have a similar characteristic with tightly, relating circles of people. The more symmetrical they are, the more the Spiritual Power exists and is demonstrated. When one part pulls away to the side from the others, it's power is diminished by degrees... as it then is an oblong connection of people, instead of a tight circle of relationships.

It appears now though that we are in one of those reforming stages. People are turning away from many formal organizations, where the quality of relationships among each other varies in degrees.  More and more are turning to smaller, less formal, less organized, but where they can form higher quality relationships.
The original Body of Christ was intended to be this way anyway... small eyewalls of power, in connection with others.

Living Your Magnificent Mission guides everyone on how to live strong and mighty in Spirit... being One in Spirit with themselves and God's Spirit, and one in the power, joy, sufficiency of the Spirit among each other.
The eyewall in the Spirit has similar qualities of the eyewall in hurricanes and central cells in tornadoes. It creates a power force.

Living Your Magnificent Mission prepares the way for this to happen and each person, even with a few, who become close, houses the Super Strength of the Spirit. This course, Living Your Magnificent Mission, is free online and can guide anyone to live in the Strength of Spirit as intended... its time is coming into its own.

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