Saturday, April 06, 2013

The Entrepreneur Skill ... with an Inspired Spirit

by Dale Shumaker 
Spirit Savvy Network 

Many articles and books address the essential personal skills of the effective entrepreneur. This is a brief summary of those skills, plus the Spiritual skills. These are skills that may not be innately characteristics of a person, but eventually can be learned that keep advancing the entrepreneur in his vision and efforts. The more advanced and developed a person is in the entrepreneur personal skills, the greater the advances of the vision and the endeavor.
Spirit takes it to another, and many times an unexplainable, plane. 

Key personal skills of the entrepreneur.

Vision - imagination:  Synergistic dreamers who see potential and the components that inter- relate to the opportunity of what is imagined. 

Organized thought: Creating organization to a variety of thoughts to form a system from which it can work.  Very good at creating systems to get things done. 

Communication:  Communicating interpersonally in conversation and in writing, speaking and presenting. 

Inspiration:  Presenting ideas that can be simply understood along with a view that inspires and moves men’s hearts.  To create a buy-in within the communication. 

Planning and self-discipline.  Self-directed motivation along with the discipline to plan and systematically execute plans and make mid-course adjustments as necessary. 

People skills:  Understand different personalities and spot motives each person has, and create a relationship that influences that personality and its motives.

Problem solvers and creative solution finders:  Look at problems from all perspectives and find solutions within the problems, and create new solutions from problems. Great at finding new opportunities within a problem, and be the one to offer the new solution. 

Pleasing personality:  Easy to be around and talk to. People respond to their magnetism and humble nature as a person.  Being likeable and liked by all people of diverse positions in life. 

Self-educating:  Continuous learners with skills to educate one’s self. Can comprehend various information quickly, and see potential of it. 

Mental stamina: Can keep on task, even with unfavorable environments and conditions around them.  A strong locus of control, with stamina to press through obstacles, i.e., persevering. 

Redirect thinking:  An ability to handle criticism, recognize and work through prejudice and handle crazy people. Not everyone is rational in thinking, so ways are found to work around this. Advanced in people strategy skills. 

The Spirit Savvy Network integrates Spiritual skills with entrepreneur skills. True entrepreneurial skills actually originate in Spirit.

Spiritual components include.

Cooperation vs. competition:  A Spirit based commerce community works together combining gifts and abilities for a greater cause.  This is in contradiction to competitive commerce that works to tear down another's gifts and abilities to achieve their goals. Cooperative networks are more dynamic than competitive systems. 

Spirit Driven: Vision is based on God’s vision for the person. What  part does God want to play, what is God’s calling? This is the motivating and inspiring factor. 

Diving Intelligence: Divine intelligence is sought and applied. The Holy Spirit provides unique strategies to solve problems or advance the vision. The results and inroads this intelligence creates is unprecedented and recognized as God-Inspired. 

Love binds and love supports: Incentives and interactions are love driven. A Spiritually innate desire exists, with a desire to contribute to people’s lives. Those with more help those with less. 

The Spiritual model of a missionary entrepreneur is driven by the Spirit. God’s mission is encompassed with Spiritual gifts, love among each other, each proactively supporting and propelling each other... the nucleus of its power.

Spiritual connection to God’s Spirit and Spiritual connection to others of the same Spirit creates a Supernatural synergy among the network. This network, a Spiritually-driven community, works from God’s intelligence and Spiritual Power.  A Spirit Savvy Network.