Monday, September 26, 2016

The Power Factor behind Living Your Magnificent Mission

by Dale Shumaker

In Living Your Magnificent Mission I strongly propose that we have three disciplines... first to have a strong focus on what our God's created mission is, wrapped sternly in faith,
Then practice these three disciplines...
being astute in the Spiritual principles in the Bible,
versatile in all aspects of prayer,
constant interaction in God's Presence with a
close tie to a personal prayer network.
This is the power cell of living in Spirit in all we do.

"Don’t use foul or abusive language. Let everything you say be good and helpful, so that your words will be an encouragement to those who hear them." (Eph. 4:29)
This Scripture is the core of what I am about. It is what we may call a core value. All I do has this as its center. It's the Spirit behind the Spirit Savvy Network and Living Your Magnificent Mission.

We live to encourage others in what God has called them out for. We live to spur on those of faith around us. I help to equip, train, spur on those who live to build the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Heaven through their lives in what they do.

When the Scriptures say "when two or three are gathered together, I (Jesus) am in your midst" one author points out the true Greek meaning of gathered together is "led together". It reflects Romans 8:14 that as many are led by the Spirit are Sons of God.

Two or three in agreement (Matt. 18:19, 20) gathered or led by the Spirit as One is the key to Spiritual power in prayer, mission, purpose. Spirit is not limited by geographical location, it extends beyond natural physical location.

Two or three who agree in Spirit is a nucleus of Spiritual Power. As two or three come closer, become One in Spirit, all that can be created is created.
Harmony, love, intimacy of mind and Spirit produces the exceptional. ...the Two or Three Agreement Principle.

That's what makes the two or three agreement principle so important in Living Your Magnificent Mission...
We are born for His Mission... live it and we change the world.


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Unity in Spirit Electrifies a Group

By Dale Shumaker

Our unity in Spirit is what makes Prayer very potent.

When we are around those who do not follow the ways of the Spirit in what they do, it neutralizes a great amount of  power in Spirit available to us. In groups, organizations, a business where we meet for a functional purpose, when the agenda is not Spirit-led, Spirit is weighted down.

This is crucial. I now avoid groups without a Spirit-led process in how they do things. The power of the Spirit is not mobilized. We live in a life or death pivotal time. It's urgent we don't neglect this principle of Spirit in all we do in life and work. It's imperative we do not compromise this principle.

Is this too ideal? ... that we turn to Spirit first in all our life and vocational affairs. To me this is why we do not have the ideal of Spirit prevalent in most of the activities we are part of, and unfortunately even many church activities.

When we look at 1 Corinthians 11, 12 and then 13, we see how we are to function in all our meetings... whether 2 or 3 or larger. The Gifts of the Spirit manifest when there is the same Spirit in all involved. When His Spirit is having interchange in Spirit with another of the same Spirit,  the Gifts in the Spirit show forth.

When not, the Spirit is sterilized and stymied yielding only what the natural can yield.

And I see the model presented in 1 Corinthians 11 and 12 as an ideal working business venture model. Today's business has mixed spirits. When one person is of Spirit and another not of Spirit, it disengages the power potential of His Spirit. Consequently, smaller business cores can more powerful... Being One in Spirit can be obtained.
Only then, when there is unity of Spirit, actively in motion, we then see the Greater Works in motion. The Gifts of the Spirit in 1 Corinthians 12 blossom.

And remember the power of prayer partnering.
If under attack in spirit, we can call on one other Believer and we know the Holy Spirit is there to intervene.

Be in prayer and stay close to praying partners.

Also ... a personal reflection I wrote two years ago.
It came up in a Facebook memory. I still feel it today...
"I have spared you for a show you my power and to spread my fame throughout the earth." (Exodus 9:16) We each live in that purpose, a mission He as called us out to fulfill, with His Spirit guiding us, in our earthly lifetime, within our vocation, business pursuits, this is our purpose, His Purpose. We are mission-ary entrepreneurs building the kingdom of God throughout the Marketplace.

"Pray for each other"(James 5), "2 or 3 agree"(Matt.18) i.e., praying, networking in prayer. When this is done in the marketplace and as One in Spirit, a Spiritual network, like a web, will cover the marketplace/community with His Spirit. Pray for each other in cells of 2 or 3 linking to others doing the same. That's Power. Then we will see His Power envelope us, throughout the marketplace.

The process, when mastered, I outlined in Living Your Magnificent Mission will accomplish this. We need to live the discipline of life in Spirit like special forces’ soldiers prepare for a special mission.


Saturday, July 30, 2016

Spirit Exceeds Man's Knowledge

by Dale Shumaker

When on a mission driven by the Spirit, it exceeds or propels the best of what man can offer. For example, two highly recognized business bestsellers, TED Talks and Born for This, have excellent information from a knowledge of man's standpoint. When you include the Spirit, all this information can be transformed to a higher level. Here's what they say and then what the Spirit does which takes it into a much greater realm.

First, what the books say...

TED Talks by Chris Anderson, the official speaking guide to public speaking, outlines what makes a great speech on TED, the famous video series of timely talks. They focus on an 18-minute power talk formula.

In presenting a great talk the first step is building the idea. With a relevant idea create a throughline, that is what's your point and how does everything tie together. It's to say something meaningful and having all points like a thread bring them to one whole idea.

Simply, every speech has an
Introduction--getting settled and what will be covered
Context--why this issue matters
Main Concepts and tying them together to the main point
Practical implications--what this may look like when applied
Conclusion--bringing all points together.

You build your throughline using
Connection--make it personal
Narration--using intriguing stories
Explanation--explaining a point through concepts
Persuasion--provide reasons to change a mind forever
Revelation--insights that take your breath away

Are you passionate about the subject? Does it inspire curiosity? Will it make a difference to the audience? Is the information fresh? Credible? And can you explain it clearly so others can walk away and use it?

TED Talks is indeed an excellent guidebook to have on your bookshelf when preparing a talk, presentation. It includes additional principles of media and communication.

Born for This by Chris Guillebeau leads you through how to find the work you were meant to do.  The perfect career has these three interlocking, overlapping components.
Joy: what you like to do
Money: what supports and sustains you
Flow: what you are really good at

Of major attention is the art of skill transformation.
Make a list of what you do well. ...every area of life, education and work. Write down at least one thing you hate doing and aren't good at.

Improve your writing and speaking ability.
Learn to negotiate.
Improve your ability to follow through and follow up.
Become comfortable with useful technology.

Be an active listener. Tell people back to them what they told you in your words so you know and they know you got it.
Be a master problem solver. Everyone is looking for solutions. Be the one to give them.
Be the best at following up and following through on a timely, accurate basis.

Guillebeau continues on how to apply this to various careers that best suit you where you can excel and be a notch above others in your area of endeavor.

Now, what the Spirit does...

All this information is good information from man's perspective. Although with the Spirit it goes to a completely other level.  The Spirit can touch a person's heart and convict them of what you are saying is important. It is the Transformer of a person's life. The prophets in the Bible were known for this. Moses, Elijah, Paul, Peter all lived in the Spirit which did remarkable things through them. They influenced people beyond what any natural man could do.

God has a mission for us. He uses some of our abilities but the Spirit provides additional abilities beyond the natural. Some refer to these as Gifts of the Spirit. Things like acquiring Spiritual Intelligence of Divine origin and knowing things that only the all-Knowing Spirit could tell us.
Our careers, vocations in the Spirit are set by God and He gives us Super-natural skills to get them done, beyond what a man can do in his own efforts.

For more on Gifts of the Spirit see...

All the above are helpful. Although with the Spirit in our lives, which Jesus said He would give freely to those who ask, we can do incredibly more than we can even think or imagine.


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Partnering in Mission with Others

by Dale Shumaker

I believe we all are born with a mission for our lives. God made us for a special purpose of something He wants to accomplish through us. That's why I organized Living Your Magnificent Mission (ebook/e-course) to assist people in living it, in God's Power, with His direct Divine direction and in connection with others. It's my life's work I want to share. It is my desire to partner in Spirit with others, to be personally available to provide relevant, ongoing Spiritual insight to committed ones living out their Magnificent Mission... in the way God intends.


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Living Your Magnificent Mission ... What we do

by Dale Shumaker

We all got one, a Magnificent Mission, implanted in our DNA by our Creator from the time we are born.
In the Scriptures it says before we are born He knew us (Jeremiah 1) and we are marvelously made (Psalm 139). This includes everyone. Our life is about finding it, refining it, and living it to its fullest... Living Your Magnificent Mission.
It's a simple process to get there, and then to be empowered by His Spirit as we live it. Anyone can do it. The art is in consistency. Doing it consistently and growing from one level to another.
We help you find your mission, refine it, and mobilize the Spiritual skills to live it, powerfully.
So how do we help you?

The focus is on three things:
Mission: what is God's mission for you in life, refining it and advancing His Spiritual gifts through you for it.
Training: training on Spiritual skills as they apply to your business, vocation, your life.
Prayer: teaching you the dynamics of prayer, and prayer partnering with you... the Spirit Savvy Network distinction. No force is more powerful than God's force with you.
We provide coaching, training and support so you can be living Your Magnificent Mission in your work, through what you do, in all you do.

For those in business, we provide training and support you in being a missionary in the marketplace. The Spirit Savvy Network has several training and support services. Our goal is to be your assistant, partner with you, in making it happen in your mission through your business.
In your vocation, we help gear you up for being the spark of Spirit where you are, and fulfilling the mission God initiated in you. So your profession, your work is a mission for you.
In your lifestyle, we assist you in defining, refining, and guiding you through Spiritually empowering principles which build the dynamic of God's Spirit in you; that work with you in your mission, the call you are fulfilling through your life.

Our approach.
We partner with you Spiritually,
guiding you through our cornerstone online course, Living Your Magnificent Mission.
In addition we provide resources for advancing your business/vocation skills... customize them for you.
(Our blog, The Spirit Savvy Business, has summaries of over 200 best-selling business books with our exclusive Spiritual spin, that sharpen the skills for accomplishing your mission in the marketplace.)
And, by teaming with you, following the 2 or 3 in Agreement Principle, we support you in applying Spiritual principles that bring to fruition your mission in business and life.

The method.
It's personalized, just for you.
We meet in person or by phone a couple times a month, or to the degree and pace which best fits your interests.
Through links to our content online and emails, we send information, ideas, thoughts that are relevant to your mission, and precise information relevant to what God is doing through you.
It's customized for you, for your mission, the nature of what His Mission is through you.
Living Your Magnificent Mission is free online. You can access its content by clicking here.
Then we are available to coach, guide, counsel and partner in mind and Spirit for making it come alive in all you do.
Always right by your side applying the 2 or 3 in Agreement Principle, providing resources, and supporting you as you live out your Magnificent Mission. 

For more go to the Spirit Savvy Network
home page and scroll to the bottom half.

Your mission is important. Live it everyday.