Thursday, August 24, 2017

God with You at Work ... dreaming with God

By Dale Shumaker

God With You at Work was written by Andy Mason, so we all can experience the presence and power of God with us in our life and business. God sets us on a mission. As we live in Him on that mission we live with the experience of God with us. In his book, he puts to practice the power of the Testimony. A person's testimony is like God's resume in his life. As we develop our awareness of God living constantly in God's Presence, we see His power at work around us. When two are in agreement, it creates a power.
"Don’t you realize that all of you together are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God lives in you?" (1 Corinthians 3:16) His Presence is there among us, where at least two are in agreement. Andy says as you read the book he is that agreeing partner with us.

With God’s Spirit clothing me I can do anything while having an abundance of peace. This is the secret source of all success... being clothed in His Spirit. He sets us on a mission that may seem impossible. The question is will we receive it. And know it can be done as we learn to rest in His Presence.

"You will do greater things," Jesus admonished. The secret source to everything Jesus and the Apostles did was their connection they had to the Person of God.

"My presence will go with you and I will live from rest" (Exodus 33:13).
Our performance is based on rest. We live in a performance of rest.

Our focus is our identity with Jesus Christ and not on our performance. Many live for what they can do, not who they are. Our identity is who God says I am. Our value rests on that God is with us. Our anxiety is based on an inferior Kingdom, whereas when our Identity is with God and His Kingdom we don't strive but function in a performance of rest. We seek His intimacy which yields His power.

We are sons and daughters of God. We are joint heirs with Him and we live in that relationship. This inheritance is a gift from God and it can
only be received, not earned. It's from intimacy, connection and a confident dependence on Him. Those who live without that intimate connection are like orphans, on their own without a God of love and power to help. They are disconnected from His Spirit, feel they must earn everything ("if it's going to be, it's up to me" mindset). Since they earned it, it belongs to them, so they must protect it. This is the worldly view of business and possessions. It causes strife, anxiety, discontent, bitterness and other negative human emotions.

With us being joint heirs of God's Kingdom, His Children, we feel part of His family, and very large one beyond us. We feel connected to God and family. So we receive His Gifts and Blessings. We don't strive but live in peace and joy. Which leads us to give more, which creates an increase in our lives and those around us. Success is no longer my independence and ability to protect what I have. It is now seeing others join me in my momentum and my desire to see others go farther than me, that they go beyond me. Jesus did not come just for you to live free and die in peace. But so that you live in His Presence and Power… so that you do greater things.

Instead of striving, being envious and jealous, wanting to beat everyone, we live in love, joy, peace, patience, long suffering, as we live in His Rest. Resting in Him creates a paradox. We don't feel the stress of effort, but accomplish more. We don't try to protect our own, but give freely and freely we receive, even more... pressed down and overflowing. Being tied into His Kingdom, our inheritance is beyond what we can think or imagine.

Dream with God. Dreamers are born to demonstrate the impossible. The competitive advantage we have with the world's principle is Christ within. "Christ in us"(Col. 1:27). Do not be lured by the principles and philosophies of man, which are not according to Christ (Col. 2:8). Christ came to demonstrate what a human can do in complete partnership with a limitless God. It's a personal relationship we have, a covenant relationship. When we limit ourselves to a set of rules, we diminish the whole benefit of why Christ came to earth.

It's not about what I can get, but what I can give. The gift of Sonship gives us access to the limitless supply in order to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

We have permission to dream with God.
We have permission to succeed.
We have permission to demonstrate how good God really is. How much more will our Father in Heaven give good gifts to those who ask Him (Matt. 7:11).

The process of dreaming with God.
1. Intimacy
Have a personal experiential relationship with the Father of Creation. Set time apart to spend time with Him, adjusting our schedules to do so.

2. Ask, dream, imagine, create
Take time to ask to dream with Him. Setting our thoughts on Heaven. Meditate on who He is. Meditate on who He says we are.

3. Receive
As sons and daughters of God we live from inheritance rather than having to earn something. What would our life, business, mission look like if it were "God-sized"?

4. Risk, do it
Often times our dreams may be large and often overwhelming compared to where we are now. It may seem impossible.
We start with partnering with God. What does our intended outcome look like? What do we start with? What do we have in hand right now, resources at our disposal right now?
Take that first step. Do it again. Take another step, then another, and another. We are there for each other and help each other.

When we live our dreams with God, life is released. The process of dreaming with God starts and ends with intimacy, our intimate relationship with our Father in Heaven.

As Mason wraps up the book, he addresses the Supernatural Keys of Success. Most believers have been happy to quote Scripture, improve character, not realizing there is a whole new power we can tap into. There are three keys.

1. By the Blood of the Lamb.
Christ's death and resurrection also puts His Power back into us. Everywhere you go you can know His will is on earth "as in Heaven." We are the enforcers of Heaven on earth.

2. By the Word of Our Testimony.
Whenever we hear someone's testimony, we know He wants to do it through you again. It's not just one person's testimony but for us too...
and He wants to do it again through us. When we recall or repeat what He has done, He wants to show up and do it again.
We get more of what we repeat. When we repeat bad news, we provoke more of that. When we repeat His Good News, and someone's testimony, we get more of that.

3. By Living Selflessly.
We shift our definition of success from ourselves to others. Winning is not about what we get, but what we give. It's about advancing His Kingdom. When we seek His Kingdom first, we see the things added to us, that others strive for. He gives back to us more than we can imagine. Elevate the status of people around you. Promote their dreams.

God with You at Work is part of Andy Mason's Heaven in Business series.
His website is

Andy's view is very similar to how I see the marketplace advancing and the Kingdom of Heaven advancing. My theme line on my Spirit Savvy Network business card is "Invigorating the Kingdom of Heaven in the Marketplace."

You also see in Living Your Magnificent Mission life course which I developed (about living out your God-called mission in the marketplace) a parallel of emphasis and themes.

It's interesting how the Holy Spirit gives people who don't know each other or collaborated with each other similar themes, principles and perspectives. To me this says, God is up to something and we all play a key role in it happening.


Sunday, July 23, 2017

Seeing Believing Saying, adding Spirit

By Dale Shumaker

The Power of the Brain
the Power of the Spirit

Neuropsychology compared to the Spiritual way. Similar, both powerful, but the Spirit is more advanced.

From neuropsychology, which I studied  quite extensively in the 90's, I learned how powerful the mind is.  When we constantly see the results we desire, keep telling ourselves it will happen, and say out loud the results we desire, it works into our subconscious where it forms an incredible human power cell.

Those who practice and master it  say they have greater results in what they want to accomplish. As one said, the mind is like a magnet. It draws into our lives what it dwells on. This can be good and bad, depending on what we dwell on with emotional intensity.

One key activity is visualization... to keep playing a movie in the mind of what we hope for and desire. We naturally daydream, so control daydreams to be the outcomes in life as we prefer to have it.  That is seeing it as happening as we desire in our imagination first, and not focusing on what we see as dire circumstances. What we imagine, with intensity, emotional desire, comes about.

Add positive self talk. That is we keep telling ourselves a positive potential of everything that happens.
All delays are just that, it will happen but not just yet.
Obstacles are temporary, and setbacks can lead us to something even better.
Talking positively to ourselves, and not criticizing ourselves or others, but being our own best encourager and keep telling ourselves what we see in our mind and believe...
it will happen.

Another key component is affirmations. Write positive statements of the outcome as you wish, and put them in the present tense as if they have already happened. Read them and say them constantly. What our mind hears us say it tends to want to take us that direction.

So speak positive, desired outcomes for every circumstance, what we hope for, and desire. Put a positive spin on all we say, in how we talk about things. Some have called this declarations.
What our mind hears us say it will obey.

The formula is visualize it as already in existence.
Use positive self-talk to condition the mind for making it happen,
and then affirm/declare it as if accomplished,
claiming it as done with confidence in your voice.

From a neuropsychological standpoint, those who do this say they accomplish what they hope for. Those who practice this, master it,  say they have seen awesome results in what they wanted to be, attain or accomplish.

There is a higher dimension to this.

The brain is powerful, although the Spirit is even more powerful. Add the Spirit and we go up to a higher level, almost literally out of this world.

Now, we can stay at the mind level, which is amazing in what it can do when applied positively.
Or we can go up to a much Higher level...
adding what can be done through the Spirit.

First, God says have faith in Him to make it come to pass, which is having the God of the universe working with us but above the power of our mind.
It's called Faith.

Faith is what we hope for to the level as God can do. In Faith we see it already done, and live as if it already exists. We Believe this because the ultimate power of the universe, God's Spirit, is doing it.

"Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. For by it the men of old gained approval." (Heb. 11:1, 2 NASB)

We then speak to ourselves as God sees us.
We do not dwell on thinking of past failures, mistakes, our shortcomings, or thinking there's no way I can do this, or it can happen.

(We don't say in our mind, "I am just not good enough," instead we say "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.") We live in the Holy Spirit and speak His Words of hope in our hearts.

We cultivate this through meditating on the Scriptures and talking to God about it happening, how it will happen, and what it will look like, and the excitement we have for it when it comes into place.

When Jesus was on the Mount of Transfiguration, He was discussing with the prophets what was coming into place and what the Kingdom would be, what He must do for it happen. When our minds are constantly reciting His promises in our thoughts, constantly reclaiming in our minds who we are through Christ in how we talk to ourselves, it transforms the mind to be His Mind.
We know it will be done through His Power.

"And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind." (Rom. 12:2 NASB)

Next, saying it out loud with Scriptures. Use the Word of God to reinforce what the outcome will be. We proclaim it through the power of His Spirit. His Word is on our lips and we tell others about it continually. And we express belief in what God promises, His Spiritual Principles, in all our speech.

Jesus frequently quoted the Scriptures in response to somebody, something. We recite the Scriptures out loud in an affirming, declaring way.
("As you have believed, let it be done for you.” (Matt. 8:13, Holman)
"As we believe, it will be done.")

Say it out loud in prayer and when we talk to others. Saying it in light of God's Mighty all-powerful, all-loving Spirit working through us.

"Repeat them again and again.... Talk about them when you are at home and when you are on the road, when you are going to bed and when you are getting up." (Deut. 6:7 NLT)

In Spirit it's Faith, meditating on His Word, and speaking His Promises.
In Spirit, it's mind power working in concert with Spirit power, with the Spirit as the mind’s director.

Sin is when we rely on our mind, and we don't include or let the Spirit direct it, to be inclusive in it.
When we value our thoughts, above God's Thoughts and Power through us, it is sin for us. It's the...
"If it's going to be it’s up to me" mindset
His Power works Mightily through me.
It's that we do God's mission,
and His will through us.

So it's
Seeing, Believing, Saying
at the Spiritual level,
through the Spirit.

This is part of the building blocks I have in Living Your Magnificent Mission. It's a powerful process when done well, as a discipline, as part of us. It's important we live out our mission, and follow this as we do.
"Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of My Father in heaven." Matthew 7:21


Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Power of "Many with a Few" connected

By Dale Shumaker

Many with a few connected yields a great power.

I was pondering this thought. As I did, my thinking went down this road.

What we see now is a few with many, but what we will see in the near future is many with a few. As I pondered this, I saw each of us have a few that we are close to. We bounce ideas off each other, help each other, and pray for each other.

These few are connected. But then each person has a connection with others outside their close inner circle of friends. It expands out like a web of small cells connecting with others. This keeps expanding, and can go indefinitely.

(It's been said we are 6 people away from anyone in the world. It's called "6 degrees of separation." Some have said the last two elected U.S. Presidents were aware of this and used social networks strategically which had great impact on them winning the election.)

Spiritually, Jesus encouraged this. He related the Kingdom of Heaven on earth as being like a vine. Intertwining and helping each other.
As a few... two, three, four... connect with others in groups of two, three, four, and they each connect with small cells of people, they become like a vine that weaves with other vines and it forms a strong web. Jesus advocated that this is the most powerful force when applied in Spirit.

I recalled on the farm there was a fence row that was covered with a vine. It had sweet smelling honeysuckle growing out of it. The fence row was completely covered with this vine. I tried one day to pull it away from the fence row, and it was so intertwined I couldn't pull it off the fence. It would give, stretch out, but I couldn't pull it away from the fence.

Jesus likened Himself and us as a vine and branches.
"Yes, I am the vine; you are the branches" (John 15:5).

As His Body in Spirit on earth, we are to be like this vine.
Today I see some fellowships who have a great preacher and many come. It is a "few with many" scenario. What I see in Spirit is in the future it will be "many with a few"... but all intertwined like the vine, spreading out everywhere. As a Spiritually unit, connected and intertwined, we have great power and have an ability to connect to any resource in the world, Spiritually, materially, practically.

"I pray that they will all be one, just as you and
I are one... And may they be in us so that the
world will believe you sent me" (John 17:21).

This prayer for us being One is our most powerful force in the Spirit, as Jesus asked the Father in Heaven that this be protected and developed in us all. The vine overlapping and intertwining can reach all places on the earth, and penetrate places seemingly not penetrable.

Have you ever noticed a crack in cement where a vine was growing through it. This is what we will become. We will go places many aren't able to go. We can break through areas that seem too hard to break through.

What seems like a wall that is strong and can't be penetrated we will break through the cracks in the wall. ...especially through prayer.

All of the "many with a few" can be connected, through the Spirit, overlapping like a vine. It's effect is it will spread everywhere, with great strength.

Just as I couldn't pull the intertwined vine from the fence row, the Body of Christ interconnected cannot be severed by difficulties, or lose its power. Woven together like this its power is increased, regardless of size.

You cut a tree at the stump and the whole tree falls down. The many branches high up fall to the ground and die... leaves die and never come back, and it doesn't bear fruit.

With a vine, it doesn't happen that way. All the branches are tied together with each other.

So you see from this effect in nature. When applied Spiritually each of us with a prayer cell, of maybe a few, who intertwine with others doing the same is a powerful force, an invincible force.

It doesn't seem big like a tall tree with many branches, but it is very strong and penetrates many places, and is a lot more massive than can be imagined.

The "few with many," what we seen now in the world, will give way to the "many with a few," intertwined in Spirit.

This is the unique design of the Spirit Savvy Network, aka, Body of Christ. This is how the Spirit works in power constantly reproducing within itself.

It is applicable in all things... life, business, mission. Especially our mission for Heaven coming to earth as in Heaven.

See this explained in detail at Living Your Magnificent Mission.