Saturday, July 30, 2016

Spirit Exceeds Man's Knowledge

by Dale Shumaker

When on a mission driven by the Spirit, it exceeds or propels the best of what man can offer. For example, two highly recognized business bestsellers, TED Talks and Born for This, have excellent information from a knowledge of man's standpoint. When you include the Spirit, all this information can be transformed to a higher level. Here's what they say and then what the Spirit does which takes it into a much greater realm.

First, what the books say...

TED Talks by Chris Anderson, the official speaking guide to public speaking, outlines what makes a great speech on TED, the famous video series of timely talks. They focus on an 18-minute power talk formula.

In presenting a great talk the first step is building the idea. With a relevant idea create a throughline, that is what's your point and how does everything tie together. It's to say something meaningful and having all points like a thread bring them to one whole idea.

Simply, every speech has an
Introduction--getting settled and what will be covered
Context--why this issue matters
Main Concepts and tying them together to the main point
Practical implications--what this may look like when applied
Conclusion--bringing all points together.

You build your throughline using
Connection--make it personal
Narration--using intriguing stories
Explanation--explaining a point through concepts
Persuasion--provide reasons to change a mind forever
Revelation--insights that take your breath away

Are you passionate about the subject? Does it inspire curiosity? Will it make a difference to the audience? Is the information fresh? Credible? And can you explain it clearly so others can walk away and use it?

TED Talks is indeed an excellent guidebook to have on your bookshelf when preparing a talk, presentation. It includes additional principles of media and communication.

Born for This by Chris Guillebeau leads you through how to find the work you were meant to do.  The perfect career has these three interlocking, overlapping components.
Joy: what you like to do
Money: what supports and sustains you
Flow: what you are really good at

Of major attention is the art of skill transformation.
Make a list of what you do well. ...every area of life, education and work. Write down at least one thing you hate doing and aren't good at.

Improve your writing and speaking ability.
Learn to negotiate.
Improve your ability to follow through and follow up.
Become comfortable with useful technology.

Be an active listener. Tell people back to them what they told you in your words so you know and they know you got it.
Be a master problem solver. Everyone is looking for solutions. Be the one to give them.
Be the best at following up and following through on a timely, accurate basis.

Guillebeau continues on how to apply this to various careers that best suit you where you can excel and be a notch above others in your area of endeavor.

Now, what the Spirit does...

All this information is good information from man's perspective. Although with the Spirit it goes to a completely other level.  The Spirit can touch a person's heart and convict them of what you are saying is important. It is the Transformer of a person's life. The prophets in the Bible were known for this. Moses, Elijah, Paul, Peter all lived in the Spirit which did remarkable things through them. They influenced people beyond what any natural man could do.

God has a mission for us. He uses some of our abilities but the Spirit provides additional abilities beyond the natural. Some refer to these as Gifts of the Spirit. Things like acquiring Spiritual Intelligence of Divine origin and knowing things that only the all-Knowing Spirit could tell us.
Our careers, vocations in the Spirit are set by God and He gives us Super-natural skills to get them done, beyond what a man can do in his own efforts.

For more on Gifts of the Spirit see...

All the above are helpful. Although with the Spirit in our lives, which Jesus said He would give freely to those who ask, we can do incredibly more than we can even think or imagine.


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Partnering in Mission with Others

by Dale Shumaker

I believe we all are born with a mission for our lives. God made us for a special purpose of something He wants to accomplish through us. That's why I organized Living Your Magnificent Mission (ebook/e-course) to assist people in living it, in God's Power, with His direct Divine direction and in connection with others. It's my life's work I want to share. It is my desire to partner in Spirit with others, to be personally available to provide relevant, ongoing Spiritual insight to committed ones living out their Magnificent Mission... in the way God intends.