Saturday, June 19, 2010

No Excuses!... Spirit Powered Action Process

by Dale Shumaker

No Excuses! The Power of Self Discipline by Brian Tracy
is about how we put off to do something some day, when we can start today. The key to a great life is self discipline while resisting the lure of excuses. Tracy has a comprehensive achievement guide for personal, business, sales and financial success as well as the disciplines to follow for living the good life. For now, let's take a look at some key areas for personal and business success.

Create habits of self-discipline. They can be learned and become
your strengths. Describe your ideal life in your business and work, family life, health, financial. Cultivate the discipline to do what you know to do to make each part of your life as you would want it. Pay the price, learn from the experts, become all you can be. Develop character, study values you admire, practice values you respect and emulate people you most admire.

Take control of your life and use this seven-step method for achieving your goals.
Step 1. Decide exactly what you want.
Step 2. Write it down.
Step 3. Set a deadline for your goal.
Step 4. List everything you can think of that you can possibly do to achieve your goal.
Step 5. Organize your list by sequence and priority.
Step 6. Take action on your plan.
Step 7. Do something everyday that moves you in the direction of your goal. Make a list of ten goals important to you and begin. Do something, anything. Action will get you in motion.

Three simple steps to become the best.
1. Read sixty minutes in your field each day.
2. Listen to educational audio programs in your car.
3. Attend courses and seminars in your field regularly.
Never stop learning.

Seven Steps to be at the top.
Step 1. Arise two hours before your first appointment.
Step 2. Rewrite your goals every day.
Step 3. Plan every day in advance.
Step 4. Discipline yourself to focus single-mindedly on one thing at a time.
Step 5. Listen to education programs constantly and have important things to read when you have to wait.
Step 6. After every call, ask what you did right, what can you do differently.
Step 7. Treat everyone like they are worth a million dollars.

When you are worrying about something use the "worry buster." First define the worry situation clearly. Then identify the worst thing that could happen. Resolve to handle the worst case scenario. Resolve to focus on what can be done now. Look for the good in everything, and find the valuable lessons learned in difficulties.

In business set high standards, think about solutions and be proactive rather than reactive. You must be better than your competition. Challenge your assumptions. It is estimated that 95% of entrepreneurs make less than $50,000 a year. Why? Most are intelligent and skilled enough to do more, they fall short on personal self discipline and don't thoroughly evaluate all aspects of a business. Identify your ideal customer... who best fits, needs, wants, will choose your product or service over others. Figure out your competitive advantage and your unique selling position... what stands out about you that no one else has or can do. Your goal is to create and keep a customer, with customer satisfaction repeating business. The true successful customer is one who recommends you and gives you referrals.

Keep yourself focused. And keep working on the most important things. Ask:
1. What is my most important role to keep the business profitable?
2. What are the key results areas?
3. What are the highest value activities for me?
4. What must I do and do well that makes the biggest difference?
5. What is the most valuable use of my time right now?

Nine steps to solving problems effectively.
1. Take time to define the problem?
2. What is the real problem?
3. What else is the problem?
4. How did the problem occur?
5. What are my possible solutions?
6. What is the best solution?
7. Make a decision.
8. Assign responsibility.
9. Set a measure for the decision.

Happiness is a by-product of doing something you really enjoy and achieving results you really want. Eat healthy, stay fit, build your marriage relationship and improve your personal communication skills. Practice the discipline of love for wife, children and friends. Live with peace of mind and the big contributor to that is to accept responsibility and forgive when you need to.

No Excuses is a very comprehensive but tightly written work on making happen what you want most in life or business. Visit Brian Tracy's website... he has several free newsletters on many personal development areas.

"Do these things and you will never Fail." (2 Peter 1:10).

"Do these things and you will succeed in all you do." (Joshua 1:8)

"Run with endurance the race set before you." (Hebrews 12:1)

These guidelines are a keystone for mission accomplishment, vision fulfillment.
Peter said to add to your faith, your vision, goodness, then knowledge, then self-control and persevere. This is a self discipline of pressing throw. If you do these things you will not fail.

In Joshua he was about to face many battles to take the promised land.
God said that if he meditate on the principles of God, day and night, continually, and follow all the commands or principles God laid out, Joshua and his army would be successful in all their battles they encountered.

And then the Hebrew writer said we should endure, and we will win.
Perseverance and self discipline to keep going regardless of what we face or how we feel is essential to attain any vision inspired by God's Spirit that looms in our minds. Seek God, get His vision and strategies. Battles are part of life. But endure, fight through them. First, it is imperative to seek God's guidance. If we don't, we will not succeed, only when we seek God's strategies first is victory assured. You will not fail when you follow God's Powerful Spiritually Driven principles.

Consider the following as an Spirit-Powered Action Process. You can
overcome any battle. Anybody set on a mission, in business or life, will benefit from this process. I call it the Spirit directed vision achieving process. It is Spirit led, with Spirit inspiration and power along the way.

The Spirited-Powered Goal setting process...
Follow the Joshua (1) process...

Know where 2 or 3 agree Jesus is there.(Matt. 18)
It's about....

Seeking God First in all things,
Set directions as God gives you.

Recording what His Spirit brings to mind.
(write the vision daily, the prophetic word by the prophets was written down)

Craft the strategy, organize your thoughts as Spirit directs.

Re-enforce it with faith, and reminders of past victories.

Use Scripture Power Scriptures to overcome insurmountable obstacles
(Again, write all this down)

Speak Scripture promises affirmatively.

Share what is inspired with another.
Speak it back to each other.
Say it out-loud to each other and continue to proclaim it.

Proceed into battle with a shout, proclaiming His promises in confidence of voice.

Carry out the strategy with boldness.

Support each other,
fight as a unit and combine faith Spirit.
One in Spirit is your Power. Be one in effort, in Spirit.

Speak faith into each other.

Report what is happening and keep each other going.
Get new insights, proclaim it and go back into battle.

Keep each other going.

Keep a record of victories, and return to seek God for the next battle.

Carry your Fight Book with you everywhere, and constantly record what the Spirit
says to you as He speaks to you throughout the day.

To summarize the process:
Pray it,
See it in Spirit in mind,
Confess it, that is say it out-loud,
Scripture it,
Write it, craft strategies,
Share it,
Unite in it,

Boldly advance,
Proclaim it,
Support each other,
Review victories,
Constantly seek God.

Be Bold, be Strong, for the Lord your God is with you.

Expect Miracles, live expectantly !!!

With God's plan in hand, you walk with power in your step because you walk in His steps.

Make your own Spirit-powered mission accomplishing system,
(build your own notebook, with your design, methods similar to your personality), and keep refining as you learn each day.

This will increase its power.

Each person's Fight Book should be personalized.
Each person should have his/her own style, but the ingredients be similar.

This is your Flight Plan, your Fight Plan, your Power Plan.
Be Bold, Be Strong, for the Lord, the God over all conditions of earth,
is With You!!