Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Living Your Magnificent Mission ... the Spiritual process

by Dale Shumaker

In living your magnificent mission we go through a Spiritual process. It involves three areas. First the mission, then the strategy, then the assignment.

It initiates from 2 or 3 coming together in prayer. Keep in mind what Jesus said, when two or three agree for what they ask for in prayer... that the mention of 2 or 3 is figurative. It's a small number... 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.

Living Your Magnificent Mission starts with Mission discovery, refinement, then the personal building process of faith, renewing the mind, and acquiring Spiritual Intelligence or hearing from God. This is the foundation for the 2 or 3 Agreement principle, and how it works. It must be in place first, by each person.

I can't overemphasize the importance of this.  Each person (in agreement with someone) needs to be in faith, renewing their mind via Scriptural formation in their subconscious mind, and in prayer, i.e., hearing from God. When everyone is engaged in this on a regular basis, then the 2 or 3 who come together in agreement works, the intangible becomes tangible, a vision shapes into a reality.

When 2 or 3  build a relationship in Spirit first, which comes through conversation, learning about each other's lives and praying together, unity is established. Faith increases, a bond in love forms and much power is seen through it.

As 2 or 3 connect in prayer, the Spiritual relationship begins to mold together, a love-bond relationship forms in Spirit, which is a Spiritual cell of love and bonding. God begins revealing a mission to this small cell of people.

So as those in 2 or 3 agreement continue to mature in their Spiritual relationship, what is birthed is mission identity, a strategy, specific assignments for those involved.

1. In prayer, a mission is revealed.
2. Back in prayer again, the strategy for the mission comes out of continued prayer.
3. Then, when back into prayer again, the assignment for each one in the small cell is given.
4. The small cell, then supports each other and works as a unit through mission completion. In many cases, this may not come to full completion in one's lifetime, but be an ever ongoing process.

The Scriptures in Hebrews 10 says to not neglect meeting or coming together. Human nature is as such that we tend to get busy with our task and then slack off on meeting. We are to continue to meet or connect in prayer, encourage and spur each other on to the good deeds, acts of love, that the mission inspires us to do.

The point to remember is that everything begins in prayer and continues through directives received through prayer. The prayer experience may be very simple… engaging in a time of Spiritual worship, sharing immediate needs, praying one after another, and then discussing what God is showing each person. It is important to keep plenty of time available for this last part. The goal is to hear from God, and take time to hear what God is saying to you. Then into prayer again, pray over each person's assignment, and that they be empowered by the Spirit.

It all starts in prayer and continues through prayer, carrying out what is put on our hearts, and constantly encouraging and spurring each other on to what God is placing on our hearts to do.