Thursday, August 27, 2015

Living Your Magnificent Mission … how to read for best results

by Dale Shumaker

Living Your Magnificent Mission is an empowering process. It is a survival kit in the worst of time. It is a Spirit Power-charger in the best of times. What you are doing as a mission is pushed to a Higher level for living out what God has for you to do and be. Through Spirit we can do all things because the very Spirit of God works through us... the creator of all things.

This is how to live in this power and dynamic of Spirit.

Consider following these guidelines for making the most of the principles and actions recommended in Living Your Magnificent Mission:
...It’s designed for fast reading,
...each chapter is organized to fit different learning and reading styles.

How to read Living Your Magnificent Mission for better results.

1. Skim through all the chapters first.
Use the Bolding feature for a faster read. I put key points in Bold so you can read through everything faster and get the main point. This is a feature technique I use... for both initial preview, emphasis, and later review.

"A Spirit Savvy Network ... What in the world is this"  (an Intro chapter) has an overview of everything.  It is a building block process, as each chapter builds on the other and then they all tie together.

2. At the end of each main chapter I have a Moral of the Story section.
This gives you an overview of the key point of the chapter. For a faster initial overview read, go through each chapter and read this part. When you read the front and end of a chapter,  you can cover a book in minutes and get the main points.

3. The chapters are organized as follows.
In the first part of each chapter, I cover the main principle and reason for it.

Do This. Is a section for putting it to work immediately for those who like to get the point and get going with it.

Consider This. It is for those who would like more information behind the principle laid out in the first part of the chapter.

Scripting the Movie. Some like stories, examples that express a principle. This is for the person who prefers stories. Or who after reading the principle this shows how it might play out.

So read it according to your reading style.

4. Talk to someone about what you read.

I am available for this,
or/and you can find someone you like to go over things with. You may consider a friend who would read it at the same time you do and share as you go.

It's important to say "out loud" to someone what you read, especially those things that jump out at you, or are relevant to you. It helps embed it in the mind while gleaning insight to how it may work for you. We are our own best teachers.

All in all, I am personally available for additional discussion and guidance.

The Scriptures.
I have indicated Scriptures in each chapter. I recommend you read the whole chapter from the Bible, not just a verse here or there.

If you can, look these up and do a fast read of the whole context. That would be good.

So at the first read through peruse the Scriptures cited, come back later and read the whole Bible chapter.  (For the long-term, I recommend you read a Living Your Magnificent Mission chapter a week and read the complete Bible chapter from which a supporting Scripture is taken.)

In the total picture, a good method would be to
1. read over everything (read what's in Bold Type), discuss it,
2. then go back and read one chapter a week, take action on what the chapter says, and share what you did with someone.  (Again, I am available to help you develop a plan that is the best for you.)

By doing as 2 Peter 1 says... in ever increasing measure... our faith and effectiveness grows, strengthens and comes into greater levels of power.

(All sections and chapters to Living Your Magnificent Mission are posted on the Spirit Savvy Business blog starting in October, 2014 and through July, 2015.)