Friday, November 29, 2013

The Industrial Marketing Revolution ... small prayer big power

by Dale Shumaker

The Industrial (marketing) Revolution is an industry specific book for industrial marketing. Although, many of its principles have value in a product or service-based business.

The trend is toward lean marketing with a grand focus on technology. The old way of hitting the trade shows, targeted direct mail, getting in the industry specific trade magazine is going the path to the website as your core  platform, e-based information such as e-books, e-newsletters, blogging that is constantly updated and current to the latest information. 

The goal is to be simple, predictable, and repeatable. The company must embrace technology. It's about the speed of the mouse and immediacy of reporting, quick adaptability and be the one in front doing it. 

Measurability matters. Technology can provide real time reporting of what is going on. Online marketing goes beyond the basics. Targeted e-newsletters need constant delivery, searching online catalogs need updated and reported as it happens, technical descriptions need to be close by, as well as offers constantly showing up, so the customer can take advantage of immediate best deals. With an online presence you can have trade shows web-based with live chat interactions... with all media options. 

Seven steps for successfully navigating your marketing plan. Think long and hard before mounting a campaign.
1. See the finish line first. Be specific.
2. Keep your hands on the steering wheel. Trends change and you must
turn quickly to the better direction when needed.
3. Stay in the right lane. Know where your target audience lives and stay
in their lane.
4. Keep hitting your target. How often are you teaching them... with the
strategic best choice of technology resources, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, online
trade shows, websites, blogs, white papers, e-books....
5. Less miles equals more mileage. Refine the message with valuable, personal
6. Take the carpool lane. Be in line with all others in your marketing efforts.
7. Follow the speed limit. Know the rhythm, pace they move at. Know what the
speed limit is so you are where you need to be when opportunity presents
itself. Some things take several impressions before it is considered... know
the speed and pace at which that happens. 

Your website should have the same ingredients as a trade show booth.
1. Exposure. An attractive, easy-to-navigate, and graphics to make it an
initially a positive experience.
2. Hands-on sampling of product. Photos that make it feel like you are
physically handling the product.
3. Personal interaction with sales reps and staff. So that you can virtually
having a meeting place for customers to interact with you in a real,
genuine manner.
4. One-on-one introduction to a company, idea, or brand. Make a clear
strong message who you are. 

What makes a powerful website.
The hub effect. It is an online link to all your internet activity... the blog,
free e-book, online catalog, etc.
Expect to change. What you are happy with today, may need changed
tomorrow. New products, new clients, testimonials, etc.
Click a mile in your user's mouse. Navigate your website yourself to see
how you feel.
Less is more. Streamline and make it simple.
Lead with the headline. Make the headline the most important message you

Effective Website redesign.
1. Less is more.
2. Metrics, measurement and meaning. Be able to measure its performance
and quickly.
3. Content is king. Focus on creating quality content that is engaging,
powerful, unique and inviting.
4. Content is constant. Update content continually.
5. Don't fix what is not broken. If it is working, stick with it.
6. Do it for the right reasons. Do it to increase performance, not just to
do it.
7.Blogging for fun and profit. Remember content is king and constant. The blog
will do this. 

Five things about content
1. Fresh
2. Unique.
3. New
4. Original
5. User driven 

Stock your content with
White papers, i.e., comprehensive, concise descriptions of how things work.
More information so they can judge against you competitors.
E-books, articles, blog posts, social media posts. 

Blogs are now the modern trade journals. A blog can have greater
frequency and updates on new advances. 

How to get Google to find you? Write keyword rich copy. Find the keywords
people go to to find what you offer. Google looks for those who are an
authority, topics frequently look for, the more people link to you and
you link to them, the more others will find you.
Create captivating titles, write backwards(being short and sweet with key
idea up front), be likeable, have a site map, focus on quality.

Fabac goes on to share how to engage with people and convert contacts to customers. 

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 A song's lyrics says "it only takes a spark to get a fire a going."  There's probably more truth to this than we realize. It is found that when we have lightning storms that way up in the clouds, high in the atmosphere, at the very tip of the lightning bolt, a small puff of light is emitted. Scientists became intrigued by what this was. They found this tiny burst of light gave out an energy and it extended all around the world. These little bursts of energy  gave the atmosphere a protective shield. What seemed so small was a huge energy producer for the whole whole. 

This is what prayer is. It is like that little spark in the song, or that small puff of light that comes out at the very tip of the lightning bold. 

Prayer seems small, although its influence is huge. The small prayer can bring all of God's Power into play and extend all around the  world.

 Prayer brings intelligence. We can glean from God's information thousands of miles away, or hid away in the deep hiding places some may have. 
Prayer instills love. When communication breaks down, love can penetrate the hardest person's heart, and soften their feelings toward us. We can create favor with someone, we don't even know. Prayer perseveres. When things don't seem to be going well, prayer keeps us going and gives us the strength to handle things we feel are overpowering or overwhelming us.

Prayer is the the tip of the lightning bolt that gives out an energy we have no way of explaining its power.

 So the Apostle Paul says to pray without ceasing. Why?  Ever increasingprayer is what protects us, empowers us and makes us strong tolove when in the human will, we don't feel we can.