Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Spirit Savvy Network ... what in the world is this

by Dale Shumaker

As you live out your Magnificent Mission you create a Spirit-savvy network around you. This is your Spiritual power force. So what is a Spirit Savvy Network?

I invented the phrase as a contemporary name, or aka, for those who Believed in Jesus and His Power in the New Testament of the Bible. In the New Testament the Apostle Paul referred to this group as the Body of Christ. They referred to themselves as The Way. ...the way of living that was forming then, and continues today. It's a super-charged way of living with the Spirit of God at the very core of its existence. It's a connection of people living out a Magnificent Mission powered through a Spirit-savvy network.

From my Christian college training and working at a denominational headquarters for over a decade I was exposed to many great teachers of the Bible. They used the name Body of Christ, although I feel it's somewhat of an obscure term today. I created the name a Spirit Savvy Network... to give it a new freshness, a new life.

So then a Spirit Savvy Network is when those who believe in God's Spirit, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, unite in any effort. We have a Spirit Savvy Network. It has universal applications to… a business, group, mission, cause, club, or organization. It's the universal power for what makes everything tick, run well, exceed in what it does. As its principles are followed, in all we do (business, organizations, life activities), we see remarkable results springing up around us.

When small cells of two or three on a mission, work in collaboration with others, we can see an empowered work of God's Spirit blossom. This is an exceptional expression of the Holy Spirit or Spirit as I tend to refer to. Spiritual Gifts come along side our natural birth gifts which create an advanced power, many times unexplainable, that go to work through our efforts, even beyond our efforts.

How do these gifts affect what we do?
They many times come into play when needed. A person with his Magnificent Mission in motion has access to Spiritually-empowered gifts. As an example, the Spirit can provide Spiritual Intelligence where we know things without prior knowledge. We can judge a person's real motives. Our faith increases to a superior level. Provision comes our way that could only be there with the help of Someone much bigger than us. Miracles happen for physical, emotional, relational healing.

A person we don't know very well may all of a sudden open doors for us beyond what we could normally do. We get insight to what will happen in the future. We function at a level of Spiritual intelligence greater than our mental intelligence.

The Spirit provides far above our natural abilities. It works to advance our mission into areas not possible without It's influence and power. God's Spirit parted the Red Sea when it was necessary for the Israelites to escape the Egyptians closing in behind them. The Spirit of God joins our lives to assist us in advancing the Magnificent Mission He has given us… of Supernatural capabilities.

A Spirit Savvy Network develops a highly empowered force of Spirit in the marketplace business, in organizations, in personal ventures. You have a Magnificent Mission. It is the reason for your business, vocation, the services you provide. We all live to be a penetrating force in building the Kingdom of God where we are. It takes a Spirit Savvy Network to get you there. This is about showing you how... as you live your Magnificent Mission.

The building blocks...  content flow
The strength behind living your Magnificent Mission is building your Spirit Savvy Network. It builds on each part. It's much like building a house. You lay the foundation, add the structure of the frame, finish the insides to function and flow as a unit. It is a process that keeps growing in place. It's a process similar to 2 Peter 1: 5-7, where Peter adds one to the other, i.e., add to your faith, goodness, goodness, knowledge...etc. 

It builds much like this, and keeps progressing, keeps building on each step, and keeps recycling back through the steps. It lays a foundation, adds a frame, then envelopes it with power. The steps include (from the bottom up):

9.                  Staying supercharged in mission and life
8.                Synergizing Spiritual gifts for unlimited power
7.              Agreement groups connecting, a matrix of Spiritual power
6.            Cultivating Covenant Connections
5.          The power of the 2 or 3 Agreement principle 
4.        Acquiring Spiritual Intelligence
3.      Transforming, re-programming, renewing the mind
2.    Faith... growing faith
1.  Finding/cultivating your mission, strength of humility

Unless you become as a child you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven the Scriptures say. The foundation building blocks are child-like… belief in God's mission for you that His Spirit is inspiring you to do, and faith that it will happen. Your mind must be renewed by reprogramming it with the Biblical principles of His Spirit. It's then intertwined with Spiritual connections you establish to grow and develop. The 2 or 3 Agreement principle (Matthew 18:19) is huge for advanced powers of the Spirit that work through you.

Applied in prayer partnering and partnering in effort, a Spirit Savvy Network causes a Spiritual eruption as you live out your Magnificent Mission. When developed properly, it will exceed what we see recorded in the Bible. Jesus said it would. He said we would do greater things. It happens when a Spirit Savvy Network is in place and functioning well.

All this is about how to make it work for you. You can be living Your Magnificent Mission.


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