Monday, December 29, 2014

Spirit Savvy Network ... entering your mission

by Dale Shumaker

A Spirit Savvy Network is when two or three, or a small group band together for a common mission or cause. The power structures of the future (in business, in mission) will be small cells of people bonding together to reach a common goal. Forming a fluid structure, they have enhanced flexibility, an ability to maneuver quickly, and be fortified with a potency hard to explain. Why? Spirit is like a laser. It is precise, very pin-pointed, with exceptional force within it.

Big is not always better.

Many business ventures and mission efforts grow into organizations which become slow in response, and cumbersome in how they operate. The bigger they get, the less efficient and effective they are. They also are bigger targets for those who want to thwart their efforts. Whereas Spirit is fast, fluid, forceful, nimble, quick and hard to pin down.

It is a sad fact that most business, or mission ventures dissolve in five years. Some reports project this is about 80% of business ventures. A Spirit Savvy Network is a fail-safe system, and a perpetual-empowering process that advances a business on a mission to greater levels than average. With Spirit at work at full throttle in you, and within your close-knit cell of people around you, it is much more powerful. Possibilities of failure are lessened, the possibility of greater advances are dramatically increased. Small, close-knit groups last longer and move with more force.  Again, it is much more like a laser in its concentrated, focused beam.

Jesus came to earth to share a new idea.
As the prophet Isaiah said, I am doing a New Thing ( Isaiah 43). Jesus had a plan that would be hard to conquer in the future. His opposition wanted to throw a snag in His mission. The way to weaken a cause is to eliminate the leader, create confusion in a group so they in essence defeat themselves.

When the shepherd is killed the sheep will scatter.
True in natural terms, but Jesus' plan was beyond that. When He was killed, of which He knew would happen, He came back with another higher plan. A plan that is invincible. He would put His power in the people, as a group, who believed in Him. By sending His Spirit on a group of people, not just one person, it is hard to dismantle. A group continues because it is not dependent on one person. It is several working as One.

If one person falls, everyone can shore up ranks and continue to make progress, safe from interruption or delay to their goal.  As One as a unit it is hard to pinpoint one leader. It was Jesus Himself now in Spirit among them all, the group. It is a great plan. So in 100, 1000, 10,000 people there is not just one leader, but many micro-leaders within the whole group. They as a unit form the Spirit of Christ on earth. Their leader is Jesus in Spirit, from Heaven, now among the whole group.

It makes the group more dynamic and invincible. It's many as One, not centered around one human leader. If the leader is knocked out his followers stay connected.

Smaller numbers, with close relationships are more powerful in effort.

This brings us to the power of a Spirit Savvy Network. It's about 2 or 3, 20 or 30, etc. as a unit. Not one leader, but a bonded core or cell of people with Jesus in Spirit as the leader. A blend of gifts is spread out through several people. With each gift interacting with the others, it increases their power as a unit.

The military has found that special forces of 6 or 8 people trained to work together on a mission get greater strategic results than a large mass of soldiers. Special forces know each other well, strengths and weaknesses, and how to complement each team member. Being a brotherhood in Spirit creates a very dynamic cell, strong like refined iron.

Harmony, in existence and effort, is the core of the Power. With Jesus in Spirit as the empowering force, momentum of the mission is maintained.  

This dynamic cell of Spirit can be developed in business, in a mission, in a venture. They are driven by God's Spirit, to fulfill His inspired mission.

An inserted thought: Sometimes we hear a great speaker, an inspiring sermon, attend a motivating seminar, and that gets us really revved up. What happens in between? How do we keep going when that wears down over time? The Spirit Savvy Network is more than an inspiring and staying motivated experience. It will keep you going every day, and that's what gets results. Having a Spirit Savvy Network around you will keep you going day in and day out. Here's how it works.  

If you are just one, add another, and maybe another, and all the power of God's Spirit is among you, when you engage the process and principles Jesus introduced. (See Matthew 18:18,19, and Acts 1.)

No matter what your calling or vision is for you in building the kingdom of God on earth as in Heaven... you are part of a grand plan. United, intertwined with others of the same spirit makes you unstoppable.

The first step is finding and fulfilling your mission. If you know yours, this recipe will help you refine it and advance it to a greater level, with greater power.

A Spirit Savvy Network, a cell of strength, emerges when the strategic ingredients are blended as One, in harmony, synchronized and orchestrated by The Spirit.

Carefully build on the following steps, building blocks for a concrete foundation to your mission vision, or better said, God's mission vision through you.  You can recreate your business/mission system to be a Spirit Savvy Network.

Start with your mission (define it, refine it, advance it)
… walk in faith...  reprogram the mind to be in Spirit... learn to acquire Spiritual Intelligence… be empowered through 2 or 3 in agreement... cultivate and nurture your agreement relationships... connect with other agreement cells...  advance Spiritual gifts... fuel the fire.  Keep this process in motion.

Put Spirit in the center and in motion. Spirit will drive the mission through the business mission you are on. It then is also a vehicle to support the mission, while making connections with those God is intending for you to be in contact with.

A Spirit Savvy Network is your power train.
A connected core of two or three closely-knit in Spirit is where the strength is. The power is not in how many, but how close the group is. Smaller groups can become more closely knit than larger groups.

One note... whether you see yourself as an employee, a business owner, an independent income producer, you are a marketplace missionary where you are. Missionary entrepreneur prowess makes us all more effective. A Spirit Savvy Network is a nucleus of invincibility for all we do.


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