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Spirit Savvy Network ... acquiring Spiritual Intelligence

by Dale Shumaker

4. Acquiring Spiritual Intelligence  
Daily tapping into His Spirit, His Intelligence

For your Magnificent Mission to be manifested magnificently, beyond what the natural mind can do, it takes Spiritual Intelligence. We have four main intelligences: the mind, the body, the emotions, and the Spirit. Probably the least developed is Spiritual Intelligence, according to Stephen Covey, in The 8th Habit, and Dr. J. Robert Ashcroft, college president.

The mind, working at its best, can do phenomenal things. Add Spiritual intelligence, and it moves us into operating in a Super-natural realm, above what the best of our brains can do.  Military operations always gather intelligence before engaging in battle. The more we know about what we face, the better we will do in the battles we face. Only through the Spirit can this be acquired where we can get strategic information that only God knows.

The Spirit, in concert with a mind which is compatible with the Spirit, puts a person's mode of operation into a higher, more sophisticated realm. A Magnificent Mission requires Spiritual Intelligence to accomplish the mission God has implanted in us to do. Spiritual Intelligence is God's all-knowing capabilities of which we can live in partnership with... in all we do.

We can secure strategies and knowledge directly from God's Spirit, attained in no other way except through the knowledge that God's Spirit gives us. God's Spirit is everyone, so the magnitude of this resource goes beyond any other resource. When Joshua accessed Spiritually Intelligence for his battles, which were accompanied by Spiritual Power, his victories were overwhelming. Jesus said about Himself that He could do nothing without His Father in Heaven. Spirit empowers what we know and does more than we know to do ... an inseparable companion to renewing the mind.

Look at the process by Jesus outlined in John 14 through 16. Jesus tells the disciples that He is the way to His Father. As His Son, the Father listens to Him. And through Him we have direct access to God as well (who is All-powerful, All-knowing). The Father is in Jesus and Jesus is in the Father, Jesus proclaimed. And after physically leaving the earth, Jesus said He was coming back, by way of sending us the Spirit to live among us. With this plan, He said we would surpass the works He did on earth...  by believing in Him and keeping His commandments. Our minds can't even comprehend all the possibilities when we engage in Spirit.

The Holy Spirit, our Helper, will lead us to truth. We will know and recognize the truth. He will teach us everything we need to know. So beyond formal education, we will learn from Him. When talking to people, the Helper will convince us and others of the mistakes we are making. He will direct us to Truth to show us a better way. He will even reveal to us the future, what is to come. And His power, the power that created the world and all things, will be with us.

In life, our lives are enhanced to an incredible sphere. We will have abilities to know if someone is being honest or trying to mislead us, help us determine if something is a good idea or not, and show us the best way to handle a matter.

What we don't know, the Spirit will teach us. He is our master teacher so that we know some things without being told or taught by someone else. We learn and grow through the intricate teaching of the Spirit in our lives, and from others who are also tapped into the Spirit. We will figure out what is coming ahead of us and know what to do in preparation for it.

These capabilities go beyond what the mind can do. By living in Jesus, in the Spirit whom He sends to us, we will then be able to do greater things than what is considered possible by human means. What a skill set to have. What an added resource in our lives to be at our disposal, to live in the Spirit, to glorify the Father as we live out our Magnificent Mission… knowing we get Magnificent assistance to help us.

He goes on to say all you need to do is ask for what is needed to get the job done. Jesus said that whatever you ask in His name, He will do it. And then adds, if you love me you will keep My commandments. So, it remains important to renew, reprogram the mind so you do know what His commandments are and follow them.

As we look at the building blocks to living the Spirit Savvy way, we see that our mission is God inspired, faith is built by God's Spirit and the understanding of the Scriptures are enriched by the Spirit, entering and living within the Spirit of God makes all this come alive. With the Helper, the Spirit, we get clarity of His mission for us, our faith rises up beyond our natural abilities, and The Bible comes alive as a living Word. Then we hear, recognize and know His voice. So we can tell the difference between His Voice and other voices that may mislead us. Jesus said those who truly, sincerely seek Him will know His voice.

Because of Jesus, we can enter the Presence of God. (see Hebrews 10) We can go directly to the very presence of God, The Heavenly Father, and spend time there going over things and being refreshed and renewed by Him. It is where we get His Divine ideas and insights, receive His Power to get it done, and  are enriched daily in our Spirit because of the visit.

It is like having daily access to the CEO of a large corporation with time to go over the activities we have. What the CEO orders to happen will happen because he has the authority and the power to make it happen. We feel the comfort and strength in knowing that. The authority of his directive, guarantees it will happen.  A powerful way to live, and joyful way to live. When in God's Presence, we have the greatest force in the world at work in us, for us, around about us.

Do this.
To enter His presence and have direct audience with God and His Intelligence, there are ways to do it. You can hear God's voice, acquire His Intelligence and Power. In the Old Testament we see that the Spirit of the Lord would speak to someone, tell them to do a certain thing a certain way, say something a particular way.  Today, this is a privilege of everyone. We can hear directly from God too, just like the Old Testament prophets did, as Jesus did, and Jesus' followers. How is this done?  

God (His Spirit) speaks in most cases through your thoughts.
How do you know if it is God's Spirit and not your own imagination?  When you get a thought that you feel is directed from God, first check to see if it is consistent with the Scriptures. Scriptures are consistent with God's Spirit and it is one way to verify it. By spending more time in His Presence, the more you will recognize the thoughts that are God's voice, words of the Spirit, and not some stray thought running wild through your brain. Keep in mind, if you are angry, bitter or depressed, it may be your emotions over-riding His voice. Be leery of your thoughts as being from God when in a despairing, angry state of mind.

As you read the Scriptures take time to just reflect on what you are reading. Many times you get an impression about something then. A Scripture may have a thought relevant to what you are doing. Use the Psalms for reflecting on who God is, what He is doing in your life, how great He is. Ask Him questions about what you read and what's on your mind, or something you are wanting an answer to. Relax and give time to ponder. When you are settled down, can reflect without interruption, after asking a question, you may have an idea pop into your head. It may be a word, a phrase, an impression. Very likely this is God's voice for you. What we call prayer is an interactive time. It's doing the above and being aware of thoughts that come to mind.

Another way to pray or communicate with God in Spirit is to follow the Lord's prayer as an outline. Take each sentence in the prayer and make a personal application of the thought. Reading a Psalm and then going through the Lord's prayer is an effective way to enter in His Spirit, and turn the mind to His Spirit. The Lord's prayer is in Matthew 6 and Luke 11.

With Christ in the School of Prayer, Andrew Murray has a thorough explanation on prayer called The Model Prayer. It's using the Lord's prayer as an outline when you pray. See this summary of The Model Prayer.

Also, in Experiencing God through Prayer by Madame Guyon, she shares how to enter His Presence and hear directly from God. Here's a summary of some of her suggestions.

Guyon says prayer is entering the Presence of God and remaining there for Him to speak, heal, console and just be with you. Start by digesting the Word of God, and then pray the Word of God. The Kingdom of God resides in His Temple and we are now His Temple. We can enter that most Holy and Powerful place… have a direct audience with God.

Look at the Lord's prayer and dwell on these words. Our Father... we are His child. Let Him know your heart's desire. Continue as you ponder and reflect on Your Kingdom Come and Your will be Done on Earth as in Heaven. Ask God to accomplish His will through you on earth as it is in Heaven.

"Give us this day our Daily Bread." Tell Him about your needs, your mission, people you know. God is within you, walks with you, so He cares for you and wants to help with your Magnificent Mission. Simply follow God's directions for you. He will help you fulfill His work.

Forgive those who have hurt you and ask to be forgiven for what you have done that hurt someone else. Ask Him to protect you from being tempted to do wrong, and from those who want to do harm to you. After the Lord's prayer, Jesus admonishes us to forgive others as He has forgiven us. Love for and forgiveness of others are major factors which lead to answered prayer. (see Matthew 6)  

As you pray, have a notebook handy. Write down your thoughts and ideas in the notebook or record them on your smart phone, Facebook, etc. Through the Spirit's thoughts and impressions, you get directives, ideas, strategies laid out for you. The after-time of listening, and writing down ideas that come after you ask questions is very important. It's that quiet time afterward that solutions to problems, insights, His Spiritual Intelligence are made known to you. Consider these thoughts as thoughts from God, His Spirit. That's what hearing from God is.

I then have a confidence in acting on my thoughts knowing His Spirit is at work too. The more you do this, the more clarity will come. You begin to hear His Voice, The Spirit of God directing you, helping you to strategically fulfill your mission. Ask, seek, knock… when you do, you will be given what you ask for, seek God for, and knock on His door for His help. (see Luke 11)

To pray means to be in communication with God, interacting in Spirit with Him, and knowing Jesus is there to help you always.

Consider this.
Jesus went off often to pray the Scriptures say. (Luke 5)
Even Jesus said He could do nothing without the Father's help.(John 5)
He also said All Things are Possible with God. (Matthew 19)
God tells us things we do not know. (Jeremiah 33)

Our lives are so taken up with busy activities, communication devices in all parts of our lives, it is hard to turn them off, and go to a place of quiet and reflection. We all need that quiet place, that quiet spot where we can focus on the beauty of our Creator. As we reflect on The Scriptures, we get clarity, hear His Voice, recognize how wonderfully made we are.

Jesus re-enforced that "My House shall be a House of Prayer." (Luke 19) That House is your body.  We are the temple in which He now resides (1 Corinthians 6), so its primary function is for prayer... communicating, talking, being within His Presence. Here we acquire Spiritual Intelligence, His power is with us to get the job done, to fulfill the Magnificent Mission He has for us.

Practice the Joshua Principle. Always seek God first, get Divine direction, Spirit-Directed strategies, follow them and you will be assured His Spirit goes before you to assure victory. As Jesus also said, seek what God's Kingdom is about first, and all these things will be added to you. (see Matthew 6)

Over the last couple decades of my life I have seen this as the most important part of my life... to learn prayer, communicating with God in Spirit. As the disciples asked Jesus, Teach us to pray, may we do the same. What's most important is to do it. Establish a routine and do it daily. Then, you will see the greatest miracle of all. Jesus teaches you how to pray, through pray, as you pray.

As we abide in Spirit (see John 15), as a branch is hooked into a vine, our abiding is like the branch that is a direct line to the Spirit's Power. Live connected to the vine. In direct connection with His Spirit all things we ask for will become reality. We will produce much fruit. This section of Scripture in John 15 is crucial for getting Spiritual Intelligence, and being empowered by His Spirit when carrying it out.  

Scripting the Movie
Amos owned two businesses. His plate was always full as each day he had numerous important decisions to make, things that had to get done.

As a routine, early in the morning he would get up, fix some coffee, and sit in his easy chair next to the living room big bay window. It overlooked a grassy green valley, and in the distance the sun would come up between the two small mountains bordering the valley. He flipped open his laptop he had beside the chair, and started going down his favorites he kept bookmarked. First was the Scripture of the Day. Then he clicked to his favorite devotional, he always found himself reading parts and looking out across the valley thinking about it. A thought of inspiration would run across his mind. Logging into his Facebook page, he wrote a thought that the Spirit was impressing on him. He went back to reading.

At the bottom of the devotional link were sections of the Bible to read. By reading this everyday he was able to read through the Bible in a year. A verse would stick in his mind, which raised his curiosity of how it was worded in other translations. Using Bible Gateway, he compared it to some of his most-liked translations: the New American Standard, the New Living Translation, the King James Version. The default translation on the Bible reading page was the New International Version. At times he also looked to see how the English Standard Version expressed something.

As he was reading, many times a thought crossed his mind for a meeting he had coming up. Twice a week he met with the managers of his two businesses. With a legal pad constantly in reach, he wrote the thought down, so he could come back to it later. He told people he got many of his insights for his business while pondering God's Word. As he would read through the Scriptures he asked God questions about what he was reading.

Following his reading time, Amos would pray using the Lord's prayer as an outline. Taking a phrase at a time he would relate it to events in his life. He also prayed for those he knew as The Spirit brought them to mind. He made it a point to pull out the list of all those working for him in his two businesses and pray for God's will, protection, and well-being in their lives.

Sometimes his thoughts wandered, being interrupted in thought about various concerns of the day. Each time he jotted them on his legal pad. On the legal pad Amos had two columns... one was a "to-do" list of things he needed to take care of that day, and another was  "Inspired ideas or thoughts" list. He continued to stay in God's Presence, as he would say it. Amos felt it was at these times that God spoke to him and gave him Divine direction for matters at hand. So he made sure to keep a written record of his thoughts.

After each session in pondering the Scriptures and praying, Amos had compiled a list of ideas, solutions, strategies that popped into his brain during his devotional time. Many of the inspired thoughts he emailed to a small group he called his business prayer network.

These first two hours in the morning went by quickly. He not only felt energized for the day, but Amos got direction to solve many problems and come up with new business ideas he shared with his managers. During the day,  Amos would frequently text his managers an inspiring thought, Scripture or prayer.

A friend asked him, who knew about his morning routine, how he had time to do this every day. Amos said he was so busy, that he needed God's help. During these times he felt he was hearing God's voice with direction for his day and business affairs. When he took time for being in God's Presence, God always gave him strategic direction for the day. The day progressed more efficiently, and when an unexpected problem would come up, he made wiser decisions, and made them more quickly.  Day by day he got done what he needed to within that day with time to be home with his wife, and still catch his boy's ball games, never missing a game.

Amos emphasized he couldn't afford not to do this as he had so much to do, and God always helped him do it better and faster. He went on to say the busier he got, the more time he spent in the morning in God's Presence. There he acquired Spiritual Intelligence on how to get more done in less time, more efficiently.

As for me, it seems when reading the Scriptures I feel sometimes God is saying it directly to me.  Recently a friend in Florida, about 1000 miles from where I live, suggested we do a Bible study over the phone. We happened to pick Zechariah as we were wondering what certain Scriptures meant. We got through the first six chapters. A day or so later I jumped to chapter 8. Then in the morning I went back to chapter 8. Something seemed to be nudging me in my spirit about it. As I was reading verse 9, it just seemed to shout out loud to me..."Be strong and finish the task." As I read on selective parts continued to jump off the page at me... "you were once cursed, ... but now I will make you both a Symbol and Source of Blessing. …

So don’t be afraid. Be strong, and get on with rebuilding the Temple!" The voice I heard in my head I felt was the very voice of God Himself speaking it to me. This is one of the ways I feel I hear His voice. I hold on to what I heard in my spirit very tightly, and go back to it like it was a direct commission from the Holy Spirit.

And in your Magnificent Mission be strong and get on with rebuilding the Temple. You are the temple for the Holy Spirit as Jesus said and the Apostle Paul emphasized. Build what God has set on your heart to do and be equipped with the best training in your field and spirit to work toward finishing the task.

The moral of the story: You have the privilege to speak directly to God, your Heavenly Father. As it says in Hebrews (chapter 10), you can enter the Most Holy Place, you can go directly to our Heavenly Father for Spiritual Intelligence, getting information that only The Spirit would know, strategies that are powered by the Spirit, direction, comfort, and a heightened sense of well being. When you acquire Spiritual Intelligence and dwell in His Presence, you can expect Him to work on the behalf of your Magnificent Mission… knowing that the Power of His Spirit is going before you.

The greatest gift is knowing the Spirit lives in you. And Jesus is with you always. As Jesus lives in the Father, they also live in you, and you in them. And God speaks to you selectively, specifically all the time... as you ask, seek, listen, and you live His Magnificent Mission for you through your life.

The ingredient that fuels prayer is love and being forgiving. In a spirit of Love, God's ear remains attentive. Have a forgiving heart. To love is to forgive from the heart, and not hold on to anger or bitterness. Love and forgiveness are the keys that keep the door open for the Spirit to flow back and forth. What the Spirit knows, He will show you. What He shows you He will provide the Power to do it.

Your Spiritual Intelligence, wisdom, strategic actions will mature and grow. You will have less stress and strain in your life. Living in the Spirit, communicating and responding to His Spirit, propels your Magnificent Mission.


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