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Spirit Savvy Network ... Agreement Cells Connect

by Dale Shumaker

7. Agreement Cells Connect 
a Matrix of Spiritual Power Lights Up

Everything centers around living out our Magnificent Mission... Being One in Spirit with God's Spirit and One in Spirit with others in Spirit. When two or three connect as this, the power of the Spirit magnifies greatly. As two or three connect who work closely in mission with others, a matrix of Spiritual Power erupts.

In the total scope of everything, life is about living in our mission and living in a way that empowers it. Living this way brings Presence, walking in the very Presence of God in Spirit; Power, having the Almighty power of God around us; Prosperity, seeing God continually bringing the results produced by our mission; and Peace, living in a deep satisfaction of doing what is right for us to do. As these inter-relate, we then have  true happiness, contentment, and exhilaration in life.

To not live in this flow, life to its fullest is aborted, destruction of every kind looms around us. Jesus said that not everyone who says Lord, Lord will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. But only those who do the Father's will for them. (see Matthew 7) This is a strong statement for living in our mission, that God has created us for. It is a very serious matter.

The good news is God works through us in our mission, and His way is not burdensome to us. Research in human motivation reveals that when a person works using his gifts and abilities in a meaningful way, he feels the most satisfaction and happiness in life. As God's mission, gifts and abilities He placed in us are used to their fullest, we reap the results of His Power working through us. The fulfillment goes to its highest level.

As we cultivate the 2 or 3 Agreement principle, cultivate connection, the next step is networking with other 2 or 3 Agreement cells doing the same. This then advances into a Matrix of Power as we expand these connections, a connection of power points in Spirit, as 2 or 3 Agreement cells fuse with other 2 or 3 Agreement groups.

The Body of Christ, or Kingdom of Heaven, as Jesus described is like a net, a vine, a tree with many branches. (see Matthew 13, John 15)
In today's terms, it is like a matrix of circuits interconnecting. A highly advanced computer network, communications network, and internet of many connections crossing over each other. As these cells interconnect or intertwine, substance of some kind begins coming into place. When Jesus said may they be One, interconnected, the very presence of God shows itself. The Kingdom of Heaven arrives. It's a powerful phenomenon and the reason why unity, Being One in Spirit, is emphasized so much in the New Testament teachings.

As cells of 2 or 3, connect with other cells of 2 or 3 together in Agreement in Spirit, a network forms. This is the ultimate power structure. It's powerful, flexible, unconquerable. If one part is damaged, it quickly merges again, reforms. Our biological cells work in this manner... constantly merging and reforming. If one group is attacked by a virus, and is killed off, another group merges to rebuild and many times stronger than before. A healthy body is doing this constantly.

So then as one interconnected unit, the forming and reforming maintains consistency of strength as it keeps reforming and re-supporting itself.  ...This is a true Spirit Savvy Network. (Biblically called the Body of Christ by the Apostle Paul, the Kingdom of Heaven by Matthew, and the Kingdom of God by Luke.)

While the United States was flying bombing missions during World War 2, a strategic formula for flight formation was discovered and followed for the bombing missions. The planes flew in groups of three, with each group connecting to form a squadron of 12 to 24, later advancing to 36. Each group of three had a point plane with one plane flanked to its right and another to its left. One plane flew higher and the other lower than the point plane. Another group of three would be to their left and another to their right, as they flanked back. Again in formation of higher and lower. Two more formations of three would come in behind this formation to also be symmetrically higher and lower. The formations included a total of 12 to 24 to 36 planes, of threes combining in threes. The factor of three was used throughout. They found this gave them the best and most thorough advantage of defending enemy attacks when on their way to fulfill their mission. It also provided more extensive bomb coverage saturating the point of attack, totally destroying it. Applying this system, they were highly successful in reaching and destroying their targets.

Taking this into the marketplace, many businesses/organizations today are finding staying lean is better; to connect or partner with others for the resources they need, instead of having them all in-house. When small and tight-knit, they can move, change, and adjust faster and make adjustments quickly to marketplace changes.

For example, a group of three may start a business or service organization. Then they partner with a group of three who specialize in marketing/promotion, then connect with another group of three who are programmers, and a small product assembly group or service provider, adding to this they resource out technical services.
So like the planes in formation, a group of three may collaborate with another three groups to get done what they need to for making the business/organization work.

On the other hand, when a business or organization brings all they need in house, creating departments within the company, the company becomes cumbersome in its operation. It's size deters them from responding quickly to shifts in the marketplace. They are strapped by having all this under their responsibility. By staying small and networking (or outsourcing), for what is most important at the time, they can re-adjust faster to market changes, and not be weighted down with old baggage to carry along.  In the Air Force bombing formations, they learned a flying squadron larger than 36 hindered their maneuverability when responding to enemy resistance. This numerical combination of 2's, 3's, 4's is also a common denominator in many scientific formulas.

As the British were defending themselves from the aggression of Germany in WW2, a fighter plane was engineered called the Spitfire by brainchild inventor, R. J. Mitchell. The Spitfire was faster and more agile than any fighter plane in the air at the time. The pilots liked it because they felt one with the plane while in the cockpit. The British at first rejected the plane for mass war production. It was a beautiful plane but not a fighter they said. Before the plane ever was approved for production for the British Air Force, Mitchell died. The believers behind the plane kept working at it. Eventually the British adopted the Spitfire. Hundreds were assigned to production.

A few years into the conflict, Germany lunged at Great Britain with a massive air attack. The British sent out several hundred Spitfires to meet them... although the Germans had them out-numbered three to one. The British turned back Germany's attack. Germany never tried to attack again. Later on, the German General commanding the British attacks was asked why they never launched another attack on Great Britain. His response... we didn't have the Spitfire.

These concepts are behind what the Spirit Savvy Network, i.e., the Body of Christ, is about. It's being fast, agile, mighty as a unit. We are His pilots for it. As the Spitfire wrapped as one around the pilots, the Body of Christ connected as One flies High and Mighty in formation.  Two or three agreement cells connecting as One with other 2 or 3 agreement cells creates a fast, powerful, flexible, Spiritual force. Small but mighty, it can take on forces that seem bigger and stronger. It's a David and Goliath storyline that plays out in life and our mission.

Agreement cells connected function much like a matrix. As in the body we have cellular masses that are clusters of cells which move around. They are connected to other cellular masses ...very mobile and communicate in rapid, sophisticated ways. The significance is their ability to communicate, interconnect through their harmonious relationships. They adjust and respond quickly to ever-changing circumstances around them.

This is a very powerful system... it figures things out very rapidly and responds with exceptional precision and power.

As 2 or 3 agreement cells bond with each other, connect with other similar cells, they can move fast and flex to adjust to what confronts them. More and more businesses are adopting this as their business structure, as well as caused-based mission ventures, and even a renewed function of what we call the church is becoming more like an organism of interconnecting cells.

Tremendous power is produced by a matrix-like system. Unprecedented power, above average from a human standpoint, is produced when Spirit Savvy Agreement Groups use molecular, cellular, matrix-like structures. The origin is God's Spirit. Spirit created the elements of nature, science, physics, biology, etc..

As we saw in war, the power of 3's connecting in formation, the pilots being one with a fast, agile, quickly maneuverable plane, it's a seizing power of God's creation. As One, nothing will be impossible for you. (see Genesis 11, Luke 1, Mark 9, Matthew 17)

The Scriptures are inundated with... all things are Possible with God's involvement. It happens as One in Spirit with Him and other Believers in Spirit.

Even more so, it applies to any mission endeavor, called of God, assigned to you, as you live out His will for you. Go to the Father, Jesus said, and all you ask for will be granted and implanted in your efforts.

Jesus introduced the 2 or 3 agreement principle as a nucleus of power for extending His mission through you, expanding the Kingdom of God. Then you will be solid, strong, and enduring in all things for you to complete your Magnificent Mission.

Do This.
When coming together, 2 or 3 agreement cells connecting with others of like minds stimulates a Spiritual dynamic to emerge. Following these guidelines will contribute to making it happen.  Groups of 4, 6, or 8 are more effective, beyond 12 the dynamic becomes less effective.

1. Begin by sharing what is happening in your life. New developments, good news, something in the Scriptures that jumped out at you, or a thought that the Spirit has quickened in your heart.

2. If there is a rift, misunderstanding that exists between members this should be cleared up as soon as possible. Frequently overlooked, it puts a drag on the Spirit moving freely in a group. Get it out of the way. Ask others to forgive you, clear up the matter. Clearing up misunderstandings is crucial to release the flow of the Spirit. Negative attitudes just throw a wet blanket on the Spirit. To say "I'm sorry," apologize, ask for forgiveness frees things up, and releases the potency of the Spirit.

You may recall when Paul talks about taking time to remember the Lord's last meal together. He said to examine yourself, to go make something right with another Believer before you eat together. (see 1 Corinthians 11) This is the reason for it. The Spirit is hindered if we have a grudge, hurt feelings, frustration with another person. We should always clear them up as soon as possible.

3. Take time to share the progress on the Magnificent Mission, and any new revelations of what you would like to see happening. Keep the vision alive by sharing insights you are getting as you go. When meeting one in Spirit, this is a form of prayer... to share with each other what we see could be, while each person "believes with you" as you share.

4. Each person adds to what the other person is sharing to build the momentum of Spirit. Speaking with words that confirm, agree with, encourage the other person as they share, invigorates the mind, emotions and Spirit. As the Spirit builds, the essence of what is being shared goes out from the place. It spurs on the Spirit, causing what is desired to come about. The Spirit actually goes to work to accomplish what is talked about... as each person speaks Words that encourage and inspire. When through the Spirit, our speech is powerful... as God spoke the world into existence; when we speak, what is spoken comes into being.

5. During this time ideas will begin popping into the brain. Make note of them. Take action on them. This is an important time when you prime the Spirit in you to hear God's voice. Many expressed thoughts are Inspired ideas from the Spirit. Your thoughts are His Thoughts... take note and do as the Spirit directs you.

6. Pray together and give each person a chance to share challenges and problems they are facing, and asking guidance for. Taking turns, each person share a need, and pray for someone else's need. It's important that time does not get away, and that plenty of time is left for this.

7. What is God saying to you during this time. Take time for each to share any insights they got, and what action they should take. Again, this part, with the praying together, is time of premium value. Manage the meeting so there is ample time for this, and you are not rushing to finish the meeting. This is the most significant part of the meeting.

May I interject here, that the Gifts of the Spirit many times surface during or right after prayer. Sometimes we will just know something, called by some a word of knowledge; we see into the future and what will take place or a hunch of what someone will do, referred to as a prophetic word; or get an inspired idea or strategy, that only the Holy Spirit could give.
This is crucial information to be shared and considered. More on the Spirit Gifts in the next chapter.

8. As you leave, ask God what your role is in answer to the prayers. Is there something you can do, someone you can contact, an idea that could help...?  You may be part of the answer. Everyone is actively involved in each person's needs, desires, helping to solve a problem or overcame a challenge. God quite often uses each person involved in a specific role to provide the answer, advancing the Magnificent Mission of all involved.

9. Keep a record of what is discussed and send it to everyone after you meet. When you review what is discussed from week to week, you will see how God works.
It is interesting and motivating to track what is happening, by keeping a record. Seeing how God's Spirit remains continually at work is quite inspiring and keeps spurring us on.

10. Today's world has many electronic devices to help in communicating, sharing, reporting, record keeping. Use them. Stay in touch like a chatter going back and forth. To hear successes, challenges, victories, and prayers for each other keeps the flow in Spirit evident unceasingly.

Consider this.
When Jesus said He is in the Father, the Father is in Him and He is in us, that's what One is. (see John 14)

Being One is intricate, intimate, expansive. 2 or 3 Agreement cells expand and amass through a network of connections. It's relationship based, being One in Spirit within and with each other. Here's a breakdown of what being One is.
(The following is adapted from the Body of Christ by Dr. J. Robert Ashcroft.)

1. One with God... Through Jesus with Spirit. This is first, and foremost that each person cultivate this in themselves.

Jesus said He would send the Spirit, in which, as the Spirit now resides in us, we live One with Him and the Spirit and the Father. We now are One in God, with God. We have it available to us, so we can use it or lose it. It's a choice God still gives us.

Our culture with its competitive mindset works against this foundation. It pulls us away from the Spirit making us self-centered, which works against the Spirit in unity we have with each other. Our society ingrains in us to be self-sufficient, take things on ourselves; not to live in cooperation with His Spirit in us, and in collaboration with others.

Not living One with the Spirit, which is One with God and Jesus, keeps us from the natural connection we would have with another person also One in God. Instead of contributing to each other, knowing we are One in Spirit, we actually pull away from each other.  I say this now because of its tie in with the rest.

2. One in themselves. Our central command post is our Spirit... Jesus in us in Spirit... which guides the mind and intricately guides our thoughts. The Spirit is then the director for the mind which directs the body on what to do. In renewing the mind, it is pointed out how we must have our natural mind, and all its world-based influenced thoughts, be re-molded into Jesus' style thinking, the Spirit's way of thinking

When this is in alignment as One, we as individuals become a Supernatural Force.  (The natural mind is aligned with the Spiritual mind or mind to body, so they are not fighting each other, or the mind is in a debate with the Spirit.) The biggest war is in the mind, within ourselves... win that one, and we have just reached one of the biggest milestones in our lives.

3. One with each other. When two or three are allowing His Spirit to control and direct, we can create strong alignment here. It is natural when we all are yielding to the same direction of the same Spirit... Jesus in Spirit. This is crucial. It has its biggest effect starting in a husband/wife relationship, then expands into our other relationships... family, friends, working associates. One of the first things God did when He created man was form them as a dual-team…husband and wife as One. Two as one bear fruit, offspring, a foundational principle of all of God's creation.

This is God’s ideal plan from the beginning. Jesus sent His disciples out in pairs. Businesses today are even finding the power of cohesive teams. Two regular people united in mind and effort many times outperform a highly educated professional.

4. One with all who believe. A society like this would be the most wonderful society in the world. Those who follow and believe in Jesus' Spirit, that within itself, can be a power-train for changing the dynamics of the world around us. When One as believers, it is promised in the Scriptures that the Presence of Jesus will manifest and all His capabilities will be demonstrated through us, in a grand way. That is, we will visibly see it happening in our lives in many ways.

5. One in Communication. This will increase our abilities in understanding each other. Again, as we are aligned in the same Spirit, we, without effort "get it" when communicating with others living in God's Spirit. And in some cases, we don't need to use words.... we just seem to know.

We have the capability to be a long distance from others and know what is going on with someone else.... when two parties are fine-tuned in the same Spirit. This can be cultivated and be as normal in our lives as using a phone to call someone.

6. One in ownership. The individual possessive nature disappears when people are the same in Spirit. Everything we have is part of Us. Collectively we exist as One. It's Us as One. We don't see things as our own, "this is mine and that is yours." We don't denominate, divide up, when we see ourselves as being One.

This goes into complete contradiction with how our society thinks and acts. Out to win, to take it all for myself, which then takes it away from someone else. Look at our language in sports. We steal the ball, steal the base, rob him of a hit, force a fumble, keep him from scoring. In Spirit we give him a ball, help him get to the next base, make him a hit, save him from fumbling, assist to score. All Believers are One. We have diversity, but not division or choose sides. As One we are not competing against each other.

God is love. Love desires the best for all, and when one is left out, we go out of our way to include them. No one is left out.

We see ourselves as united as one. We pull together and are genuinely happy for others successes as our own. We truly love each other and even want better for others than ourselves. So, we share what we have freely as we see others as a part of ourselves... connected as One in Jesus Spirit.

To live in His mission for us is the happiest road of life to follow. We live in peace, deep sense of satisfaction and restful as His power does the hard work. His way is not laborious or makes us overly tired, burned out, a drudgery. We don't carry a burden as His weight on us is light and we are constantly refreshed by His Spirit.

We rely on His Power, His force with us. The Spirit is a force, above all in the earth. We express this force in our meekness as it is by His Force, not ours. In meekness we allow His Force to be exerted and not our own.

"Force is power at the circumference. Meekness is at the center. Force is on the outward, meekness is inward. Meekness is God's Spirit reigning inside. It dies to self-attitudes, activities. It works through man in ways of love, truth, lowliness. Force (the physical, fighting, combat, guns, missiles, sports, debating words) appears strong, meekness weak, but God is stronger than man. Meekness is power. It's the Almighty Power, a positive Spiritual weapon from within. In meekness we are lifted into Heavenly places. We act in love as inward power flows out through God's Spirit that confronts and demolishes what is the adversary. True force has won the day. Meekness is Spiritual power." (from Touching the Invisible by Norman Grubb)

In reference to being One in Spirit, Grubb went on to say,
"We have lost that Spiritual union which was meant to be the status of man, union with God and union with our fellow-man, thus making it as it were One Supreme Self of which we are each members. Instead, we have become a multitude of separate selves."  We are One in Spirit and are to be functioning as one, in His Spirit, and not separate individuals who then try to be identified as one group.  If it's not functioning as one, it's not truly the Body of Christ, One in Spirit. It is then a talking game, a play on semantics, if not one in relationship, thought, action.

Remaining and depending on our being One in Spirit works mightily with great force as we remain in love, meekness, and peace. One in Spirit in all aspects of what One is, as described above, is the Source we live in.

As airplanes that fly in formation, and circuits that are coordinated in technology, we are connected in Spirit with God's Spirit and then connected with others in Spirit. It all is orchestrated by the Spirit. Jesus is the director. We play the instruments according to how the notes are written by God's hand.

As Jesus said he would be with us, and  among us through the Spirit, we are His orchestra to play the music He gives to us. Harmonizing in Spirit is a strong voice, a beautiful sound, and dynamic of power around us. Through Him all things are possible as our love bond is strengthened and our Magnificent Mission is manifested, happening through us.

It's a Spirit Savvy Network. A power matrix in Spirit, as Agreement cells connect in Spirit. We, all together, are a replica of Jesus body as an organism functioning in unison, syncopating with each other.

Scripting the Movie.
Let's return back to section 5, 2 or 3 Agreement Principle, Scripting the Movie. Mica met Lisa, then Mica told her brother, Alex, who enlisted Tom as an Agreement partner. They all got together for a celebration night with Praise and Worship and sharing stories of how God was expanding their gifts in their Magnificent Mission adventure. Each 2 or 3 Agreement cell connected with others doing the same. A network of Spiritual connections began to form. They didn't plan this. It just began to happen.

Mica, Lisa, Alex, Tom continue to meet.
After the Celebration night, Mica, Lisa, Alex, Tom and their Agreement partners decided to meet once a month to share what God was doing, what they were learning in the Spirit, pray together and support each other in any way they could.

It seemed when coming together in the Spirit of what Jesus said, where 2 or 3 Agree, where love for each other is overtly evident, quite often what they talked about began happening. It seemed their talking, when centered around Jesus and the Magnificent Mission for Him, was like praying. God heard their conversation and something tangible followed. As the Scriptures say, where just two or three come together and talk about Jesus and His Magnificent Mission for them, He is there.
(see Luke 24, the road to Emmaus)

One day Mica and her brother, Alex, had a little squabble outside the meeting about a family matter. They became irritated with each other, to the point they didn't speak to each other for several days. This was gnawing at them. The next time the group met Lisa noticed it. She encourage Mica and Alex to lay this down before Jesus in prayer and ask forgiveness from each other. They prayed, asked forgiveness and all of a sudden a new life came over them. They hugged and that meeting turned out to be one of the most productive. More Spiritually Inspired Insights emerged than any of their other meetings.

From this, they all learned the importance of clearing up rifts any may have with another... to allow the Spirit to heal and re-establish the Spiritual bond. When the love connection is watered down, which anger, hurt or bitterness does, it hinders the Spirit from working in our lives. It needs to be dealt with continually. Clearing up personal feelings of jealousy, resentment, hurts and disappointments are vital for the connection to be vibrant in Spirit.

Every meeting they got new ideas, insights and lessons of the Spirit to carry with them, plus His Spirit worked in their efforts beyond anything their minds could dream up. They were continually seeing God at work. What was remarkable is that many of their ideas were very innovative strategies, that no one else was doing. As regular people, God's Spirit gave them advanced concepts on how to do things, advance their Magnificent Missions, and solve problems or challenges they faced. From day to day, one would get an inspired encouraging thought about another one in group. Without fail, one person or another had an incredible idea and in most cases at a very timely time, just when a person needed it. With inspired thoughts, constant encouragement, prayer support and just being available, it keep them all going week after week. Every time they met, someone had a miracle story to share.

Along comes Chris and James ... another Magnificent Mission is born.
One of Tom's friends, Chris, was thinking about starting a business. Tom told him about the 2 or 3 Agreement principle and to find what God's Magnificent Mission is for him. So Chris talked to his friend James about it. They met and asked God to show them what Magnificent Mission He would have in mind.

At a community of apartment complexes, they noticed bugs, rodents horded the area. Being in food services, they knew the methods for keeping bugs and rodents from infesting an environment. So they approached the landlords of the apartments and offered a pest control service that would rid the area of unwanted pests, and make the environment less of a health risk.

Chris and James applied the 2 or 3 Agreement principle. When they met, Tom and Alex met with them too, combining 2 or 3 Agreement cells. They shared Scriptures, talked about the idea that was formulating in their minds, asked God for direction. Every time they got together, new ideas would pop into their brains. They considered all the ideas and strategies and pursued the one's they felt were from God's Spirit.  Using text, voice mail, they maintained continual contact between meetings, sharing new insights or strategies that came to mind, good news and challenges. Each did his part in assisting the other, keeping the ideas in motion, moving forward.

Chris and James found a marketing group of three who were practicing the Agreement principle and worked with them on marketing ideas, creating marketing media, and ways to get the word out. Then they found a computer technology skilled team to keep service schedules, data, bookkeeper in order who were also involved in a Magnificent Mission. The connection of support services expanded as a network.  Networking with each other, while providing services, they also exchanged referrals spurring business growth.  In Spirit they united, prayed for the others' mission-based ventures, brainstorming for new and better ways to do things ...becoming a Spiritual cheer-leading force among themselves. ...remaining continually in prayer, sharing Spiritual insights, and adding new connections of those in 2 or 3 Agreement according to Scriptural guidelines.

Going in and out treating the apartment complexes, they ran into people needing work, struggling with life issues. Chris and James were able to help many find income. The pest control business grew, so they hired several to work with them. Those who were willing they taught the 2 or 3 Agreement Principle. Covenant connections were forming everywhere and before they knew it a whole network of Spiritual connecting was taking place. Everybody knew somebody and they sent the word out through the network for the needs people had that someone else might have a solution. Staying in prayer, following the Scriptures and teaching each other, they became a powerful intertwined network... a Spirit Savvy Network, a matrix of power as the 2 or 3 Agreement cells connected and supported each other.

It's a new thing, as Isaiah said. It's new model for business, for mission endeavors, for living in Spirit as a lifestyle. Keep the core small, and network with others who are small, compact, very close as a unit. Each can maneuver quickly, change quickly and go fast, like a humming bird does. When they unite to support each other's mission, The Power of the Spirit ignites.  Just like two hot coals put together create a flame. As a hot coal is imbedded next to another and another, heat builds up to be an inferno of power, strength, and love.

The moral of the story... 
when 2 or 3 Agreement cells, One in Spirit, connect with other 2 or 3 Agreement cells as One in Spirit, a Spiritual Network emerges. This becomes a matrix, a dynamic interacting Network, a Network of Spiritual power.

A close-knit Spiritually relating network, One in Spirit, One in communication, One in love elicits great strength, brings joy and lifestyles of happiness... with each living their Magnificent Mission and connecting with others doing the same.

Loving and giving as lifestyle strikes the spark that flames the Spirit. His Spirit Expresses Himself in Magnificent ways, through everyone's Magnificent Mission.

As expressed in 2 Chronicles 20, seek the Lord and He will show you creative solutions for what you face, and in many cases fight the battle for you. Worship the Lord and sing praises to Him. Be a servant to all, and not leave anyone without needs being met.

Don't let your love wax cold, the Scriptures say. The bonding of Agreement cells within and to other Agreement cells maintains an enduring fervent love for each other. It advances the Kingdom, a compassionate love to those outside the Kingdom. Like a magnet it draws them to you.
As Agreement cells connect with other Agreement cells, a matrix of Spiritual Power, inseparable love, faithful in mission burgeons forcefully and rapidly. The body of Christ exists in the powerful dynamic it was first intended to be.


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