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Living Your Magnificent Mission ... online version with chapter links

by Dale Shumaker

The mission God has set for you is a magnificent one.

Labor Day, 2005, I sat on a porch of a farmhouse overlooking a pond, pasture and forests. There the vision unfolded for the Spirit Savvy Network, the vision that God gives life to live out a magnificent mission.

The ideal:
What if your profession, vocation, business functioned as a hub for The Intricate Power of God's Spirit to work through you. Each day you are on a mission, in a mission field made just for you.

We all have a mission.
We all have something stamped on our DNA, when we are born, we were brought to earth to do. Seeing His mission in our work, vocation is what brings meaning to who we are. God then doesn't leave us alone in it. Our mission brings vision to life, which in most cases is much bigger than who we are. His Spirit then comes into play so we live Super-naturally in fulfilling what He has called us to do.

So my mission, my reason for being is...
to help us craft a vision,
cultivate a mission, and train each of us in the skills of a
Spiritual process that will exceptionally empower us
to accomplish our mission...
to be mission-based in our marketplace vocations.

Living Your Magnificent Mission is an empowering process for advancing the strategic mission you are uniquely made to do.

You dynamically advance the mission God has for you as you master eight steps, building blocks, that you keep in a continuous building motion, maintaining a Spiritual momentum.

As you do these in increasing measure, continually growing and mastering them in your mission, God will accomplish His mission through you... mightily, forcefully, in a special way strategically-formatted just for you.

The building blocks, perpetual process:
Start with your mission (find it, refine it, advance it)
… walk in faith ... reprogram the mind to be one with Spirit ... learn the ways to  
acquire Spiritual Intelligence … be empowered through 2 or 3 in agreement 
...  cultivate and nurture your agreement relationships ... connect with other 
agreement cells ... advance Spiritual gifts
As you perpetually revolve through these principles you continually fuel the fire.

Do these in ever increasing measure. You become unstoppable; you are the conqueror and nothing can stand against you. You learn how to fight in Spirit and win through God's Power for His purposes.

Take a few minutes to skim through the framework of Living Your Magnificent Mission. The links to the chapters are included below.

To help you do this,
first look at Living Your Magnificent Mission, how to read for best results. It will show you the rapid reading, quick learning design of each chapter.
How to Read for Better Results:

Enjoy and relish this adventure... Living Your Magnificent Mission.

This is my gift to mankind.
From a lifetime of preparation.

Be Blessed, and prayers,

My promise:  If you invest three 10-minute sessions (a week) and read a chapter a week; do this over three months to learn this Spiritual process, create and establish a personalized Spiritual-growth system; and then apply it consistently over another three months, you will live your Magnificent Mission with the Spiritual Power you were intended to have.
And it will keep advancing in "ever increasing measure."

Living Your Magnificent Mission
(Organized in sequence, with links.)

A definition:
A Spirit Savvy Network ... what in the world is this
Here the building blocks for the Magnificent Mission process are explained.

How I found my mission.
Some background about me: Finding my mission.
This reveals what influenced me on my mission journey and an example for you as you review your own. Through life we make adjustments to our mission. It seems life is a series of 7-year cycles where we review, reflect and re-adjust accordingly between the cycles.

Why is living your mission so important?
Introduction: Entering your mission.
God has a premeditated plan for each of us.  And when we follow it we are living in His will for us.

Chapters, or lessons, 1 through 5 are foundational  Building Blocks.
Do these in ever increasing measure and do them well.

Revisit what you were born for and refine your Magnificent Mission.
Chapter 1. Your Magnificent Mission.
Has there been something on your mind that you thought about doing, and feel you may have been made for it? What in your life has had the biggest influence in who you are today?

Add faith, your vision that sees it already accomplished.
Chapter 2. With Faith All Things are Possible.
Have you done anything that really took an act of faith on your part?

The mind needs transformed into a Spiritual mind.
Chapter 3. Renew Your Mind.
What part of the Bible or book on a Spiritual theme has had the greatest impact on your life?

Intelligence above natural intelligence is needed to secure strategies beyond our natural abilities. This skill can be developed, and here's how.
Chapter 4. Acquiring Spiritual Intelligence.
Have you ever had a thought, hunch about something,
and it turned out to be absolutely correct  ...even though you didn't have any tangible information to base it on?

No matter what you have or what you face, this principle contains a power unmatched by anything else.
Chapter 5. Two or Three Agreement Principle
Is there a person, that when you work together on a project or activity, you just seem to click well together? Every time you talk to this person you feel recharged, refreshed, get new ideas.

The Core Principle is the 2 or 3 Agreement Principle, Chapter 5. The chapters up to Chapter 5 lay the foundation for the 2 or 3 Agreement Principle to work. Jesus said, "If two of you agree on earth about  anything you ask, God the Father in heaven will do it for you." (Matthew 18:19)

Advancing Your Magnificent Mission.
(Chapters 6 through 8)

Through bonding, relationships become a nucleus of power to accomplish much more or overcome great challenges. By cultivating a strong bond, the 2 or 3 Agreement principle works at Higher Levels. How to build it.
Chapter 6. Cultivating Covenant Connections
Doing this well starts igniting a new Spiritual Power, Love, and effectiveness. You will see faith, renewing your mind, acquiring Spiritual Intelligence build on each other.

Small molecules or cells connected is the backbone for all physics, biology. As you connect with other agreement cells, unlimited strength becomes the by-product.
Chapter 7. Agreement Cells Connecting
As you do this, your Magnificent Mission begins expanding into new territory.

In this Spirit Savvy Network, Supreme Spiritual Gifts emerge with a superior synergy.
Chapter 8. Spiritual Gifts, Spiritual Synergy
The promise of Jesus, "you will do Greater Things," will give birth to miracles becoming self-evident in what you do. The Spirit's Power bigger than you will be constantly at work.

Dale's bio

Do the above in ever increasing measure and Your Magnificent Mission will be fueled by Spiritual Principles perpetually charged-up in your life.

God brings us to earth to do something, and He doesn't  leave us inadequate for the task as Jesus promises:  to "clothe us with Power from on High." (Luke 24:49)  He said He would make us great harvesters,  "They caught such a large number of Fish..." (Luke 5:6)  And He developed other Spirit clothed followers too, "...go and make disciples." (Matt. 28:19) Living Your Magnificent Mission is a direction, a gifting, an ultimate power for living/doing it... His Way.

Be blessed living His Way.

Dale Shumaker, 417-224-3517, 4spirit@gmail.com


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