Thursday, February 28, 2019

It's about His Purpose for You!

By Dale Shumaker

What matters is living life for His Purpose
for us. Going to school it seems to be
about getting a balanced education...
to read, to write, to do math. They teach
us basic skills then find a vocation with
our skills we could fit into. Then we go
to college, tech school, university to
get a degree in those skills.

We find a job that fits our skills and interests
and what we can do well at, so to pay the
bills and do things in life we enjoy.

But where did purpose slip through the
cracks in all this?
Is there something we are to
do, as God has assigned it to us before
birth? Are we Spirits waiting for a body
in Heaven, to be formed and come to
earth. I am not sure how this works
exactly. The Bible says things like this
is the way it is.

Our biggest objective is to find God's purpose
for us, God's mission, and this is a life-long
continuing experience. It's beyond just
getting saved and not go to hell, but to
be a life of His Spirit in what God had in
mind for us from the beginning.

The Scriptures say that all things work
together for His Good for those who love
God,  According to His Purpose for us.
See Romans 8:28, well, read all of

So, that brings me to the importance of
what I write. It's for everyone to find
and live this purpose, and no matter
what you have done in the past, He,
God's Spirit, will use that for what He
has purposed for you, and make things
work out good for you.

Please see what is posted on
the Spirit Savvy Network.

It's all about living out our purpose,
and what our soul was in Spirit
before we were born and what
we are made for.

Then we will live in a Most
Magnificent Way.


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Unknown said...

Amen, I agree!! 🙏🦋👍 Praise the Lord! Very encouraging and words of confirmation to me! God bless you 🙏